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Man dies after win on lottery TV show
The winner of this week's Hoosier Millionaire game show died after being hit by a pickup truck just hours after the show's taping, authorities said Friday.Carl D. Atwood, 73, won $57,000 on Thursday during a taping of the television game show in Indianapolis, Hoosier Lottery Director Jack Ross said.After the two-hour taping, which will air tonight, Atwood returned to his hometown of Elwood with the check, Ross said.About 7 p.m., Atwood was crossing Main Street a block from his home -- on his w
Jan 24, 2004, 11:54 am - Lottery News

Indiana Bill Targets Deadbeat Parents' Gambling Winnings
Children Would Get Cut Of Gambling Winnings Under BillDeadbeat parents who gamble at riverboats and racetracks would have to give their children a cut of their winnings under a bill being considered by the Indiana Senate.The bill, sponsored by Sen. Richard Bray, R-Martinsville, would garnish the winnings of gamblers who owe child support. The program is similar to one already used by the Hoosier Lottery.Casinos, betting parlors and racetracks would be required to check the name of any person who
Jan 9, 2004, 5:26 am - Lottery News

Powerball revenue surges in Indiana
A record number of Indiana jackpots has sent Powerball revenues skyrocketing, with the state selling nearly twice as many tickets in the past four months as it did during the same period a year ago.Since the fiscal year began in July, Indiana has sold $60.6 million in Powerball tickets, up from $31.4 million a year ago.And Hoosiers aren't waiting for the big jackpots to play. People come in and say, 'There's been three in a row; why not four? Give me a Powerball,' said Phil DeFabis, a clerk at
Nov 19, 2003, 4:51 am - Lottery News

Indiana scores Powerball 3-peat
State is 1st to have 3 consecutive winners 3 times, officials of multistate game sayThe mystery of the state's nickname Hoosier was surely solved Thursday: It must mean lucky. The announcement of Powerball's third consecutive winning ticket makes Indiana the only state to sell three in a row an unparalleled three times.No one had claimed the $12.8 million jackpot by 5 p.m. Thursday, when the Hoosier Lottery office closed. The earlier back-to-back wins were in October and included Regina Manda
Nov 7, 2003, 4:49 am - Lottery News

Winning Powerball Ticket Sold in Indiana Again
People that say lightning doesn't strike in the same place twice haven't spent much time in Indiana. For the third time in the last four drawings, someone from Indiana has won the Powerball jackpot.On Saturday, October 25, a $190.9 million jackpot was split between two tickets; one purchased in Indiana and one in Minnesota. Last Wednesday's $10 million Powerball jackpot was claimed by one winning ticket purchased in the Hoosier state.Wednesday night's $12.8 million jackpot was the 31st Powerball
Nov 6, 2003, 5:10 am - Lottery News

Man wins battle with Hoosier lottery
Richard Termite Allender doesnt know if his ticket had the winning Powerball numbers on March 12, but he already feels like he won the lottery.After a six-month battle, the State Lottery Commission of Indiana agreed to release the time the winning ticket was purchased at Joes Junction in Trafalgar.Thats important to Mr. Allender because he has the stores timed security video and hopes to recognize the winner so the prize can be claimed.The lottery commission succumbed to Mr. Allenders request af
Aug 29, 2003, 4:22 am - Lottery News

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