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Russia's First Lottery Bill Moves to Senate
The State Duma on Friday passed in the third reading a bill on lotteries that will be Russia's first attempt at federally regulating the industry if approved by the Federation Council and signed by the president.The proposed law regulates the lottery industry in Russia by specifying types and standards of lotteries, rules for organizing lotteries, the system for exercising control over the organization of lotteries, the liability of lottery operators and other measures.Lotteries are divided into
Oct 20, 2003, 4:02 am - Lottery News

Audit sought for Colorado lottery-fund use
The director of a state agency that doles out $40 million a year in Colorado Lottery funds has asked for an audit on how the money has been spent.In addition, Mike Beasely, the director of the Department of Local Affairs, has asked a legislative committee to look again at the issue of whether the state should have more oversight over the Conservation Trust Fund.The department distributes lottery proceeds from the fund to local governments and recreation districts, which then determine who gets t
Oct 10, 2003, 9:50 am - Lottery News

Amendment 9 would do what many thought was already done
If Louisiana voters ratify Amendment 9 on the Oct. 4 ballot, they will impose a dedication they thought already was done, according to state Rep. Rick Farrar.The proposed change to the state Constitution would dedicate all but $500,000 of the annual revenues from the state lottery to public education. The $500,000 set aside would be used for treating problem and compulsive gamblers.Farrar, D-Pineville, said he authored the amendment in response to voters' questions about how about $100 million i
Sep 29, 2003, 3:20 am - Lottery News

Florida Lawmaker: Large unclaimed lotto prizes should go to education
Instead of using an unclaimed $50 million Lotto jackpot to try to get more people to gamble, the state should have been able to spend the money on schools, a state lawmaker said Friday.Rep. Charlie Justice said he plans to file a bill that would allow large unclaimed prizes -- like the $50 million that a ticket holder failed to claim this week before a 180-day deadline passed -- to be used for education.Right now, all unclaimed money returns to the Lottery, which has to use it for promotions. Th
Sep 12, 2003, 9:58 pm - Lottery News

Schwarzenegger spars with Davis on gaming
Two days before Labor Day -- the traditional kickoff of campaign season -- the gloves started to come off in California's untraditional recall election as actor Arnold Schwarzenegger accused Gov. Gray Davis of pandering to Indian gaming interests.Without detailing his own positions on some Indian gaming issues, Schwarzenegger issued a statement Saturday criticizing Davis for inviting gaming tribes to recommend potential candidates for two openings on the panel that is supposed to help regulate t
Aug 31, 2003, 5:51 pm - Lottery News

Brock defends lottery opposition
North Carolina State Sen. Andrew Brock, R-Davie, continues his strong opposition to a statewide lottery while pushing a proposal to move the start of the public school year to after Labor Day.The revenues saved in not having to air-condition schools in August and the extra tourism dollars generated in North Carolina during those same weeks would equal or exceed the proceeds from a lottery, Brock said.Brock said he doesn't trust any politician who says lottery proceeds will go to education. A lot
Aug 29, 2003, 11:23 am - Lottery News

Lawmakers approve change to Oregon lottery law
Lawmakers are counting on the Oregon State Lottery to gin up an extra $67 million. It's in the budget plan that's steaming through the assembly en route to the governor's desk. The Senate on Saturday voted 18-9 to change the law so bars and taverns can add a sixth video poker terminal - a move that's projected to generate $22 million.But how exactly the lottery is supposed to come up with the remaining $45 million is up in the air. We leave that to the able discretion of the governor and the Lot
Aug 25, 2003, 3:41 am - Lottery News

Alaska Eyeing Powerball, Expanded Gambling
House Speaker Pete Kott says it's a good bet that plans to expand gambling in Alaska will soon meet success in the state House. Lawmakers and state officials are working over the summer on proposals for video gambling machines and a lottery, both to help ease the state's budget problems. There is even starting to be talk about off-track betting parlors in Alaska.Kott, a Republican from Eagle River, predicts that some form of gaming will move forward in the next legislative session, which starts
Aug 18, 2003, 7:38 am - Lottery News

Lottery bill offers lump cash option
For most lottery winners, hitting the jackpot isn't a ticket to instant riches. However, if a MetroWest lawmaker has his way, winners no longer would have to wait 20 years or more to completely cash in on a winning ticket.State Rep. Peter Koutoujian, D-Newton, has sponsored legislation that would give lottery winners the option of selling their right to future prize payments in exchange for an immediate cash lump sum.The bill, which was admitted to the House of Representatives yesterday, is mode
Aug 9, 2003, 10:21 am - Lottery News

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