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September 19, 2014, 6:13 pmChief Petty Officer.

Now is the time, make history!

Entry #53
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September 19, 2014, 2:30 pmRun for your life! Giant Spiders.

Seems our global warming gurus just can't help themselves.

Now they want to scare us with giant spiders.

They want you to believe spiders will get bigger if they have more to eat.....and since we have global warming, they are fat happy and growing out of control.

Because they know many have no interest in Science, the gullible will be on High alert for our 8 legged friend, foe, pest or annoyance, depends on your outlook.

Spiders have DNA just like us, apples make apples and oranges make oranges.

The Female is usually larger, Why are more coming into the house , because it's going to be a &%^$ing  cold arse winter.

Millions of years ago, insects, arachnids, creepy crawlies of all kinds were giant, they were huge.

Dragonflys the size of softballs.   Why did insects get smaller?

Because millions of years ago our atmosphere was rich in OXYGEN...The more oxygen the bigger the bug.

Long before man, these oxygen levels dropped and everything got smaller. Taaaa Daaaaa

If there was global warming and our oxygen was depleting, spiders would get smaller.

Entry #52
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September 18, 2014, 9:42 amOne if by land-Two if by sea!

Alex, I'll take two if by sea.

A ship from West Africa pulled into New Orleans and it has been discovered half the crew has Ebola.

The ( sick) have been transported to a medical facility, no word on quarantines as of yet.

I hope Bobby Jindal takes quick action.

Entry #51
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September 12, 2014, 1:27 pmAnd it starts!

Just opened the cable bill, up another 11 dollars. Can't seem to get through. all the operators are busy with other customers. Gee, I wonder why?

I'll be shopping for another carrier, if I can't get a reasonable rate, I will have to go cable free.

I'll wait for Walking Dead on DVD and listen to Red Wing Hockey on Radio.

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September 10, 2014, 8:29 amDo your Homework

Looks like think progressive is putting another spin on things.


Watch the Fox special Bret Baier's special on Benghazi .

Watch the interview with Mike Rogers and Steve Doocy about the Benghazi attacks.

Then watch the interview with the greedy lawyers.

Decide for yourself from the spoken words of these people, not from some commie named Igor with an agenda.

I watched all 3, The problem was not with the ground commander, but with the State Department and that folks, is the smoking gun they have yet to get to the bottom of.

The fact remains Christopher Stevens called for help, none came, a Marine called the guys from the Annex, after they assessed the situation they went to help and ended up in a 13 hour gun battle with terrorists before help arrived.

The question we need to know, Who in the State Department did Chris Call? And why didn't they send help?

Do you homework, some people are gullible and just take things for face value when they have an agenda !

Entry #49
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September 9, 2014, 11:53 pmI can't believe this

If you get a chance read this article:


The air ambulance has flown 10 other Ebola missions into the United States, as well as the 4 we know about,

This was done under the authority of the State Dept.

Why the big secret ?

Entry #48
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September 7, 2014, 12:39 pmWe've got sick kids.

Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Ohio

Over 900 in Denver alone, a disease called Enterovirus D68 is making the rounds, Children under 12 seem to be at the greatest risk.

I just have to wonder how many sick border children were sent to these 4 states and if the disease will pop up all over.

Our Government put sick people on buses and sent them all over the United States.

Our Government put sick people on buses and sent them all over the United States.

Our Government put sick people on buses and sent them all over the Untied States.



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September 6, 2014, 11:56 pmMayhem or a glimpse ?

We lost power last night around 8 pm, newsman said big storm on the way, we have a generator so we can keep the fridge cold and have a few lights. We can't run the computer or tv, cause it's not on the same circuit or whatever it's called.

We've been going through this all summer, bad storm after bad storm.

This is not the story, my story begins at work. I worked the 10 to 4 shift today, got to work and found out we also lost power and our phone lines, we were on a generator also.

We put big signs on the doors saying CASH ONLY, We  CANNOT process EBT, CREDIT, DEBIT OR CHECKS


We had a guy at the door telling every customer....cash only

When the customer got to the check out once again we reminded them, CASH ONLY!

Can you guess how many people loaded up carts anyway?

Can you guess how many people let us process their transactions knowing this? If you said all the EBT people you would be correct, if you said one in five credit card customers, you would be correct. This is where the mayhem begins, constantly calling managers to void transactions, calling stockers to put all the food away.

Somehow people thought things would magically be fixed since they were there, or that they could lie to us and we would process orders just for them, then we got the threats, name calling, and horrific lies.

Here's some of the fun things I heard today

But I have EBT,

But I have American express

But I have to keep my insulin cold

But I have kids

But I don't have time to go to another store

But I have to go to work

But I just had surgery

You all are just racist

I'm calling the attorney general

I'm calling corporate

You'll run my card or you'll be fired.

This wasn't 1 or 2 people, this was 6 straight hours of people refusing to believe the phones lines and power outage could cause this.

Thick headed stupidity ruled the day.

I have no kind words for people who were told over and over ( sound familiar) no phone lines, no processing electronic transactions.

This gave me a glimpse at just how unprepared people are, everyone knew the storm was coming, everyone knew we spent the summer with power outs and still they did not lift a finger to help themselves or be prepared.

The really bad news for you people, if this was more serious then a small power out, your probably going to be the first to perish, those of us who had to put up with your BS, we won't miss you.

And no, I am not giving out anymore hints on how to be prepared, 1, you don't listen, 2, you can't comprehend anyway.

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August 28, 2014, 8:35 pmOde to a sleeping nation

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

Obama has no strategy for fighting Terrorists,

It was nice knowing you!



Wake up! The Wolves are at the Door!

Entry #45
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August 22, 2014, 9:05 amHyperbole Friday or things to think about.

Just read an article yesterday, the Bubonic plague is alive and well in 2 places, China and Colorado.

Google Bubonic plague and you'll see the little sign posted on a pole warning people to keep their pets away from small animals.

Apparently, some expert found fleas on some Prairie Dogs with the disease, Didn't see that on the news.

Bubonic Plague if not treated kills you in 4 days, I just hope someone is out killing Prairie Dogs and spraying the area.


On to Ebola, Our TSA agents , when they are not laughing at our xrays or stealing from our luggage are the people in charge of screening for sick people, "Oh My" . I wouldn't trust some of these people to properly apply a Band Aid.

I just wonder why we are not stopping flights from these infected countries from coming into our country?



On to the Border children, Our Government dummies, are plopping these people on buses and sending them all over the country. Many of them have Tuberculosis , pneumonia, polio, Chickenpox, smallpox, scabbies, lice and a variety of health issues. Why would anyone in their right mind send sick people all over our country?

To all you parents who feel immunizations are not necessary hurry up and give the kids extra vitamin C tablets, cause we all know that will fix the problem, wink wink!

Entry #44
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August 6, 2014, 9:42 amFight those germs

The man in Egypt died from the Ebola virus, There is a woman in Ohio and a couple of people in New York being tested.

They say this is a very hard disease to catch. How do we catch anything?  The flu a cold etc.

Because the germs get on our hands, that's how.


Every time you touch a doorknob, shopping cart, your own cell phone, you transfer germs.

Public bathrooms are teaming with all kinds of nasty germs.

You can take precautions .

First build up your immune system.

Lots of vitamin C and water, stay hydrated.

Fruits and veggies, especially green leafy and anything orange, will boost your immune system.

Avoid, sugar and fats.

Stay active, exercise is great, even if it's just a walk.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth until you have washed your hands.

Know where your food is coming from, Keep in mind every time you eat out someone else is touching your food.

Your shoes, take them off at the door and when you put them off or on, wash your hands.

Public restrooms, after you wash your hands, use the paper towel to shut the water off and to open the door.

Working in a grocery store, I see people touching all kinds of things, they turn around open up chips or cookies in the car and start munching, they didn't bother to wash their hands.

We all love money, but it is filthy, wash your hands after handling money.

Some germs can live on surfaces for days, it only takes a few minutes to combat these surfaces, use disinfectant spray or wipes, doors, your car door handle, cell phone, home phone, toilet handle, counters.

Stop the spread of germs, cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm if you don't have tissue.


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July 29, 2014, 8:09 amJack Daniels friendship recipe

2 drinking glasses or more depending on the size of the group.


Tiki torches

Warm evening breeze

Pour drinks, neat, light Tiki torches, sit on patio enjoying warm evening breeze with wonderful friends.

Forget the rest of the world exists for a while, laugh and have fun.

Please drink responsibly and have guest room ready.


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July 27, 2014, 12:07 pmAmounts

The amount of Presidential executive orders does not mean a thing, it's the content and nature as to what they are being used for.

 When it's used to by -pass Congress or the Constitution, or the create laws, circumvent laws, then this is an abuse of power.


Entry #41
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July 11, 2014, 12:47 amDear Rachel

             Dear Rachel,

                Decided to tune into your show to see what you were spewing, I guess you want to get an early start on demonizing Rick Perry,  a Presidential hopeful. Yep, you put a big spin on the border crisis.

                 Texas Governor Rick Perry has asked the President to send National guard for a strong military presence on our border. Thousands of Children from South America are flooding the border, turning themselves in to our border agents. So, according to you, that's not what we need, because the children are turning themselves in.

                  Why did you omit the fact that because the border agents are busy with kids much of the border is now unwatched?

                  Why are you omitting the fact that adults and many carrying drugs are now coming in through unprotected areas?

                  Did you bother to explain many are coming from middle east countries as well as Mexico and South America?

                  How about the crime stats from illegal aliens?

                  It's a dirty rotten shame you have decided to smear Rick Perry instead of offering useful information, I guess you really have no use for your fancy college degree, since all you want to do is twist the truth.

                                    Maybe you should visit the border before you open your mouth.

Entry #40
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July 10, 2014, 11:14 amDear "War on Women"?

          Dear Left Wing Loons

                    So sorry to hear War has been declared on you, How many of you have died during this battle?

Have you been shot? Someone throwing grenades at you? Any road side bombs? POW'S ?

                    Your lies and half truths are appalling to say the least, How do you live with yourself? I guess it's easy when you have the Liberal media covering your back.

                    Let's start with Hobby Lobby, A family owned incorporated business. Your first lie states, Corporations can't be people, WHAT! I guess you must think everyone your pandering to doesn't have any business sense. BUSTED!

                    There are many types of Corporations and types of businesses. You can be Private or Public and all can incorporate, even a business with one employee can incorporate. With that being said, A Family owned business is a person.

                    Now on to your second lie, Hobby Lobby is refusing to provide Birth Control and doesn't care about women's health issues, not true, they are in fact providing 16 forms of birth control, what they are not providing is 4 types of abortion pills. They don't believe in killing babies, plain and simple, if you use one of the 16 forms of birth control they offer, there is no reason for anyone to kill their baby.

                   The hard cold fact is you refuse to respect anyone's religious beliefs. Many of us feel that when the sperm meets the egg, a soul is created, don't care about fingers and toes, this is a soul, This is a creation of God. Many people do not want to be complicit to murder. Nobody is forcing their religion on you, they quite simply want no part of murder. Not only do you have no respect for others, you have no respect for life, makes me wonder if you even respect yourself.

                   I also have to bring into question some of your half baked logic...When conservatives or Christians say they oppose killing babies, you scream at the top of your lungs that it's your body and you don't want big business or Government in your bedroom. Why are you crying about the Supreme Courts decision to keep big business out of your bedroom? And why do we have members of Congress ( Government officials ) using your bedroom for political gain?

Shouldn't some of these women stay out of your business? Are you really falling for the fear they are spreading?

                   As a woman, I believe it's my body and no one has any say so over what I do with it, as a woman I believe in equal pay for equal work. Do I believe there is some sort of war on women ?, Hell no!

                    I believe in personal responsibility, you are responsible for your actions, If you don't want a baby, practice safe sex , that's on you, not your boss, not the government.






                                                                                       Don't fall for the BS


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