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April 14, 2014, 12:59 pmWhat To Do When Democrats Like Obama And Harry Reid Send Armed Thugs To Bully You

These corrupt Democrat/fascists cannot defeat the American People when we stand in the gap and refuse to be pushed around.

This is how it's done:


And God Bless those brave American Patriots.

They represent what America is supposed to be and what it used to be, not what the Democrats have turned it into.

God Bless every one of 'em.


God Bless America.US Flag

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April 12, 2014, 10:06 amBreaking: Harry Reid And Chinese Energy Giant Behind Land Grab At Bundy's Nevada Ranch


Desert Turtles my ass.

You can't get more slimy than Democrat Harry Reid, his son and his former staffer who now runs the BLM.

And oh yeah, the Chinamen.

Let's see how well and how long the Mainstream Democrat News Media can avoid, ignore, discount and keep this  story buried.

Democrats are corrupt to the bone.

Every last one of them sons o' b!tches.

Last Edited: April 12, 2014, 10:11 am

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April 11, 2014, 11:10 pmIt's A Mystery

I've always wondered...

If it's racism and voter suppression of poor people to require Voter ID because poor people don't have any way to get in to get a free Voter ID...

Then how do they get in to vote?

Couldn't the same people who help them get in to vote also help them get in to pick up a free Voter ID?

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April 9, 2014, 12:28 amChicago Enjoys Lowest Crime Rate Since 1958 After Allowing Guns To Be Carried


Think of all the lives that could have been saved if the Democrats had listened to Conservatives in the first place decades ago.

More people legally carrying guns means less crime.

It's a proven, documented and established fact.

Democrats are just scared of guns.

And it's time to get over it.

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April 8, 2014, 11:19 pmLet He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone

A good passage to remember when piling on and revelling in the shortcomings of another man.

Even if he's a Congressman.

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April 8, 2014, 5:55 pmDefend Your Liberty - Dump Firefox


The Democrats are in power and Democrats at large have begun toying with their fascist fantasy of CONTROLLING the people around them.

If you don't think what they think, if you don't believe what they believe, if you don't do what they do, they will do all they can to destroy you.

But you can fight back against this tyranny before they assume TOTAL CONTROL.

You can stand up for what's right and honest and decent and wholesome just like good Americans who stood up for Chick-Fil-A and Cracker Barrel and won against the weirdos and perverts and athiests of the Democrat Party.

If you have Firefox, uninstall it.

God Bless America.

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April 8, 2014, 4:54 pmDemocrats Want Gun CONTROL Bracelets


No one will be able to fire a gun unless they have a government issued bracelet with a tracking device so the government knows where the gun is in case they decide you can't own one anymore and they'll be able to de-activate your ability to fire the weapon until they're able to come and take it away from you.

They refer to it as "common sense."

But when a Democrat uses the term "common sense," he actually means "absolute and total CONTROL."

The Democrats' end game is to outlaw all guns for all American citizens.

Because it's a lot easier to subject people to tyranny when they can't do anything about it.

Last Edited: April 8, 2014, 4:56 pm

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April 7, 2014, 2:33 amFlorida Democrat's Wife Says He Beats Her

Democrat Alan Grayson.

Democrats will still love Grayson though, even if he's proven guilty of beating his wife.

Cuz that's the way Democrats roll.

Especially if he offers them free stuff.

They love free stuff like crazy.

It makes life real nice.

Well, except for the women who are getting the hell beaten out of them.

Life's not very nice for them.


Last Edited: April 7, 2014, 2:42 am

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April 4, 2014, 10:11 pmChange For A Dollar

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March 31, 2014, 4:43 pmObama Has Us Supporting These Guys As They Slaughter Christians For Sport


This isn't anything unusual, it happens everyday wherever Christians live in muslim countries.

The brutally inhuman slaughter of this poor woman was carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian radicals that Obama supports in Egypt.

Our (actually Obama's) media won't report on the slaughter of Christians that's going on in all muslim countries because it would make Obama look bad.

This lady was beaten, stabbed and kicked to death while helping someone else because she had a cross hanging from the mirror in her car (just like I do). And then naturally, after they killed her, these muslim animals that our Democrats call "The Religion Of Peace"  pulled her pants off so they could get a good look.

The United States used to help people who were being persecuted like this.

We used to be the good guys who always came to the rescue.

Not anymore.

Now, under these Godless Democrats, we're on the bad guys' side.

Never thought I'd live to see the day that happened.

But that day is here.

God forgive us.

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March 31, 2014, 8:23 am12 Year Old's Speech Leaves Teacher Speechless


She is 17 now and this is how she describes herself on her Twitter account:

“Lover of Jesus. Daughter of the Most High. Human Rights Activist. Public Speaker. Pro-life. Survivor. Revivalist. Nation shaker. World changer.”

God Bless her.

I wish there were a lot more kids like this coming up to lead our country.

But the Democrats are doing their best to prevent it.

Last Edited: March 31, 2014, 8:27 am

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March 29, 2014, 10:57 amObama Is 100% Red White & Blue American Born

This is from an email.

I've met Mr Root and heard him speak and he's an obviously very intelligent man and a straight shooter. I think his story is very plausible.


Obama is 100% Red, White & Blue American Born

Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, successful entrepreneur, small business defender, business speaker, Capital Evangelist, and media personality- appearing on over 5000 interviews in the past 5 years.

Many Americans suspect Obama was foreign born. They are wrong. Boy do I have a story to tell you.

I believe Obama is a fraud. But it has nothing to do with his birth. Obama’s critics have it all backwards. They are looking in the wrong place. He isn’t a foreigner portraying himself as an American. He’s an American who fraudulently portrayed himself as a foreigner.

Months ago MSNBC television host Rachel Maddow spent 15 minutes on her national show calling me a “birther.” I scratched my head. Because I’m not. Never have been, not for one minute. A “birther” believes Obama is a foreigner, not legally qualified to be president. I have never believed that.

I’ve always believed that Obama is 100 percent American. There I’ve said it loudly. I’m a leading critic of the President, but I’ve always believed him to be American born. He is as American as P.T. Barnum. And he lies and exaggerates like P.T. Barnum too. While Obama is not a foreigner, he is a fraud. Let me tell you the REAL Obama story.

In hundreds of media interviews, I’ve stated that even though Obama was my college classmate at Columbia University, Class of 1983, and we shared the same majors (Political Science and Pre-Law), I never saw, met, or heard of him. But the media has this story wrong too – I’ve never said that my conclusion is Obama did not go to Columbia. On the contrary, I believe Obama graduated Columbia and we are classmates.

Where was he hiding for those Columbia years? My educated guess is he was smoking pot and attending communist meetings, plotting the downfall of America and capitalism. Don’t laugh, it worked!

While that was just an educated guess, Obama’s own autobiography backs me up – he personally admitted often attending Socialist Party meetings at Cooper Union in downtown Manhattan. With Obama, even your wildest guesses are often proven true.

But forget why he wasn’t seen at Columbia, the real mystery is how he ever got intoColumbia. Stay with me – because this ties into the whole “foreign born” story.

I believe I’ve pieced together what happened at Columbia and here it is. I believe that Obama, an American citizen, committed fraud by portraying himself as a foreigner, in order to gain almost impossible admittance to prestigious Columbia University (and probably Occidental and Harvard Law School as well). He lied and used fraud (misrepresentation) to weasel his way in. Is that really a crime? Ask convicted criminal Frank Abagnale, the real-life star of the hit movie and best-selling book, “Catch Me if You Can.” Portraying someone you’re not is called fraud, and punishable by years in prison.

It doesn’t take a psychology degree to figure out Obama’s fragile mindset as a young man. He spent his youth living a fantasy, wanting desperately to be foreign-born and exotic, instead of just a normal American kid from a struggling single parent household. As a black teen with no dad, Obama undoubtedly faced racism and tough times. With help from mentors (like Frank Marshall, a communist, and Bill Ayers, a terrorist) he learned to despise his country of birth (America). As a dreamer and loner he started to believe his own story of exotic birth, then used that fantasy (aka fraud) to gain admittance to both Occidental and Columbia.

In too deep, he had no way out. Ironically, Obama, himself is the birther. He’s the one who created the foreign-born storyline.

The fact the leftist media (Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart, Mother Jones, and others) are so frightened of me, confirms that I’m close to the truth. It explains why Obama sent the IRS to viciously attack me not once, but twice (I won 100 percent victories in both audits). I’ve gotten too close to both the Obama Columbia scandal and the Obama IRS scandal. The closer to the target, the greater the flack.

Getting into an Ivy League University is extremely difficult and transferring in is virtually impossible. Every year 30,000 kids try to get into a college like Columbia. Only a small fraction are accepted (there were about 700 in our class of 1983). The battle is cut-throat. Virtually all 30,000 are straight-A students, have close-to-perfect SAT scores, and have achieved out-sized success at extracurricular activities too.

Into that dog-eat-dog competition stepped Barack Obama, a young man with no achievements, except an exotic story of Indonesian upbringing. Obama could NEVER have gotten into Columbia out of high school and his odds of transferring in later were even worse. Last year Columbia accepted only three transfer students in the entire world. Three. And I guarantee you all three had amazing scholastic and achievement records from other Ivy League colleges like Harvard, Yale, or Princeton.

Obama had none of that. By his own admission he was a poor student who smoked pot, rarely attended class, and got mediocre grades, from Occidental (a good but not great college). His only chance of transferring into Columbia was a made-up story of being an exotic foreigner.

It’s pretty clear how Obama got into Columbia – I believe it was by lying. Obama was a smart kid, even then gave “great interviews,” and talked (lied) his way into Columbia as an Indonesian student, using his Jakarta grade school transcripts (and perhaps Passport/citizenship papers) as proof. Columbia probably asked very few questions. They were thrilled to have an Indonesian student to brag about. They got what they wanted – “diversity.”

That was Obama’s edge that gained him admittance to the exclusive Ivy League world at Columbia and then Harvard Law School. But that also made him a fraud, who accepted admittance and foreign student aid under false pretenses.

Since selling this fraudulent story had succeeded beyond his wildest imagination, Obama was emboldened. So, he used it again to sell a book. Remember I’m not guessing here. It’s a fact that his book agent described Obama to publishers as “Born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia.” There is physical proof of these exact words. Bleeding heart liberal Manhattan book publishers bought it hook, line and sinker.

All of this lying and fraud based on a fantasy built an impressive platform for young Obama. It got him the credentials he needed for a career in politics (Columbia, Harvard Law, professor at Chicago Law School). Next he used that platform to run for office. He won. Then, won again, becoming a U.S. Senator. People started touting him as a Presidential candidate. All the lies and P.T. Barnum-like self promotion had worked for Obama. Too well. Now he had a deep, dark secret to cover-up.

His college records were his Achilles heel. He had to hide his tracks. His college records had to be sealed forever. Not because he was a foreigner and unqualified to be President, but because he was an American posing as a foreigner. That makes him a fraud unqualified to be President.

I would love for Mr. Obama to release his college records and prove me wrong. But of course he won’t…he can’t. Because at the top of his college admissions transcript would be the two words that would destroy his Presidency and legacy: “Foreign Student.”

No, I’m not a birther. I believe Obama is 100 percent American born. While never questioning his birth, I’ve been in the media nonstop for five years questioning his allegiance to America, American exceptionalism, and Judeo-Christian values. And I’ve exposed his plan (created by husband-wife professors Cloward and Piven at Columbia) to destroy capitalism by overwhelming the system with spending, debt, and entitlements. That purposeful plan is proven by facts – please see record spending, record debt, and record entitlements under Obama. This is all about a plan to destroy America carried out by an American posing as a foreigner.

No, Obama isn’t a foreigner. But we have a fraud in the White House.
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March 28, 2014, 8:33 pmNoah Survived The Flood But His Story Didn't Survive The Democrat Revisionists

We went and saw Noah today.

It's a so-so, average action adventure I guess but it's far, far, far removed from the Bible story. Kinda cartoony if you ask me.

Noah and his family are vegetarians.

His job is to save the animals from the flood and then die off so the animals can frolic in the meadow forever and ever undisturbed by man. 

Man is being punished not for his sin and blasphemy and evil ways but for what he has done to the earth and the animals.

Noah has to fight off hordes of the descendants of Cain who want to get on the Ark.

There are giant monsters (fallen angels?) made of rock called the "Watchers" that help him fight off the hordes.

If you're interested in seeing a dramatization of the Bible story, save your money, this ain't it.

It's a shame cuz it coulda been a great movie if they'da just stuck to the script.

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March 27, 2014, 2:46 amThere's Nothing Democrats Enjoy Like Being A Helpless Victim

And if they haven't actually been victimized, they'll lie and say they were anyway, just for the sympathy. Democrats love sympathy.

They'll create a whole scenario and outrageous tale of how they were the victims of rabid haters and they'll swear to it and it will be all lies. Democrats love lying.

Democrats are really weird, creepy people when you think about it, ain't they?

Mash down on this: 


Last Edited: March 27, 2014, 2:54 am

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March 27, 2014, 12:11 amUnfortunately This Good Family Got A Democrat Judge Who Gave Their Child To DCF

Yes, Democrats love taking CONTROL of your children too.

This is just how life works under Democrats. Any Democrats. All Democrats.

Welcome to the machine.

Sit down, shut up and do what the Democrats tell you.

Or they will make your life a living hell.

And they will enjoy it.

And there will be NOTHING you can do about it.

Mash down on this:


Last Edited: March 27, 2014, 12:14 am

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