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August 28, 2014, 8:35 pmOde to a sleeping nation

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

Obama has no strategy for fighting Terrorists,

It was nice knowing you!



Wake up! The Wolves are at the Door!

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August 22, 2014, 9:05 amHyperbole Friday or things to think about.

Just read an article yesterday, the Bubonic plague is alive and well in 2 places, China and Colorado.

Google Bubonic plague and you'll see the little sign posted on a pole warning people to keep their pets away from small animals.

Apparently, some expert found fleas on some Prairie Dogs with the disease, Didn't see that on the news.

Bubonic Plague if not treated kills you in 4 days, I just hope someone is out killing Prairie Dogs and spraying the area.


On to Ebola, Our TSA agents , when they are not laughing at our xrays or stealing from our luggage are the people in charge of screening for sick people, "Oh My" . I wouldn't trust some of these people to properly apply a Band Aid.

I just wonder why we are not stopping flights from these infected countries from coming into our country?



On to the Border children, Our Government dummies, are plopping these people on buses and sending them all over the country. Many of them have Tuberculosis , pneumonia, polio, Chickenpox, smallpox, scabbies, lice and a variety of health issues. Why would anyone in their right mind send sick people all over our country?

To all you parents who feel immunizations are not necessary hurry up and give the kids extra vitamin C tablets, cause we all know that will fix the problem, wink wink!

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August 6, 2014, 9:42 amFight those germs

The man in Egypt died from the Ebola virus, There is a woman in Ohio and a couple of people in New York being tested.

They say this is a very hard disease to catch. How do we catch anything?  The flu a cold etc.

Because the germs get on our hands, that's how.


Every time you touch a doorknob, shopping cart, your own cell phone, you transfer germs.

Public bathrooms are teaming with all kinds of nasty germs.

You can take precautions .

First build up your immune system.

Lots of vitamin C and water, stay hydrated.

Fruits and veggies, especially green leafy and anything orange, will boost your immune system.

Avoid, sugar and fats.

Stay active, exercise is great, even if it's just a walk.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth until you have washed your hands.

Know where your food is coming from, Keep in mind every time you eat out someone else is touching your food.

Your shoes, take them off at the door and when you put them off or on, wash your hands.

Public restrooms, after you wash your hands, use the paper towel to shut the water off and to open the door.

Working in a grocery store, I see people touching all kinds of things, they turn around open up chips or cookies in the car and start munching, they didn't bother to wash their hands.

We all love money, but it is filthy, wash your hands after handling money.

Some germs can live on surfaces for days, it only takes a few minutes to combat these surfaces, use disinfectant spray or wipes, doors, your car door handle, cell phone, home phone, toilet handle, counters.

Stop the spread of germs, cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm if you don't have tissue.


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July 29, 2014, 8:09 amJack Daniels friendship recipe

2 drinking glasses or more depending on the size of the group.


Tiki torches

Warm evening breeze

Pour drinks, neat, light Tiki torches, sit on patio enjoying warm evening breeze with wonderful friends.

Forget the rest of the world exists for a while, laugh and have fun.

Please drink responsibly and have guest room ready.


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July 27, 2014, 12:07 pmAmounts

The amount of Presidential executive orders does not mean a thing, it's the content and nature as to what they are being used for.

 When it's used to by -pass Congress or the Constitution, or the create laws, circumvent laws, then this is an abuse of power.


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July 11, 2014, 12:47 amDear Rachel

             Dear Rachel,

                Decided to tune into your show to see what you were spewing, I guess you want to get an early start on demonizing Rick Perry,  a Presidential hopeful. Yep, you put a big spin on the border crisis.

                 Texas Governor Rick Perry has asked the President to send National guard for a strong military presence on our border. Thousands of Children from South America are flooding the border, turning themselves in to our border agents. So, according to you, that's not what we need, because the children are turning themselves in.

                  Why did you omit the fact that because the border agents are busy with kids much of the border is now unwatched?

                  Why are you omitting the fact that adults and many carrying drugs are now coming in through unprotected areas?

                  Did you bother to explain many are coming from middle east countries as well as Mexico and South America?

                  How about the crime stats from illegal aliens?

                  It's a dirty rotten shame you have decided to smear Rick Perry instead of offering useful information, I guess you really have no use for your fancy college degree, since all you want to do is twist the truth.

                                    Maybe you should visit the border before you open your mouth.

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July 10, 2014, 11:14 amDear "War on Women"?

          Dear Left Wing Loons

                    So sorry to hear War has been declared on you, How many of you have died during this battle?

Have you been shot? Someone throwing grenades at you? Any road side bombs? POW'S ?

                    Your lies and half truths are appalling to say the least, How do you live with yourself? I guess it's easy when you have the Liberal media covering your back.

                    Let's start with Hobby Lobby, A family owned incorporated business. Your first lie states, Corporations can't be people, WHAT! I guess you must think everyone your pandering to doesn't have any business sense. BUSTED!

                    There are many types of Corporations and types of businesses. You can be Private or Public and all can incorporate, even a business with one employee can incorporate. With that being said, A Family owned business is a person.

                    Now on to your second lie, Hobby Lobby is refusing to provide Birth Control and doesn't care about women's health issues, not true, they are in fact providing 16 forms of birth control, what they are not providing is 4 types of abortion pills. They don't believe in killing babies, plain and simple, if you use one of the 16 forms of birth control they offer, there is no reason for anyone to kill their baby.

                   The hard cold fact is you refuse to respect anyone's religious beliefs. Many of us feel that when the sperm meets the egg, a soul is created, don't care about fingers and toes, this is a soul, This is a creation of God. Many people do not want to be complicit to murder. Nobody is forcing their religion on you, they quite simply want no part of murder. Not only do you have no respect for others, you have no respect for life, makes me wonder if you even respect yourself.

                   I also have to bring into question some of your half baked logic...When conservatives or Christians say they oppose killing babies, you scream at the top of your lungs that it's your body and you don't want big business or Government in your bedroom. Why are you crying about the Supreme Courts decision to keep big business out of your bedroom? And why do we have members of Congress ( Government officials ) using your bedroom for political gain?

Shouldn't some of these women stay out of your business? Are you really falling for the fear they are spreading?

                   As a woman, I believe it's my body and no one has any say so over what I do with it, as a woman I believe in equal pay for equal work. Do I believe there is some sort of war on women ?, Hell no!

                    I believe in personal responsibility, you are responsible for your actions, If you don't want a baby, practice safe sex , that's on you, not your boss, not the government.






                                                                                       Don't fall for the BS


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June 26, 2014, 8:34 pmTake care of your Teeth

Went for my dental check up, all is well. I did however get some disturbing news from my Dentist, In 2 years under Obamacare he will no longer be allowed to write prescriptions for antibiotics or pain killers.

He told me, if I were to get an infected tooth, I would have to go to my primary care provider for the medicine.

This can be a disaster, What if your Dr, cannot see you right away? What if they are not sure of the exact medicine and dosage you need?

This is scary for many reasons, you can die from an infected tooth, it can spread to your heart and cause a lot of damage.

What if your medical coverage doesn't cover your teeth, we have separate insurance for these 2 things.

He also stated, many will just opt to have teeth pulled out, even ones that can be saved, thus causing bone loss in your jaw.

My advice, whether you have dental insurance or not, get a check up, some places run specials.

Brush and floss without fail and don't wait for a cavity to become so bad it's infected.

Sadly, it seems many have taken their health for granted, GUILTY! I smoked for 30 years and my mouth is proof,

even though I brushed flossed and rinsed, the nicotine damaged my gums, causing cavities at the gum line.

I went through months of agony until they healed, and they did, but this was 100 percent preventable.

The pain from hot, cold, the constant visits and out of pocket expenses, took it's toll.

Now more then ever, staying healthy is important and the first place you start is your mouth.

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June 26, 2014, 12:40 pmDear Hillary

Dear Hillary,

     I was very disturbed to hear you are broke. I thought maybe I could offer some tips to helps a working woman survive the every day hassles of life.

     First you have to have a family meeting, everyone must be on board for the family to make ends meet.

   Let's start with those credit cards, cut them up and if you can't pay with cash, you shouldn't buy anything.

     Dining out, that will eat your budget ( no pun intended) it has to stop.

     Make a weekly menu and clip those coupons, remember to go through the sales ads and decide which store best suits your needs for the week, and if your like us, there may be a few meatless meals, so check out some recipe books and a nice stroll to the local library helps in 2 ways, you get exercise and save gas.

     We have a shower limit, got to keep the water bill down, 2 minutes, get in scrub and get out!

     Laundry can tear into a budget, cold water only,  and maybe Bill will string you some lines outside to dry clothes, the exercise is great and it makes your clothes smell nice.

     Keep those drapes open, sunlight is free and why waste electricity burning bulbs.

     There is a few things that will have to go, just until you get back on your feet, no movies, no cd's, no eating out at all, no vacations, no salon appointments, trade in those gas guzzlers for fuel efficient cars.

   Keep your thermostat at 68 in winter, 74 in summer, which reminds me, keep a needle and thread handy, sweatshirts and sweaters always need repairs.

   We have a no waste rule, so we eat leftovers for lunch and our water comes out of the tap, not a plastic bottle.

     I was thinking maybe you could get a part time job working with me. My husbands check gets eaten alive by taxes and higher health care costs now, so I don't have a choice, I have to work, I feel your pain, because at one time , we were solidly middle class, a shrinking pay check and inflated goods and services , we barely break even any more.

Maybe when the furnace breaks down or the roof springs a leak or the car needs a brake job, you can come over and cry yourself to sleep because the stress of making ends meet came be overwhelming at times, or maybe the heartbreak of constantly telling your kid ( No we can't afford that anymore) will get to you!

     I understand how you must be struggling , now that we are up in age the hard work is taking it's toll on our bodies.

     Hope I offered some sound advice, got to go, looks like rain and I have to bring the laundry in.




ps. I probably won't vote for you if you run for President, because I will vote for whoever gives us back some of the money WE EARN....WE EARN! And obamacare sucks and it needs to go away.

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January 22, 2014, 10:38 amGot another letter!

This time it's from our health insurance provider,  Insurance we almost lost due to the new unaffordable health care act, because my husbands employer got more people to sign up, and all were willing to pay a little more, we can keep it at least for another year, next year will be debatable.

That being said, let me give you some back ground info on me, I'm a former smoker, I smoked for almost 30 years, I escaped the long term damage, I do however need albuteral from time to time, as I work in a cooler, it's 33 degrees in there. My saving grace was probably good nutrition and exercise.

I still may develope problems, nobodies fault but my own!

My husband is a skin cancer survivor, it can reoccur at any time, both of his arms from wrist to shoulder were affected, he worked all during his treatment, didn't miss a single day.

He's worked for the same employer for 34 years, paid into this insurance company, BCBS the entire time,  other then giving birth and his skin cancer, well baby visits, etc, there were many years, we never used the insurance we had, didn't need to we were healthy.

Now, I am 52 years old, like I said, I work in the cooler, what do I do?

I unload the truck, I may get 3 or 4 pallets of product, we are talking almost 7000 poumds of , meat, milk, cheese, vegetables, any fresh food.

My job is to unpack these pallets and put the product into backstock, I can usually do my truck in about an hour and a half, thats a lot of weight I have to move, my job isn't finished there, if someone needs something sliced, I have to stop what I am doing and go slice, then clean the slicer.

I then have to weigh the meat and cheese and fill holes, stock milk, sour cream , salads, veggies etc.

So, thats what I do.

Now back in the fall a week before Thanksgiving, things got crazy at work, plus I was doing a lot of leaf raking and yard work, getting my house and yard ready for the winter and for the holidays.

Well, it took it's toll on my back especially my left shoulder, I was in pain, I woke up one morning ready to pull my hair out, motrin wasn't working.

So, I went to the chiropractor( not sure if thats spelled right) had my back and neck adjusted, paid for it out of my own pocket, no problem.

The pain got worse, I actually went to work like that, the next day, I called my doctor , I was afraid I ripped or did something really bad, at this point, I can't pinpoint any situation that actually caused the pain, it wasn't an accident, I just woke up in pain.

So the doctor tells me, it's a muscle spasm, no serious problem, told me to take a couple days off work, not more raking, he gave me a script for muscle relaxers and told me to alternate between hot and cold on that shoulder. After a couple days, I was good as new. Haven't had a proble since.


well, we just got a letter from BCBS, THEY ARE INVESTIGATING MY INJURY!


It has been brought to their attention, that I was recxently treated for an injury,( an accident injury), I never said it was an accident, I don't know what caused it. overuse would be my guess.

They want to know, was it an auto accident, motorcycle, injury at work, injury at home? a fall, at home or elsewhere, did someone do this to me?

Did I file a lawsuit?

Am I getting ready for disabilty? wth


My first thought was maybe the doctor overbilled, nope went back an looked at the claim, only charged me for the office visit and I paid my co-pay.

Second thought, Are they trying to pass the buck off onto, my employer, car insurance, someone elses car insurance, my home owners.

Third thought, are we going to go through this everytime we go to the doctors? Are they going to decide we are high risk and charge us more?

Fouth thought, I wonder how much overhead all this investigating will cost, cause it will be passed on to us!


This is the same company, who won't let me have my albuteral when I need it, I paid my last script out of pocket, beacuse I was 3 days early and the insurance wouldn't cover me until the day they say I can have it.

Fifth and final thought, when does their BS rationing cost someone thier life?

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January 3, 2014, 1:44 pmJap, I'm going to mow your lawn

Just opened my mail today.

Received a letter from my car insurance company...

Dear Mr. and Mrs Sully16

We have some great news, first Thanks you for your business.

The state of Michigan requires drivers to carry Personal injury protection ( pip) benefits as a mandatory part of automobile insurance. This unique coverage provides comprehensive benefits in the case of an auto-related injury.


Because your auto policy is currently providing you with " EXCESS MEDICAL COVERAGE"  This means if you are injured in an auto accident your health insurer is the ( PRIMARY) payor and is expected to pay your medical bills first, We ( insert company name) is the excess payor and is expected to pay your medical bills only after your health insurer has paid.

Because ( insert company name) is designated as the excess medical coverage payor, you are receiving a discount on your auto insurance.

Health insurance plans are constantly changing, especially group plans offered through employers. Many major health insurance carriers in Michigan are no longer providing primary medical coverage for auto-related injuries. Because of this , we need to verify that auto insurance policies with excess medical will actually be paid first by your health care provider, Again, the reason is that customers with excess medical coverage, such as you, receive a discount based on ( company name) being the excess payor.



Option 1

In order to retain your discount, we need to verufy you are still eligible for the " Excess medical coverage" dicount.

To do so, we need documentation to verify that your health provider is the primary payor,Acceptable documentation would include a copy of your health insurance plan and verification of coverage from your health insurer.


Option 2

Unless you verify eligibility your renewal will automatically change your PIP from excess to "Primary" at your upcoming renewal. A premium INCREASE will occur as a result of no longer being eligible for this discount.

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October 9, 2013, 9:43 amIt's here!!

We all have been hearing about the upcoming rationed healthcare, well , it's here.

We have insurance through my husbands work, we have medical, dental, optical, we pay through the A$$ for this.

Our Dental will now be rationed, on our old plan we were allowed 2 family check ups per year, with a 80/20 co-pay, we will no longer be allowed to have 2 check-ups, if we want the second check up, we must pay the whole thing.

Wow, First of all, I have had 3 root canals, being a former smoker I did damage to my gums, my fault completely.

I made a vow when my son was born, that he would never have the pain or cost of dental procedures, like me.

He is 13, and had no fillings, no cavities, no need for braces. My best kept promise.

I not here to pat myself on the back for being the best mom I can be, but cavities happen, and a 6 month check up can help find a problem early.

The receptionist, wasn't pleased with my compaint, she informed me that many people don't have medical or dental insurance, KISS MY AZZ B*tch!

We pay for this, it is not my fault that others don't have dental insurance, it is not my fault that others don't practice good oral health, or teach their kids to brush and floss, and I am now going to pay more for less coverage, I feel this is the tip of the iceberg thanks to obamacare, insurance companies will run amuck with new rules and cost cutting measures. THIS IS RATIONED HEALTHCARE.!!!!

I truly feel bad for anyone with a toothache, really I do, it is the most aweful pain, for a child to have to go through that kind of pain is heartbreaking.

An abcess tooth can be life threatening if the infection spreads to your heart or other vital organs, don't wish this on anyone.

But, and this is a big but! We not only practice preventive measures, we pay everyweek out of my husbands check, that means we sacrifice, we go without the things we want, to make sure we have the things we need. Many are unwilling to pay for this even when the have jobs that offer it.

It is not okay for the government to force me to pay for those who don't have dental or medical, it is not okay to punish me for the actions and bad choices of others, and in the same breath limiting my healthcare.

Now, think about this, at what point does the government get tired of paying for those who don't take care of themselves, what happenes to the takers when they have taken to much, and how will those children suffer then!

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September 23, 2013, 8:10 pmDeath Rates

2012- 2,468.435 people in the US DIED


CANCER   574,743


STROKE 129,476






SUICIDE 38,364

This is a top 10 list, other causes, Homocide, snake bites, bee stings, allergic reactions, food poisoning etc.

All this data can be broken down by age, race gender etc.

Out of the roughly 2 and half million people who died from these causes, maybe, just maybe 45,000 didn't have health insurance.

Insurance didn't save anyones life here.

There are roughly 300 million people in America, 30 million lack health insurance.

Number one reason they don't have health insurance

They don't f*cking work.....

They are illegal......

They actually have jobs and choose not to pay for it.

These are the people who run to the emergency room for every little sniffle, Most know they will be covered by Medicaid, medicare, Paid for by us, the people who work and pay taxes and pay into Medicare.

Some of these people won't qualify, so they are stuck with medical bills, most will find a way to skip out, thanks to these people, they cause higher costs for the rest of us.

Sorry you don't have health insurance, actually, I am sorry your children are stuck with crappy good for nothing parents, yep, that would be you.

At no point did anyone cause your bad choices and decisions, BUT YOU! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MESS YOUR IN!

Most of us are already sick of feeding you, paying your rent, utilities, cell phones, And just who do you think pays for your maternity ward stay.

Now you want a law thats going to force us to give you health care, you want us to pay for your poor choices.

Take another look at the leading causes of Death, starting with heart disease, most is caused by obesity, poor eating habits and lack of exercise, smoking.

More of your bad habits, no, I am not paying for your shunts and bypasses because you couldn't put the F*cking fork down and go for a walk.

We are sick of taking care of you.

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May 31, 2013, 12:25 pmJune 1, 2013 lives destroyed

Tomarrow 6-1-13 Millions of part time Americans will lose their health coverage due to Obamacare, and to add insult to injury, they will not be allowed to work more then 30 hours per week, Oh! it gets better, they will have to purchase higher costing rationed healthcare or pay the tax, which could cost some families thousands. Now for the shovel to the head, they have a higher percentage of Federal and Social Security coming out of thier checks, many of these people won't see the full 30 hours now, where I work to make it fair, we will be working three 8 hours shifts or four 6 hour shifts, thats 24 hours, we won't be hiring, to make up the difference, no, we will  be short handed at night, so we have leeway incase we have to stay over, so some of us may get up to 26 hours.

If we do need to hire, it will be high school kids, as they are not allowed to work more then 20 hours, they will do everything to keep adults with children working as much as they can.

If you do not buy healthcare and you do not pay the tax, keep in mind the government can go into your accounts and take the money, if you have direct deposit for your tax refunds, they got your number.

For all the people whose lives will be thrown into turmoil and poverty, I am sure they are giving a big hearty thanks to all of you who screwed us over.

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May 29, 2013, 1:34 pmNative Americans

They finally gave us Constitutional rights, now they are taking them away.

They gave us some of our land, but they won't let us develope it!

They Mock the Great Spirit, and have no respect for life.

And now they use Sitting Bull, as some sort of disrepectful sick joke.

My people were killed by the thousands because of greedy men, I tell you from my heart, those same men are back, only now they have more weapons.

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