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Buddhist monk gives away entire $502,000 lottery jackpot
One lottery winner demonstrates generosity at its finest all the way down to the ticket purchase By Kate Northrop A town in Thailand won big when a Buddhist monk hit the lottery and donated the entire prize to those he felt were more deserving of the money. What started out as a kind gesture turned into an even grander act of generosity when a Buddhist monk won 18 million baht (US$502,597) in the lottery and gave it all away. In February 2022, the anonymous man bought three lotte
Nov 28, 2022, 11:38 am - Lottery News

83-year-old grandmother scoops up $60 million Lotto Max jackpot
Ontario woman doesn't let anything get in the way of her weekly lottery purchase By Kate Northrop An 83-year-old woman was not about to lose out on an opportunity to participate in the Lotto Max draw on Nov. 1 for $60 million (US$44.8 million) which she ended up winning. Vera Page, of Vankleek Hill, would not have bought her usual lottery tickets had she abided by the retirement home's rescheduled trip to the grocery store and subsequently would not have won the $60 million Lotto Max
Nov 27, 2022, 6:04 pm - Lottery News

$70 million lottery winner originally thought he won $70K
A Calgary man has made history by becoming the first Albertan to win $70 million (US$52.3 million) playing Canada's Lotto Max multi-province lottery game. Mitchel Dyck was the sole winner of the Oct. 21 Lotto Max draw, having matched all seven winning numbers. Dyck said he doesn't typically play the lottery, but said yes when a cashier asked if he wanted to play. He discovered his windfall on Nov. 7, when he asked a cashier at a local store to check his ticket. Dyck was ecstatic when
Nov 26, 2022, 3:57 pm - Lottery News

Australian woman cleans out car four months after win, discovers lottery ticket worth $580,000
Keep your tickets in a safe spot! By Kate Northrop Keep those tickets in a safe place! An Australian woman had quite the surprise when she discovered a lottery ticket worth $580,000 (US$387,187) during a car clean-out four months after the draw. Receipts, loose change, hair ties these are the sort of things one could expect to find laying around in someone's car, but a Victorian woman found something of much higher value while doing a deep clean of her own car. For four months, a
Nov 18, 2022, 10:12 am - Lottery News

German man wins €10 million, immediately dumps girlfriend and buys Ferrari
By Kate Northrop A German man did not hesitate to splurge on his 10 million (US$10.4 million) windfall in the lottery, buying a brand-new sportscar and subsequently dumping his girlfriend. A former girlfriend of a German lottery winner who took home a 10 million prize said that the prize drastically changed him as a person. Kursat Chico Yildirim, 42, of Dortmund, Germany, was emboldened by his multi-million lottery win to make some significant life-altering decisions one of them cons
Nov 15, 2022, 3:04 pm - Lottery News

One lottery ticket sold in California wins $2 billion Powerball jackpot
Lump-sum cash option worth $997.6 million By Todd Northrop Around the United States, millions of people had to wait an extra ten hours last night to find out if they won the unbelievably massive Powerball jackpot, due to one unnamed state's inability to deal with the huge amount of ticket sales data. When the drawing did finally occur Tuesday morning, it turns out that just one ticket sold in California matched all six numbers drawn and won the entire jackpot. After all sales we
Nov 8, 2022, 1:00 pm - Lottery News

Record $1.9 billion Powerball drawing delayed until Tuesday
By Todd Northrop One of the most hotly-anticipated lottery drawings of all time never happened Monday night, as lottery officials were scrambling to process the massive amount of ticket sales data generated by the record $1.9 billion jackpot. Officials now estimate that the drawing should kick off sometime Tuesday morning. A specific time has not been set. The delay was initially caused by one participating lottery that needed extra time to complete required security protocols, the C
Nov 8, 2022, 6:27 am - Lottery News

$39.3 million Classic Lotto jackpot won by Ohio player after nearly two years without a winner
In-state prize finally won amidst world-record Powerball climb an omen? By Kate Northrop The Ohio Lottery's Classic Lotto jackpot finally had a winner after going through almost a full two years' worth of rollovers. Someone in Ohio has ended the Class Lotto's nearly two-year climb on Saturday night, scooping up a $39.3 million jackpot. Today, the Ohio Lottery announced that Village Pantry on West 5th Street in Marysville sold one winning ticket for the Classic Lotto drawing that
Nov 7, 2022, 4:29 pm - Lottery News

Jaw-dropping prize money on the line for Monday drawing Cash option nearly $1 billion By Todd Northrop Last night Powerball didn't just set a new lottery jackpot record, it crushed the old record, putting the concept of a $2 billion lottery jackpot within reach. When the 40th drawing of the current Powerball jackpot run was conducted last night, it produced a combination of numbers that most lottery players typically wouldn't choose on their own: All the numbers except one were
Nov 6, 2022, 7:36 am - Lottery News

Chinese man hides $30 million lottery jackpot from family, worries that money will make them "lazy"
Winner fears his family will become complacent By Kate Northrop A man who won a 219 million yuan ($30.5 million) lottery jackpot kept the news from his wife and child, fearing that the extra fortune would curb their motivation. Somewhere in China near the town of Litang, there's a family out there that has no idea they're sitting on a huge lottery haul. An anonymous winner, known as Li, finally had the luckiest day of his life after playing the same numbers for ten years. He wou
Nov 5, 2022, 2:13 pm - Lottery News