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Lottery bill offers lump cash option
For most lottery winners, hitting the jackpot isn't a ticket to instant riches. However, if a MetroWest lawmaker has his way, winners no longer would have to wait 20 years or more to completely cash in on a winning ticket.State Rep. Peter Koutoujian, D-Newton, has sponsored legislation that would give lottery winners the option of selling their right to future prize payments in exchange for an immediate cash lump sum.The bill, which was admitted to the House of Representatives yesterday, is mode
Aug 9, 2003, 10:21 am - Lottery News

Lottery theft suspects get only a ticket to jail
With more than 70 court appearances in his 25 years on Earth, you'd think that William Michael Lomas would have figured out that he's not all that good at getting away with anything. Maybe it's just bad luck he keeps getting caught. Either way, he might have decided to take luck into his own hands when he allegedly broke into the South Wellfleet General Store May 11 with two other men and took the cash register and 24 books of lottery scratch tickets, with as many as 200 tickets in each book.Pol
Aug 6, 2003, 5:45 am - Lottery News

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