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Most state lottery raffle games sold out
Around the United States, Christmastime raffle games have become the hottest ticket of the year, with most of the game tickets selling out well before the drawing date. The raffle games are loosely modeled after the largest lottery game in the world, Spain's El Gordo, which gives back an unusually large 70% of all proceeds in the form of prizes, and makes many instant millionaires. Unlike traditional lotto-style games, a fixed number of tickets are sold for raffle games, and the prizes are
Dec 30, 2006, 12:18 am - Lottery News

Georgia Lottery's Millionaire Raffle tickets going fast
More than 40% of available $20 tickets have been sold Raffle games have become the hottest lottery item of the holiday season, and the Georgia Lottery's Millionaire Raffle game is no exception. After just two weeks of sales, more than 40 percent of the game's tickets have been purchased. Georgia Lottery players have their best chance ever to win $1 million, but time is running out. Millionaire Raffle is a limited-time game from the Georgia Lottery with four $1 million prizes. A total o
Dec 6, 2006, 1:01 pm - Lottery News

Ford Worker Loses Job, Wins Lottery
Retirement day will be an especially memorable one for Ford assembly plant worker Jerome McInnis. McInnis played the new Georgia Lottery instant game Bah Humbucks and became the first to win one of the game's $225,000 top prizes. Jerome is a 13-year employee of the Ford assembly plant in Hapeville that closed today. I elected to take the early retirement package, shares McInnis, a College Park resident. This came at a great time. It's just exciting to win like this. McInnis, 52, pur
Oct 30, 2006, 6:21 am - Lottery News

Pipe fitter wins $1 million playing Georgia Lottery scratch game
What would you do with a million dollars? We all ponder the question at some point, but an Appling County, Georgia, couple actually has to figure it out for real. Dell and Rita Ray of Baxley picked up their check for $1 million at the Georgia Lottery office in Savannah yesterday. He works as a pipe fitter in west Georgia. Dell Ray bought the lucky scratch-off ticket and didn't tell his wife until a few days later. The couple just got married a few weeks ago, and Ray says it's a great sta
Sep 1, 2006, 10:09 am - Lottery News

Winning lottery ticket led police to murder suspect
A winning Texas lottery ticket has put police on the trail of the suspect in a DeKalb County, Georgia, murder. Police had been searching for Kelsey Ruth since the murder of his ex-girlfriend, 27-year old Tai Morgan, in her home on Canary Court on Tuesday. DeKalb Police suspected Ruth fled to his home state of Texas so they sent wanted posters to television stations there. At the same time those wanted posters with Ruth's picture and a shot of his car went out his mother was winning $3.4
Jun 15, 2006, 1:15 pm - Lottery News

Behind the scenes of the Georgia Lottery
The Georgia Lottery had record-breaking sales last week a whopping 80 million dollars. The lottery has been around for 13 years now and lottery officials say 86 percent of Georgians play. But is it a fair game? WALB News took a behind-the-scenes look to find out. Every day, two lottery employees and an auditor get things ready for the drawings. A computer will determine which machines, even which balls will be used. Draw manager Bridgette Knight prepares to retrieve the machines tha
Feb 14, 2006, 1:18 pm - Lottery News

Three states replacing Lotto South game
Like a tired mule whose best days are behind him, Lotto South is being retired and a fresh workhorse brought in to pick up the production.The three-state lottery game, which began in September 2001, will be replaced next month by a new game that pays winners $1,000 a week for the rest of their lives, Virginia Lottery interim executive director Donna M. VanCleave said Thursday. Virginia's Lotto South partners, Kentucky and Georgia, also will participate in the new Win For Life game.Lotto South
Jan 12, 2006, 6:45 am - Lottery News

Largest Lotto South winner ignored wife to play lottery
Once a week for the past three years, Rome (GA) millworker William Griffin laid aside $1 to purchase a Quick Pick lottery ticket, despite his wife's objections.Last Saturday, Griffin seeing that the Lotto South jackpot had reached $27 million decided to splurge, plunking down $5 for five chances. It ended up being worth more than $15 million to Griffin, who won the largest Lotto South payout in history.Griffin's prize will stand as Lotto South's largest. The Georgia-Kentucky-Virginia lottery
Jan 12, 2006, 6:29 am - Lottery News

Georgia lottery sales climb during holidays
The holiday season has lottery sales climbing in South Georgia.Lottery tickets are a popular choice for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. Convenience store owners say they always see an increase in lottery sales this time of year, especially with the holiday games. Holiday Cash is a one dollar ticket, Seasons Greetings is another one and Fosty the Dough man is also popular. They have a few others but those have been our top three selling lottery tickets, said Michael Smith, owner of Smitty
Dec 28, 2005, 8:48 am - Lottery News

Georgia lottery machines knocked offline by software glitch
A glitch caused by a routine software update knocked Georgia's lottery network offline early Monday, leaving customers and retailers unable to print or redeem tickets for the games. It was a technical issue that happened as a result of a routine software update, said J.B. Landroche, the vice president of corporate affairs for Georgia Lottery Corp .Mr. Landroche said the machines went down early Monday morning, and most had service restored late in the afternoon. He said all the machines shoul
Nov 1, 2005, 8:12 am - Lottery News