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Texas Lottery accused of over-inflating jackpots
The Attorney General's Office will examine allegations that the Texas Lottery Commission is inflating the advertised jackpots for its Lotto game because ticket sales are too sluggish to support the high payouts.Lottery officials rejected the allegations, but acknowledged that because of lagging ticket sales, for the first time in the game's history they would be unable to boost their jackpot estimate for Saturday's drawing if no one wins Wednesday night.Dawn Nettles, publisher of the online Lott ...
Jun 9, 2005, 11:48 am - Lottery News forum

Illinois Lottery Ad Contract Under Scrutiny
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan said Wednesday she wants to know more about a $19 million advertising contract for the state lottery that was the subject of a critical audit earlier this month.Her questions center on the results of a report by Auditor General William Holland that shows R.J. Dale Advertising Public Relations had received $7.1 million to promote the state lottery, but could demonstrate only $2 million worth of work. We have reached out to the auditor general and we will b ...
May 18, 2005, 9:15 am - Lottery News forum

Michigan Lottery to pioneer ads on lottery tickets
Michigan government officials are preparing to award a first-of-its-kind contract to sell advertising on lottery tickets, after denying a protest by an agency that includes a former state senator.The State Administrative Board on Tuesday is expected to act on the $100,000 Bureau of State Lottery contract, recommended by a board committee to go to Troy-based Simons Michelson Zieve Inc.But the Rebecca Kelly Agency, a Grosse Pointe Park venture that includes former Sen. John Kelly, D-Detroit, prote ...
May 2, 2005, 9:51 am - Lottery News forum

Group fearful of lottery in Alabama
A Washington, D.C.-based public policy group called The Tax Foundation issued warnings about a new lottery campaign aimed at Alabamians.It's an advertising drive in east Alabama thanking residents for driving to Georgia to buy lottery tickets, said Bill Ahern, spokesman for the group, which recently studied state lotteries and their impact.The campaign will feature a clerk in a Georgia store who points out that Alabama money has helped fund his children's college education. It's all going to be ...
Feb 21, 2005, 9:14 am - Lottery News forum

Massachusetts unveils new multimedia ad campaign
Focus is on how playing the Lottery is a Win-Win for everyone, including cities and townsThe Massachusetts Lottery kicks off its latest advertising campaign this week, featuring television and radio advertisements which create awareness of the many benefits Lottery sales bring to the 351 cities and towns of the Commonwealth. Print and online ads round out the latest advertising effort for the State Lottery.The campaign, created by Boston-based advertising agency Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmo ...
Feb 10, 2005, 11:40 am - Lottery News forum

Ad blitz fuels Massachusetts Lottery success
Massachusetts lottery profits are on a record-setting pace this year, but officials are retooling the sagging Keno operation and launching new games to maintain the growth of state-sanctioned gambling revenues. Last year, our net return to the state was $912 million, which was our best return ever, Joseph Sullivan, director of the Massachusetts State Lottery told the Herald. We're on pace to beat that. Our first quarter, from July through Oct. 2, we're 5.4 percent higher in terms of our net pro ...
Nov 26, 2004, 12:11 pm - Lottery News forum

Illinois Governor denies shifty practices
The Illinois Lottery has shifted advertising from 15 billboards throughout the state to a single billboard in Chicago that is seen by about half as many people but is owned by one of Gov. Rod Blagojevich's major campaign contributors.The Lottery will begin advertising in July on the TriVision, a digital billboard alongside the Kennedy Expressway near North Avenue. The agency will pay $82,000 a month to display a sequence of three Lottery pitches on the billboard, which is seen by an estimated 42 ...
May 24, 2004, 8:33 am - Lottery News forum

$5M Mass. Lottery Ad Blitz Begins
Treasurer predicting campaign will bring in extra $25MThe Massachusetts Lottery embarks on an ambitious $5 million advertising campaign on Monday, with Lottery officials hoping to draw new players with a series of television, radio, newspaper and billboard ads that will appear through June.The Jackpot Awareness campaign will stress the Lottery's role in raising money for cities and towns, a claim that was somewhat undercut last year when Gov. Mitt Romney and legislators diverted nearly $150 mi ...
Jan 23, 2004, 2:59 pm - Lottery News forum

Tennessee lotto ads hit Monday
Tennesseans will get their first taste of lottery advertising as the state lottery begins its push Monday, airing two television commercials raising awareness that the games will be up in mere days.Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation (TEL) spokesperson Kym Gerlock said Thursday details werent available but that two spots 10- and 30-second teasers would air Monday.Roughly 40 members of the TEL sales team are currently covering the state providing retailers with posters and other materials des ...
Jan 9, 2004, 5:32 am - Lottery News forum

Trying to Sell California's Lottery
The lyric California, here we come, right back where we started from is part of:a) A song heard by millions of viewers when the series The O.C. appears on Fox Broadcasting.b) A song that perfectly captures the bizarre circumstances of what may well be the strangest advertising account review ever to take place in the West.c) Both of the above.(The answer is, of course, c, and those who chose it must read daily newspapers enough to recognize a column-opening gambit when they see one.)The re ...
Dec 12, 2003, 5:27 am - Lottery News forum