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Texas lottery players want to get rid of 'bonus ball'
Players are letting the Texas Lottery Commission know in sometimes blunt and colorful language that they want the bonus ball to be bounced out of the Lotto game. The panel that oversees lottery operations is expected to vote next week on a proposal to return the game to a format resembling the one that was thrown out a little more than three years ago because officials were concerned about its profitability. But they ran into a problem when the new game proved to be about 30 percent less pr ...
Feb 24, 2006, 10:24 am - Lottery News forum

Mass. Lottery expanding Keno with new Bonus game
As of Wednesday, Dec. 14, the Massachusetts Lottery will launch a new way for residents to play the popular Keno game.Keno Bonus is the new and improved form of Keno, a popular Lottery game played by placing a bet, picking numbers and matching them to randomly selected numbers chosen by a computer.As of the official launch date, players will have the opportunity to double their wager, making them eligible for Keno Bonus. A bonus number will be displayed on the computer screen, and players multip ...
Nov 30, 2005, 2:12 pm - Lottery News forum

Texas Lottery to change Lotto game back to 6/54 format
Texas lottery commissioners moved one step closer Friday to returning the Lotto Texas game to its original format by signing off on a plan to bounce the so-called bonus ball from the format that decides how the multimillion-dollar jackpots are won.Meanwhile, the two sitting commissioners who oversee lottery operations deferred a decision on who will be hired to run the agency, which generates $1 billion a year for the state. But both offered high praise for former state Rep. Talmadge Heflin, a H ...
Nov 19, 2005, 9:20 am - Lottery News forum

Powerball lottery changes go into effect Sunday
Changes to Powerball, the country's largest lotto game, take effect Sunday (August 28), with two new numbers added to the mix.Lottery players will be able to buy the new Powerball tickets beginning Sunday morning, and the first drawing held from among 55 white balls and 42 red balls will be Wednesday night (August 31).The 29 lotteries that operate Powerball announced the changes April 6 to meet players' demands for larger and faster-growing jackpots.The minimum jackpot will increase to $15 milli ...
Aug 26, 2005, 9:17 pm - Lottery News forum

Ohio Lottery planning end for Super Lotto game
It's a good bet that the Ohio Lottery's big-money jackpot game won't be around much longer.The lottery is planning to replace Super Lotto Plus, which has existed in various Super Lotto forms since 1987, with another game designed to be different than the 12-state Mega Millions game played in Ohio.The new game, to be called Lot 'O Play, will be available at online sales terminals starting Oct. 9, Tom Hayes, Ohio Lottery director, said Wednesday. Its minimum jackpot will be $1 million and can incr ...
Aug 18, 2005, 5:51 pm - Lottery News forum

Texas Lottery May Eliminate Lotto Bonus Number
'5 + Bonus' format was a flop with playersLotto Texas players might be saying bye-bye to the bonus ball.One of the proposals being floated by the Texas Lottery Commission is to eliminate the new five numbers and bonus ball matrix and return to a 'pick six of fifty' (6/50) format for the Lotto game, which is the flagship of the Texas Lottery. I don't think that has been discussed specifically, but I think we're discussing all formats for the matrix, to determine what would be the best, to make it ...
Aug 17, 2005, 7:48 pm - Lottery News forum

D.C. Lottery to change lottery lineup
According to the D.C. Lottery Board, changes are coming to two of its games, in addition to the August Powerball changes.The quick cash game that pays a $250,000 top prize will be eliminated and replaced by a new D.C. Daily Six that will have similar prizes and have two plays for $1.Lottery board Executive Director Jeanette Michael said, After 15 years of a game, its time to introduce something new. Also, the city's Hot Five game with $25,000 payouts will be replaced in November with a similar ...
Aug 12, 2005, 1:00 pm - Lottery News forum

Middle Georgians have mixed feelings about California joining lottery
The chances of winning the Mega Millions jackpot at the beginning of this week were low, but now the chances are even lower.California became the 12th state to join the Mega Millions lottery Wednesday, bringing with it a population of 36 million to tonight's Mega Millions drawing.But even as California has joined the pool, that hasn't stopped Sharon Norton from playing. She said she keeps playing, hoping to hit it big and retire early. I think it's fine, said Norton, 39, an X-ray technician. T ...
Jun 24, 2005, 9:39 am - Lottery News forum

Californians snap up tickets for new Mega Millions lottery game
Californians dished out their first dollars Wednesday on a multistate lottery that has paid record jackpots as high as $363 million.The California debut of Mega Millions had people lining up at many stores as tickets were offered for the first time.The potential payoff seemed irresistible for players who ranged from parking attendants to sharp-dressed businesswomen.Computer administrator Eduardo Cartagena, 25, bought his ticket at a convenience store in downtown Los Angeles. I rarely buy tickets ...
Jun 23, 2005, 12:29 am - Lottery News forum

CA Lottery spars with legislator over Mega Millions legality
California lottery officials told a Senate committee Tuesday that they had the power to join the multistate Mega Millions lotto game even though the authorization wasn't spelled out in the 1984 initiative that set up the lottery.The Legislature's attorneys disagreed, and a key lawmaker said he would introduce legislation that would allow California to participate in Mega Millions but require the other 11 states to pay the bulk of administrative costs.Sen. Dean Florez, D-Shafter, said the legisla ...
Jun 22, 2005, 7:54 pm - Lottery News forum