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Secrets of lottery millionaires
As the 2,000th UK Lottery millionaire pops the champagne, 16 former jackpot winners shared how their money has been spent and how their lives have changed. I'VE BOUGHT AN ACRE OF THE MOON, VENUS AND MARS David Copeland, 31, is single and lives in Hereford in a modest two-bedroom Sixties house. Occupation: Former lab technician. Won: 1,000,000 on January 4, 2000. First purchase: On the day I won, I went to the supermarket and bought half a dozen bottles of champagne to s ...
Dec 11, 2006, 11:48 am - Lottery News forum

The hidden Lotto millionaires
They have wealth beyond their wildest dreams but nobody knows. In the Irish province of Ulster some of the millionaires have made their identities known to the world, but most have not. They are the next door neighbors who hide the secret that they are millionaires. Some are scared their wealth will end lifelong friendships. And some worry that new found friends would be attracted by their money and nothing else. They are the National Lottery millionaires who go to amazing lengths to ...
Dec 11, 2006, 8:30 am - Lottery News forum

E! Television to air 'Curse of the Lottery' Sunday
It's what dreams are made of: buy anything you want and more. But for some, winning the lottery is not all champagne, limousines and mansions, and brings only misery and regret. The sudden influx of cash can lead down a dark road to drugs, bankruptcy and even death. Why does blissful prosperity rarely ensue? Are those who win big truly destined for doom? Uncovering the stories behind 10 real-life lucky ticket holders, E! sits with lottery winners, their friends and family, as well as fi ...
Sep 20, 2006, 3:54 pm - Lottery News forum

Lottery winners: beware the phone
For lottery winners flush with newfound wealth, the Powerball windfall can be a devil in angel's clothing. It will mean a new sense of financial security for the 100 production and shipping employees at Sargento Foods in Plymouth claiming the $208.6 million Jackpot Saturday. But it can also mean the onset of worries, as the phones begin ringing off the hook from those looking for donations or handouts. Many of these callers will be known by the winners or will be legitimate organizations, ...
Aug 9, 2006, 12:42 pm - Lottery News forum

Lottery winners advised to be wise with wealth
What begins as a fountain of fortune can quickly become a puddle of pennies. Lottery winners, like the Plymouth Sargento Cheese plant workers who claim to have won the $208.6 million Powerball prize, must be careful to avoid losing their luck, say local financial advisers. Winners first should find a good attorney and financial consultant, said Larry Goebel, owner and president of the Goebel Planning Group. Advisers and attorneys can help people determine whether to take the money in incre ...
Aug 9, 2006, 11:57 am - Lottery News forum

Arizona Lottery winner shows what not to do with $6.7M
Winner: Shefik Tallmadge. Year: 1988. Jackpot: $6.7 million, $335,000 each year for 20 years. When Tallmadge was 29, he became the biggest winner in the Pick lottery at the time. He bought a $60,000 nougat-brown Porsche 911 Carrera convertible the day he got his check, quit his $10.75 per hour job at Yuma Proving Ground and took his mother and his sister on a luxurious world tour to Honolulu; Bangkok, Thailand; and Sierra Leone. Tallmadge transferred from community college to ...
Jul 18, 2006, 12:30 pm - Lottery News forum

Whittaker sued by casino over bad checks
Caesars casino is suing the winner of a $315 million lottery jackpot, claiming he bounced checks worth $1.5 million trying to cover gambling losses. Jack Whittaker, whose Powerball win in 2002 was at the time the largest undivided lottery jackpot, claims he doesn't owe the money. In a filing made in response to Caesars lawsuit, Whittaker said the casino actually owes him money because it agreed to give him a percentage of revenue from a slot machine he developed and to credit his gambling ...
Jun 8, 2006, 7:24 am - Lottery News forum

Most lottery winners crave privacy
Whatever other effects winning the lottery might have on Mainers, in the long term it certainly turns them into a reclusive lot. If they hadn't moved out of state or changed their phone to an unlisted number, they either refused to answer their phone or return calls. Most of those who did talk quickly stopped for fear that additional publicity would invite a wave of long-lost relatives asking for handouts. The most recent Megabucks winners, Edward Cardali Jr. and Regan Cardali of Oakland ...
May 15, 2006, 6:45 am - Lottery News forum

Winning a lottery jackpot can't guarantee happiness
Sudden wealth is good for most lottery winners, but not all For some people, winning the big jackpot can turn out to be a big mistake. William Bud Post III called it the lottery of death. The Pennsylvania man, who died in January at 66, hit a $16.2 million lottery jackpot in 1988. After that, his sixth wife left him, a woman sued for a third of the winnings, he failed at business ventures with siblings, and spent time in jail for firing a gun over a bill collector's head. His bro ...
Apr 9, 2006, 9:54 am - Lottery News forum

Lottery winners share secrets of their success
Simple steps can keep dream jackpot from turning into financial nightmare Terry McNalley used to be just a regular guy putting in eight-hour shifts at a factory in Bryan. He was a divorc e who liked hunting, fishing, and plopping down $6 a week for lottery tickets and a chance to dream. Then the dream came true. From what everybody said, I was white as a ghost. The more I looked at the ticket, the less I could see it, he said. It's just quite a day when you're sitting there holdin ...
Apr 9, 2006, 9:06 am - Lottery News forum