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Tri-State New Year Millionaire Raffle Results

Tri-State New Year Millionaire Raffle
Drawing DateJanuary 5, 2011
Top Prize$1 Million
Tickets Available80,000 (In Maine, see below)
Ticket Price$20
All Prizes
  • (1) $1 Million prize winner*
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  • (1) $250,000 prize winner
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  • (20) $1,000 prize winners
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  • (320) $250 prize winners
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*One $1 million prize winner will be selected from all tickets sold in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

There were a total of 200,000 raffle tickets sold: 80,000 tickets in Maine, 80,000 tickets in New Hampshire, and 40,000 tickets in Vermont. From the combined 200,000 tickets, one winning raffle ticket will be worth $1 million in cash. In addition, from the 80,000 tickets purchased in Maine, the 341 prizes worth $250,000, $1,000, and $250 will be awarded.

You can choose to display the winning numbers with or without the "1" prefix that the lottery published in the official draw results.  In raffle games, lotteries will often include certain digits before [to the left of] the main draw results in order to make all the draw results the same number of digits in length.  We call it the "prefix", and it is not important to the results.  For example, "1123456" is exactly the same as "123456".  As a convenience, we allow you to see the results with or without the 1 prefix.

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$1 Million Winner (1)

Winning ticket sold in Rochester, New Hampshire

$250,000 Winner (1)

1108613The Maine Store, Detroit

$1,000 Winners (20)

1102907Johnson's Mobil Mart, Pembroke
1108571Hannaford Supermarket #349, Standish
1109087Bob's Country Store, Benton
1110073Hannaford Supermarket #342, Scarborough
1112534Dead River Conv Store, Augusta
1113341Cumberland Farms #5610, Skowhegan
1116326D & L Country Store, Oakland
1116804Hannaford Supermarket #342, Scarborough
1118959Perry's Citgo, Stockton Springs
1119939Hannaford Supermarket #338, Oxford
1123702Big Apple Food Store, Augusta
1124693Irving #0234 - Fairfield, Fairfield
1125988Handy Stop, Howland
1136158Cigarette City #2, Sanford
1136488Bishop's Market, Island Falls
1137383Roger's Market, Hudson
1138189Goodwins Mills General Store, Lyman
1138440Cumberland Farms #5613, Portland
1145383Bud's Shop'N Save, Pittsfield
1148693Ron's Market, Farmington

$250 Winners (320)

1100149Bob & Mike's Mini Mart, Saco
1100603Hannaford Supermarket #351, Portland
1100879Pines Market Iga, Eustis
1101092Why Not Stop, Lincoln
1101255Fabian Oil Inc #102, Oakland
1101293Cigarette City #2, Sanford
1101354Neighborhood Market, Bangor
1101375J & S Oil Manchester, Manchester
1101616Puffin-Alliance Energy, Kittery
1102223Radley's Market, Old Orchard Beach
1102328West Front Market, Skowhegan
1102453Cumberland Farms #5601, Windham
1102507Paul's Variety, Biddeford
1102646Quality Shop, Portland
1102773Florian's Market, Auburn
1103282Whiting Store, The, Whiting
1103736Gibbs Oil Company Lp, Topsham
1103788Irving Bluecanoe #1441-Auburn, Auburn
1103815Dysart's Travel Stop, Holden
1104166Brettun's Variety, Livermore
1104175Winter Harbor Food Ser, Winter Harbor
1104441Big Apple #1001, Auburn
1104453Goodwins Mills General Store, Lyman
1104547One Stop Machias, Machias
1104558Fox Brook Inc, Dover Foxcroft
1104951Shaw's, Augusta
1104952The Settlement, Sabattus
1105118Melby's Market & Eatery, North Waterford
1105184Biddeford Village Market, Biddeford
1105217Main Street Mobil, Oakland
1105390Berry's Amoco, West Forks
1105544Bell's Orono Iga, Orono
1105731Dead River Conv Store, Houlton
1105797Kennebunk Xtra Mart, Kennebunk
1105857Handy Stop, Howland
1105942Durkee's General Store, Islesboro
1106044Avon Mall, The, Avon
1106122Millinocket Iga Foodliner, Millinocket
1106126Ohio Street Convenience, Bangor
1106157Radley's Market, Old Orchard Beach
1106243Hms Host Tollroad Inc, Kennebunk
1106349Shaw's, Auburn, Auburn
1106489Dead River Conv Store, Southwest Harbor
1106658Cumberland Farms #5572, Scarborough
1106768Clipper Mart, Leeman Highway, Bath
1106944Airport Variety, Sanford
1108002Leadbetter Super Stop, Bangor
1108177Main Street Mobil, Oakland
1108369Mc Duck's Camrock Superette, Camden
1108467Western Avenue Getty, Augusta
1108544Shaw's, Ellsworth, Ellsworth
1108772Ayotte's Country Store, Carrabassett Valley
1108786Tozier's Market Searspor, Searsport
1109240North Whitefield Superette, Whitefield
1109284Market & Deli, The, South China
1109425Village Store, Bryant Pond
1109479Clipper Mart, Woolwich, Woolwich
1109500Shaw's Supermarket, Westbrook
1109510Cumberland Farms #5571, Bath
1109618Sideline Variety, Norway
1109677Hussey's General Store, Windsor
1109801Ellsworth Mobil Mart, Ellsworth
1109886Huber's Market, Wiscasset
1109987Dodo's Market, Caribou
1110106Ashland 1 Stop, Ashland
1110169Alliance Energy-Bath, Bath
1110192Mainway #1442 - Rockland, Rockland
1110197Gary's Quick Stop, Richmond
1110222Riverside Kwik Stop, Jay
1110271No Windham Corner Store, Windham
1110404Cowan's Service Station, Brewer
1110803Roopers Beverage & Redemption, Lewiston
1110852Falls Food Mart, Ellsworth
1111107Jetport Gas & Convenienc, South Portland
1111231Mills Market, Andover
1111319Bell's Orono Iga, Orono
1111376Dead River Conv Store, Rumford
1111536Hannaford Supermarket #143, Boothbay Harbor
1111986Shaw's, Bangor, Bangor
1112242Cummings' Market, West Kennebunk
1112400County Yankee Grocer, Houlton
1112777Irving Mainway - Topsham #1484, Topsham
1112825Center General Store, Fairfield
1113208Ben's Store, Ellsworth
1113318Shaw's, Lewiston, Lewiston
1113610Hannaford Supermarket #390, Sanford
1113907Shaw's, Waterville, Waterville
1114016Irving Bluecanoe-Prtlnd #1485, Portland
1114423Hannaford Supermarket #265, Lewiston
1114716Irving Bluecanoe #1440-Wiscass, Wiscasset
1114857Wing's Variety, New Gloucester
1114938Daigle Oil Co., Houlton
1114972Food City/Manhattan Bridge, Livermore Falls
1115147Tradewinds Marketplace, Corinth
1115323Maine Mall, South Portland
1115978Oak Hill Cash Market Inc, Sabattus
1116344Mountain's Market, Dover Foxcroft
1116656Mainway Irving Holden #1427, Holden
1116704Breton's Store, Greenville Junction
1116845Gowell's Store, Litchfield
1116917Anania's-Washington Ave, Portland
1116918Big Apple #1023, Mexico
1116942J & S Oil Co Winslow, Winslow
1116950Maine Store, The, Detroit
1116989Ouellette's Variety, Caribou
1117174Avon Mall, The, Avon
1117445Nino Corporation, Augusta
1117759Village Variety, Parsonsfield
1118389Hannaford Supermarket #265, Lewiston
1118428H B Provisions, Kennebunk
1118805Big Apple #1029, Farmington
1118840Irving Bluecanoe #1441-Auburn, Auburn
1118947Hannaford Food & Drug #167, Bridgton
1119195Big Apple #1060, Orland
1119404Sabattus Street Mart, Lewiston
1119901Shop N Save Paradis, Houlton
1120087P W Plummer & Sons Inc, Buxton
1120250Hannaford Supermarket #338, Oxford
1121274Bowdoin Town Store, Bowdoin
1121341Middle Road General Store, Sidney
1121417Tapley's, Bar Harbor
1121661Hannaford Supermarket #241, Belfast
1121723Van Buren Irving, Van Buren
1121815Hannaford Supermarket #390, Sanford
1121898Hannaford Supermarket #221, Waterboro
1121904Greene Iga, Greene
1121988Big Apple #1077, Corinna
1122168Garfield's, York Beach
1122229Dead River Conv Store, Houlton
1122273Highland Variety, Westbrook
1122767Hannaford Supermarket #279, South Portland
1123022Pike's Corner Oasis, Livermore Falls
1123102Andes Variety, Warren
1123317One Stop Caribou, Caribou
1123810Leighton's Store, Auburn
1123855Cumberland Farms #5608, Cape Elizabeth
1123963Bald Eagle Inc, Eagle Lake
1124168Mainway Ellsworth #1408, Ellsworth
1124280Saco Mobil, Saco
1124531Big Apple #1111, Sanford
1124621Hannaford Supermarket #384, York
1124632Severino's Variety, Westbrook
1124633Tony's Foodland, Naples
1124770Garfield's, York Beach
1125064Friendly Discount, Westbrook
1125081Cumberland Farms #5613, Portland
1125210J & S Oil Co Augusta, Augusta
1125349Wells' Xtra Mart, Wells
1125768Industrial Street One Stop, Presque Isle
1125843Campbell's Market, South Portland
1125867Dry Mills Store, Gray
1125967Lou's Discount Beverage, Augusta
1126152Shaw's, Scarborough, Scarborough
1126363Big Apple Food Store, Augusta
1126463Clipper Mart New Mead., W Bath, West Bath
1126593Dead River Conv Store, Houlton
1126607Shaw's, Augusta, Augusta
1126719Sunset Variety, Raymond
1126790Ron's Market, Farmington
1127018Hannaford Supermarket #223, Westbrook
1127288Hannaford Supermarket #188, Yarmouth
11273698 Corners Pizza, Scarborough
1127395Big Apple #1008, Lewiston
1127581John's Market, Waterville
1128216Brewer One Stop, Brewer
1128262Bluecanoe #1434 Bthby Hbr, Boothbay Harbor
1128355Bluecanoe #1434 Bthby Hbr, Boothbay Harbor
1128441Hilltop One Stop, Ellsworth
1128455Paul's Variety, Biddeford
1128497Mr. Mike's Mini Mart, York
1128628Unity Variety Video, Unity
1128644Moose Crossing, The, Trenton
1128754Ralph's Store, Rumford
1128782Checkout Convenience, Glenburn
1128835Big Apple #1082, Cumberland
1128945Hannaford Supermarket #330, Skowhegan
1128976Fabian Oil Inc #102, Oakland
1129382Dad's Place (Norway), Norway
1129418Alliance Energy-Scarborough, Scarborough
1129575Hannaford Supermarket #221, Waterboro
1129720Cumberland Farms #5577, Wells
1129728Lakeside Market, East Waterboro
1129999Kev-Lan Citgo, Bangor
1130093Blaisdell's/Community Energy, Peru
1130192China Village General Store, South China
1130422Snack-Pax, Saco
1130654Lake Region Convenience, Naples
1130700Beverage Mart, Skowhegan
1130742Mainway #1443 - Madison, Madison
1130875Fairmount Market, Bangor
1130900Big Apple #1036, Lewiston
1130910Solon Superette, Solon
1130951Cumberland Farms #5595, Auburn
1131128Shaw's, Auburn, Auburn
1131133Friendly Discount, Westbrook
1131255Jd's Island Market, Bucksport
1131422Clipper Mart Subway,Wiscasset, Wiscasset
1131521Market & Deli, The, South China
11318898 Corners Pizza, Scarborough
1131896Hannaford Supermarket #221, Waterboro
1131954Mainway Calais #1412, Calais
1132652Joseph Sleeper And Son Inc, Caribou
1132984Lottery On Wheels Iii, Hallowell
1132987Hannaford Supermarket #279, South Portland
1133069Family Country Market, Frankfort
1133180Lottery On Wheels Iii, Hallowell
1133243Solon Corner Market, Solon
1133816Dead River Conv Store, Gray
1133861Galusha's Inc., Clinton
1133928Arundel Market & Deli, Arundel
1133963Dead River Conv Store, Augusta
1134243Mister Market, Winthrop
1134720Coastal Discount Beverage, Biddeford
1134813Bud's Shop'N Save, Pittsfield
1134817Bud's Shop'N Save, Pittsfield
1134986Shop N Save Paradis, Caribou
1134997Ouellette's Village Store, Sabattus
1135298Bob's Country Store, Benton
1135339Lil Mart Windham, Windham
1135554Ouellette's Village Store, Sabattus
1135703Bob's Kozy Korner, Orrington
11362877-Eleven #32532a, Portland
1136447Gray Marketplace Inc., Gray
1136630Village Variety, Glenburn
1136693Orono Mini Mart, Orono
1136705Lottery On Wheels Iv, Hallowell
1136806Cumberland Farms #5568, South Berwick
1136929Lil Mart Windham, Windham
11372247-Eleven 32536b, Springvale
1137564Shaw's, Augusta, Augusta
1138132Hometown Mobil, Lebanon
1138706Tolman Pond Market, Rockport
1138767Anania's Variety, Portland
1138884Why Not Winn General Store, Winn
1138965Hannaford Supermarket #173, Brewer
1139167One Stop Airport, Bangor
1139175Northland Cash Supply, Stratton
1139290Libby's Variety Store, Benton
1139394Hannaford Supermarket #384, York
1139623Shaw's Mill Creek, So. Port, South Portland
1139700Route 302 Getty Mart, Westbrook
1139810Hannaford Supermarket #110, Bangor
1139884Oak Hill Mobil Mart, Scarborough
1139940Irving Mrt #1428-Harrington, Harrington
1140039Belfast Variety - Rt 52, Belfast
1140196Alliance Energy-Scarborough, Scarborough
1140571Mister Market, Winthrop
1140666Hannaford Supermarket #347, Auburn
1140897Danny's, Lewiston
1141075Wells' Xtra Mart, Wells
1141135Big Apple #1060, Orland
1141307Irving Bluecanoe #1451 Exit 7, South Portland
1141743John's Market, Waterville
1142223Tnt Quickstop,Llc, Gorham
1142319Kennebunk Xtra Mart, Kennebunk
1142476Store, The, Greenville
1142996One Stop Caribou, Caribou
1143053C & J's Variety, Milo
1143144Kev-Lan Citgo, Bangor
1143389Merrill's Country Store, North Waterboro
1143626Hannaford Supermarket #123, Ellsworth
1143713Maine Mall, South Portland
1143899Gowell's Store, Litchfield
1144119Durkee's General Store, Islesboro
1144214Cumberland Farms #5584, Berwick
1144282Holden Log Cabin General, Holden
1144533Dead River Conv Store, Rumford
1144582Dead River Conv Store, Presque Isle
1144835Nicely's Market, Gorham
1145382Village Variety, Glenburn
1145817Chase's Store, Wells
1145825Blue Canoe - Houlton, Houlton
1145831Etna Village Variety, Etna
1146192C N Brown, Oxford
1146364Irving Bluecanoe #1402-Manches, Manchester
1146610Irving Blue Canoe Kennebunk, Kennebunk
1146862Irving Bluecanoe #1402-Manches, Manchester
1147004Goggin's Iga, Randolph
1147212Maranacook Market, Inc., Readfield
1147239Mainway Ellsworth #1408, Ellsworth
1147362Canaan One Stop, Canaan
1147376Bear Pond Variety, Turner
1147500Maine Mall, South Portland
1147504Ferris Variety, Vassalboro
1147593Little Yellow Store, Wells
1147636Lamson Family Enterprises, South Portland
1147949Sawyer's Variety Store, Gorham
1148185J & S Oil Manchester, Manchester
1148405Clark's Variety, Calais
1148615J & S Oil Express Stop-Auburn, Auburn
1148713Clipper Mart New Mead., W Bath, West Bath
1148826Hannaford Supermarket #123, Ellsworth
1148864Auburn Mall, Auburn
1149257Hannaford Supermarket #345, Windham
1149581Irving Bluecanoe-Prtlnd #1485, Portland
1149675H B Provisions, Kennebunk
1149880Irving Bigstop 0210-Sherman Mi, Sherman Mills
1150033Dead River Conv Store, Augusta
1150078Clipper Mart Scarborough, Scarborough
1150201J P Wentworth General Store, Brooks
1150277Sawyer's Variety Store, Gorham
1150919Mt Hope Variety, Bangor
1151047Spencer's Market, Bradley
1151100Ken's Store, Houlton
1151410Oak Hill Mobil Mart, Scarborough
1151481Cumberland Farms #5575, Portland
1151493Irving South Paris #1433, South Paris
1151568Shaw's Supermarket #497, Brunswick
1151698Shaw's Supermarket, Westbrook
11517527-Eleven #32538a, South Portland
1151909Shaw's, Lewiston, Lewiston
1152121Bowdoin Town Store, Bowdoin
1152220Cumberland Farms #5565, Westbrook
1152319Hannaford Supermarket, Bar Harbor
1152410Art's Variety, Westbrook
1152424Riverside Express, Augusta
1152434Galusha's Inc., Clinton
1152535Big Apple #159, Gorham
1152558Mainway Calais #1412, Calais
1152660Mainway Calais #1412, Calais