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Problem with Powerball Draw

Topic closed. 18 replies. Last post 2 months ago by rcbbuckeye.

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October 16, 2005
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It's almost 48 hours after NY Lotto was drawn and about 43 hours since the PB drawing, and NY still hasn't figured it out. On the page for the PB winning numbers and prize breakdown they haven't even listed the winning numbers for the 6/9 drawing, although they do have those numbers on the home page, which still shows the Lotto jackpot as pending.

What's really weird is that  the PB jackpot for  tomorrow is listed as $31 million, but based on the complete absence of prize data I'm wondering if NY actually knows for certain that they didn't sell a jackpot winner. MUSL is obviously in a tough place if they can't tell people what the jackpot is, so I'm wondering if they decided to just roll the dice and say it rolled without being certain. And if it turns put there was a jackpot winner are they going to apologize for lying about Saturday's jackpot, or will they suck it up and basically give us a starting jackpot of $31 million.

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    January 2, 2018
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    I doubt MUSL would roll the jackpot without confirming a winner. But either way they can afford it.

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      November 27, 2014
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      Thanks Mr-B 216

      It states:

      "A processing issue in one of the states or territories where Powerball is played has delayed detailed results for the June 9 drawing and resulted in players being unable to cash in winning tickets for the time being. According to a press release posted on the Powerball website, the extra processing time is necessary to ensure the proper payments go out to players and that the next jackpot is the correct amount."

      "Powerball is offered in 44 States, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

      However, the winning numbers announced during the drawing Wednesday night are correct and players are assured those numbers are accurate.

      The winning numbers are: 19-28-46-50-54

      Powerball: 9

      Power Play: 2

      Powerball officials didn’t say exactly what caused the problem, but assured players they will be able to claim their winnings once the processing issue is solved."

      "The Powerball drawing from last night is complete and winning numbers have been posted to the Powerball website. There has been a delay in finalizing the draw results that will allow the jackpot for the next drawing to be calculated and winning tickets to be paid. While the majority of jurisdictions were able to verify the number of winners in each prize tier quickly, additional processing time was required for one jurisdiction.  While we apologize for the delay in delivering the information to the public, the additional time enables us to ensure that we are reporting the official and verified number of prize winners. Please hold on to your tickets, and we will let you know when retailers are able to make claims on winning tickets from the June 9, 2021 drawing.”

      What does that mean territories?

      Austrialia just won the PB i heard. 

      After winning a record-breaking $107 million (US$79.6 million) in January 2019, an Australian nurse proclaimed that she would be returning to work the next day, and she has since kept her promise.



      That seems weird.  What do they plan to do in Australia with the money now that the NWO has been declared there?

      Seems like American money should not be going to a tyrannical state.   

      Although  I dont know what percentage of the JP is from what jurisdiction. 

      Maybe we need an audit?  They seem to be in vogue now.

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        October 23, 2007
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        The Powerball game in Australia is not the same game as the one in the US. When they say territories, they probably mean Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.


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