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Today, 2:10 pmTake off your "ROSE" colored glasses for this.

Nothing in this post is untrue! Everything is PROVEN because of his destructive actions.

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Yesterday, 7:42 pmMuch to their SURPRISE...!


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Yesterday, 11:10 amFeel free to comment if you must...!!

No comment required.

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September 29, 2014, 3:56 pmThis is how a Democrat operates...

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September 27, 2014, 9:50 pmAmerica...

Edmund Burke, one of my FAVORITE heroes and thinkers.

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September 27, 2014, 9:57 amDemocrats Will Never Fix Obamacare

Democrats Will Never Fix Obamacare

Phil Kerpen | Sep 27, 2014

Phil Kerpen

"If you like your health plan, you can keep it" was last year's Lie of the Year. When millions of cancellations stacked up, the game of make-believe was over. So the Democrats, hoping to survive another election cycle, shifted to a new mantra: they claim they want to fix the law. The facts show this is just another Obamacare lie.

The Democrat-controlled Senate has adjourned for the year without voting on any fixes.

The Senate only took up two Obamacare-related measures all year. One was a show-vote on the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision. The other was a House-passed bill called the Hire More Heroes Act that removed employer mandate penalties on companies for hiring veterans on Tricare or VA health care. That bill passed the House 406 to 1 with only Jerry Nadler of New York opposed - but Senate Democrats decided to use it as a vehicle for an unrelated package of tax changes that they later pulled from the floor.

And that's it.

No other Obamacare votes allowed in the Senate all year, because Harry Reid has the reliable support of every Senate Democrat to ruthlessly block all amendments on the Senate floor.

It's true most Republicans want to repeal the law. Good. It's a terrible law and we'd be better off if it were repealed. But House Republicans have also recognized the need to provide immediate relief to millions of people suffering lost plans, higher premiums, higher taxes, shorter hours, and lost jobs. They have acted responsibly in the House by passing more than a dozen bills that fix the worst aspects of Obamacare.

Just recently the House passed a bill authored by Rep. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana to allow people who work for small businesses to keep their health plans. Last year the House passed a similar bill for people who buy their own plans on the individual market by a robust 261-157 margin. Democrats like Mary Landrieu and Kay Hagan claim to support a version of this bill in almost every stump speech, but vote with Reid to guarantee it will never actually come to the Senate floor.

The House passed a bill restoring the 40-hour workweek, hardly a partisan issue considering Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. has said that Obamacare's 30-hour workweek breaks the back of the middle class. It passed 248-179 in April, and again last week in the House jobs package. The Senate refuses to act.

The House also passed a bill in its jobs package that repeals the medical device tax, a terrible tax that undermines the medical innovation we all depend on for longer, healthier lives. The bill by Minnesota's Rep. Erik Paulsen is particularly important to his state economically because of its robust medical tech sector. Yet his Democratic Senate colleague Al Franken only pays lip service to it while voting with Harry Reid to prevent it from even getting a vote in the Senate.

The House overwhelmingly passed the Simple Fairness Act in March on a 250-160 vote to delay the Obamacare penalty tax for all Americans, as President Obama has already unilaterally done for the biggest corporations. The Senate never considered it.

The House, over opposition from many of its own staff, even passed legislation reversing the special exemption President Obama granted Members of Congress and their staff. The Senate immediately, on a party-line motion, blocked it from being considered.

Senate Democrats have unanimously helped Reid lock down the Senate floor and block votes on all of these bills because if votes were allowed the charade that they want to fix Obamacare would collapse. They would be exposed as members of a tiny, radical fringe who believe Obamacare is great exactly as it is.

Even in committee, Democrats actually canceled consideration of the appropriations bill that funds the Department of Health and Human Services. Why? The AP reported it was because Democrats on the committee "including Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Mark Begich of Alaska, are at risk of losing re-election."

Reasonable Americans remain divided on whether Obamacare needs to be repealed or significantly changed.

But it should be clear by now that neither of those outcomes will be possible as long as Democrats control the Senate.

Last Edited: September 27, 2014, 9:59 am

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September 26, 2014, 11:01 am3 Males & 2 Females.

Robby Quackenbush's photo.

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September 25, 2014, 7:41 pmThats my story and I'm sticking to it...!


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September 25, 2014, 9:44 amClinton Promises World Without Profits

Clinton Promises World Without Profits

John Ransom | Sep 25, 2014

John Ransom

Democrats convened their real presidential convention for 2016 a bit early.


At the U.N.

In what is becoming a proxy for what the public believes is the Democrat National Committee, the media, world government organizations and activists who think that some small, few men should decide what every other man gets to have—or not have—met in public and private in New York City this week.

They harangued and proselytized, raised money and “awareness” in a purely show-business attempt to re-set the agenda off their failed policies.If only by sheer volume of their arguments, they have tried to convince America that the laws of mathematics, physics and insider trading just don’t apply to these select few.

Nor do any other laws.

Bill Clinton, for example, a guy well known for his equal treatment of women under a law defining the word “is”, promised that in the future, companies could ignore their very real legal obligations to the shareholders who provide them capital.

“In the future,” reports CNBC, “corporations will care less about maximizing profits and more about employees and society, President Bill Clinton told listeners on Tuesday.”

That sounds more like a warning to me than it does a speech.

"I think the government can have incentives that will encourage it, but I think by and large it will happen, if it does, because of proof that markets work better that way," Clinton told those who will likely write planks in their party platforms around the world.

Clinton here is giving the slow wink to socialism; a socialism that will be encouraged by government, because, you know, accidents can happen to companies who don’t go with the way things are.

"We're going to share inequality, misery and conflict, or we're going to share prosperity, responsibilities and a sense of community," Clinton said.

When you’re done laughing Coca Cola through your nose you may resume reading.

It’s bad enough that Democrats enact their silly social theories, but must they always insist that the torchbearer for the light of enlightened Democratism be a parody of the values they claim to espouse?

Robert Kennedy Jr., for example, was also in New York, and attending the Doppelganger of the DNC.

He supported Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama in 2008.

Like all the Kennedys-- a family that I used to admire—he is reluctant to give up his own privileged position in society, just like all hypocrites are, even while he lectures the rest of us about our responsibility to the “planet.”

Most of us don’t have trust funds worth $50 million, most of us don’t have a family compound on Hyannis Port, most of us don’t have the luxury of preaching about renewable energy standards while lobbying our powerful and rich friends against applying those standards to ourselves.

Capital markets can do many things if made to. But the only things they do really well are wealth creation... if they are allowed to. That’s why we have a large body of corporation law. It is there to protect wealth—that is shareholders. Shareholders, like Clinton and RKF Jr. are the inevitable fruits of labor. Even if in RFK Jr.’s case someone labored first to allow him the luxury of his own idleness.

How to split up the labor’s contribution to the creation of wealth has been the primary focus of the twin failed science of socialism and Marxism for the last 160 years.

Most countries that have tried either variety of social economics have rejected them and instead embraced free market principles.

Leave it to the Democrats, in this great hour of national despair, to propose a system that will fail to everyone but their leaders.

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September 24, 2014, 9:14 amRight before your eye's..!

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September 23, 2014, 8:44 pmHey Obama: How Turkey Closed Their Border

Hey Obama: How Turkey Closed Their Border

John Ransom | Sep 23, 2014

John Ransom

Turkey was able to close down THEIR border crossings after 70,000 refugees from Syria fled ISIS into Turkey. They used tear gas and water cannon, along with a sign that says “This Border Closed” to stop the flight into Turkey's Islamic state.

“Turkish security forces have fired water cannon and tear gas at crowds which had gathered in support of Syrian Kurdish refugees on the border,” reports the BBC.

“It comes after some 66,000 refugees poured into Turkey in 24 hours. Turkey opened its border on Friday to Syrians fleeing the town of Kobane in fear of an Islamic State attack.”

While I like the Kurds in general, I think Turkey is giving us part of the solution to our own border problems: We need to send some of our politicians to Turkey to be tear gassed too. A little water cannon wouldn’t hurt either.

While there would no doubt be civil rights implications—bad for the politicians and good for us-- don't discount the fun factor here. Tear-gassing Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi would not only help them understand that he have the right to defend ourselves, it would also just be fun.

And you don't even have to be Turkish to enjoy that.

The highlight of navy boot camp for the NCOs at Great Lakes when I went through was when they lined up recruits and had them remove their gasmasks in a chamber filled with tear gas while reciting the Sailor’s Creed:

I am a United States Sailor.

I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and I will obey the orders of those appointed over me.

I represent the fighting spirit of the Navy and those who have gone before me to defend freedom and democracy around the world.

I proudly serve my country's Navy combat team with Honor, Courage and Commitment.

I am committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all.

Snot ran, we cried, we did not laugh and a good time was had by men, mostly in their 20s, who had been in the Navy long enough defending freedom and democracy around the world for the event to pass as entertainment.

But think how much more fun it would be to tear-gas someone who actually deserved it like Elizabeth Warren or Hank Johnson.

So maybe we can have a similar creed made up for the cretins who decided that the proper response to Russia’s occupation of Ukraine and ISIS occupation of Iraq and Syria was to mobilize feminists in NYC via 550 union-provided buses to STOP GLOBAL WARMING NOW!

You wanna combat global warming? Stop Obama from leasing union buses.

The larger issue could be addressed as well through tear-gassing.

And that larger issue is this: Many countries abandoned by Obama's so-called foreign policy—including our own--are having border problems as a direct result of the president’s Democrat-induced delusions of pander.

Let’s face it: If it weren’t for pandering Obama would have no foreign policy objectives at all.


Created by pandering to the Arab Street’s desire for reform, no matter what form reform takes.

The U.S. Apology tour?

Pandering to Europe and the Arab States.

The Russian Reset?

Pandering to Russia.

Our border policy with Mexico?

Pandering to Democrat pollsters who need to keep Hispanics in line for the next next election, which of course is always only one more election away.

Because while throngs gather at the United Nations this week to hear Obama try to change the topic from his own pandering and shortcomings to even more pandering followed by more Obama shortcomings, keep one thing in mind: If Obama were at the UN to get tear-gassed while reciting the Sailor’s Creed, even more people would show up to see it.

And for the right reasons too.

We wouldn’t even need buses

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September 23, 2014, 10:40 amNow this speaks volumes, what do you think?

Campaign for Liberty's photo.

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September 22, 2014, 11:09 amThe Drum Circle Beats for "AmEriKaN" Climate Change

The Drum Circle Beats for “AmEriKaN” Climate Change

John Ransom | Sep 22, 2014

John Ransom

Liberal publications around the globe celebrated climate change on Sunday by gushing over a reconvening of the same drum circle that took over Wall Street in the misshaped Occupy movement in 2011—and failed to do anything but offend ordinary Americans.

“More than 400,000 people turned out for the People's Climate March in New York City on Sunday,” says the HuffPo, “just days before many of the world's leaders are expected to debate environmental action at the United Nations climate summit.”

Coincidence? No.

Claiming that the Sunday marchers were part of big tent that represents all of America, the New York Times immediately contradicted itself with this gem of inclusion:

“At Columbus Circle,” said the Times, “there were bare-breasted women and people with dreadlocks and homespun clothing. There were Muslim women wearing hijabs and groups of older women with signs proclaiming they were ‘Grandmas Against Global Warming.’ and that ‘Gray Is Green.’”

Oh, how American!

Yes, and anarchists LOVE apple pie, hot dogs and Chevrolet.

Okay, admittedly anarchists might indeed love the NEW Chevrolet, an anachronistic labor organization that is devolving into anarchy.

Oh, how Occupy!

But getting past that irony, whom can we thank for this weekend’s progressive spectacle that represents “AmEriKa” as THEY would have it?

Obama, that’s who.

After suffering total rejection by Main Street, the same commie organizers who put together Occupy Wall Street to try to win back the legislative initiative for Obama are at it again. After he was spanked at the polls in 2010, a seemingly motley group of people was bused into New York by labor unions, leftist community organizations and special interests to provide the “spontaneous” uprising in support of Obama’s redistribution ideas.

Yeah it failed then. But that’s just more proof that Obama’s White House is at the root of Sunday’s march. When did they ever recognize a losing idea?

They double down on it, and order more buses.

“[M]ore than 550 buses carried in people from around the country!!!" bragged the HuffPo about Sunday’s event.

At $2,000 a day, buses bring you the kind of spontaneity that can only be bought with cold, hard cash. Over a million dollars worth of cash for the buses alone.

You can always tell it’s an Obama event by the buses. They have forced busing down to a science: Occupy, Ferguson, Climate Change, wherever common sense needs to be defeated, in come the buses.

Too bad they couldn’t get troops to Benghazi as efficiently…or to Iraq or Ukraine.

So today, yes, as the world burns and the Democrats look increasingly desperate, out touch and Democraticky, the Organizers are ginning up support for Obama to take action on climate change in conjunction with the United Nations at the next world whatever meant to settle something they call science.

A million dollars in bus fare is just chump change meant to dazzle you with this completely grassroots movement.

But here’s what they really mean:

You need to pay more for energy right now, and you need to surrender your liberties, no questions asked.

It’s our only hope for a new AmEriKa!

And that debate was settled a long time ago

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September 20, 2014, 8:58 pmComplete the sentence...


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September 19, 2014, 7:44 amLetting in the Wrong Refugees

Letting in the Wrong Refugees

Michelle Malkin | Sep 19, 2014

Michelle Malkin

Fresh terror busts in Australia expose a common Achilles' heel of the West: Indiscriminate refugee policies turn free countries into breeding grounds for jihad. It's the same game in America. Soldiers of Islam have weaponized our blind generosity against us.


In Sydney this week, authorities detained a half-dozen Muslim plotters and arrested a top collaborator in an alleged conspiracy to kidnap and behead a random Australian citizen. The accused mastermind? Afghan refugee turned Aussie Islamic State recruiter Mohammad Ali Baryalei. He and his aristocratic family were welcomed Down Under decades ago. Baryalei returned the favor by taking to the streets of Sydney to recruit and radicalize dozens of fellow Muslim immigrants or their children.

Baryalei's minions include Australian jihadist Khaled Sharrouf, the homicidal son of Lebanese immigrants. Sharrouf is now based in Syria, where he infamously tweeted a photo of his elementary school-age son brandishing a severed human head.

The Sydney Beheading Bust comes on the heels of a separate outbreak of violence by Afghan refugees aligned with the terror group Hezbollah. In late August, Aussie police broke up a bloody riot involving members of the "420 gang" -- Muslim teenage boys and young men who post sword-wielding, AK-47-toting selfies on social media. The self-described "Shia soldiers" quote Hezbollah militant imam Hassan Nasrallah online, while wreaking havoc in Sydney slums offline.

International "human rights" wags have attacked Australian officials for trying to crack down on unfettered immigration from terror-sponsoring states. Now, many of those ungrateful imports are crying "Islamophobia" as law enforcement authorities try to stop the head-choppers from spilling blood on their soil.

Australia, we feel your pain. America's unselective and desultory asylum and refugee policies have also enabled jihadists of all stripes and blades to recruit, convert, plot, pillage, rape and kill.

In our heartland, Minneapolis has become "Little Mogadishu" -- a haven for Somali refugees targeted by Islamic supremacists. It's a deadly two-way street. As former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy noted in "The Grand Jihad," "We not only import Somali aliens, including their 'traditional leaders.' We also send back aspiring Islamist militants, including suicide bombers. Since 2006, the FBI has detected that many Somalis are returning to fight on behalf of al-Shabaab, and more are launched from Minneapolis than from any other U.S. haven."

But instead of slowing down refugee admissions from terror-sponsoring and terror-supporting states, the Obama administration has jacked them up. Instead of increasing our scrutiny of asylum and refugee seekers who admit to providing "limited material support" to terrorists, the Obama administration has created more loopholes for them.

Last fall, FBI agents admitted that several dozen suspected terrorist bomb-builders may have mistakenly been allowed to move to the United States as war refugees from Iraq. These include two al-Qaida in Iraq (AQI) jihadists who were resettled as refugees in Bowling Green, Ky. -- and then later admitted in court that they had attacked U.S. soldiers in Iraq, according to ABC News.

In Colorado Springs, a gang of Iraqi Muslim refugees monstrously raped and brutalized a woman -- after being welcomed here with open arms and, in at least one case, receiving praise and help from U.S. soldiers.

These thugs join a growing litany of asylees and refugees gone wild in America, including:

--The vengeful Tsarnaev family of Boston Marathon brothers and their jobless, mooching sisters.

--Ramzi Yousef, who faked an asylum claim to plot the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

--Gazi Ibrahim Abu Mezer, a Palestinian bomb-builder who entered the U.S. illegally through Canada and claimed political asylum based on phony persecution by Israelis.

--Palestinian jihadist Mir Aimal Kansi, convicted in 1997 of capital murder for the January 1993 shooting spree outside CIA headquarters in McLean, Va., claimed bogus political asylum based on his ethnic minority status in Pakistan.

--Somali national Nuradin Abdi, the al-Qaida shopping mall bomb plotter convicted in 2007, first entered the U.S. in 1995 using a false passport, entered again illegally from Canada in 1997, and then secured asylum on false grounds. He fraudulently obtained a refugee travel document, which he then used to fly to Ethiopia and, yes, Chechnya for jihad training.

--Convicted Fort Dix (N.J.) jihad plotters and ethnic Albanian illegal alien brothers Dritan, Shain and Eljvir Duka, who snuck into the country through Mexico with their parents, who applied for asylum in 1984.

Meanwhile, countless Christians, Jews and other victims of Islamic persecution remain outcast and abandoned around the world. Ain't diversity and assimilation grand?

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