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Quad City
I have it as 4449 and 9994 ......... my 2nd choice is with 0 or 1
Today, 11:45 pm - luckyshoes - Mystical forum

Texas pick 3 (7/31-8/31/2014)
Why Texas?Because Texas pick 3 daily 4 drawings, using them as a whole,results can be seen within 4 days.I will detail the methods I use and some basic concepts. The conclusions of this analysis applies to TX pick 3 of mor day eve night. Tips : Any two numbers sum, take the last digit,short title TNS .For example,pick 3 result 456 Odd TNS 9,1 : 4+5=9 5+6=11 EVEN TNS 0: 4+6=10 We know that each winning results have three numbers, Any two numbers sum,also created 3 TNS, winning res ...
Today, 11:22 pm - yinchaoji - Pick 3 forum

Im creating a free lottery!
If you are under 13 and you win, and I send you payment via paypal email or a check, a parent will need to use their email. I Guess The Same Would Apply To Anyone Over The Age Of 13
Today, 11:19 pm - LottoBux - Lottery Discussion forum

Quad City
luckyshoes do u c 0825 or 0069 coming soon? million said to watch 444x n 999x. any clue what last num may be?thanks
Today, 11:19 pm - honeybear96 - Mystical forum

CA Lottery - California Love - CA Lottery Scratchers
Buying $200 worth of that awful 5MJP ticket would have probably yielded two $20 winners and a ticket or one $25 and a ticket. Maybe a $50. The lower tier prizes on this game make it a much better choice, but it can still be pretty volatile, as you showed. 37.5% return? Yikes.
Today, 11:18 pm - Chacha33 - Instant ("Scratch-Off") Games forum

$1000.00 Goal for the Week
There's this feeling in the air, a good one. I can't explain it but it's very powerful, that I know for sure. A lot of good fortune has come my way in the last 8 months or so. Not a millionaire by any means, but feel like I am one. Ok, back to the p-3..
Today, 10:57 pm - onlymoney - Lottery Discussion forum

How to Unseat Stack47 & Sergem from their Perch!
His [roughly] 20% hit ratios and 50% prize ratios in the Georgia and Texas All or Nothing games are the probabilistically expected results of random play. Instead of suggesting I read a 43 year-old articles on the probability of Dr. J making his next dunk attempt, you really ought to read and understand the rules of these All or Nothing games. Or better yet, just look at the same chart Serge first posted well over a year ago. There are 2,704,156 possible outcomes and it costs $2 to buy each ...
Today, 10:56 pm - Stack47 - Lottery Discussion forum

Im creating a free lottery!
rng/live drawing with real balls ?or you just make out some winning numbers based on lunar movement and we trust you ?i will surely play not .
Today, 10:46 pm - Igamble - Lottery Discussion forum

Im creating a free lottery!
You wont need to sign up for anything or enter any personal information or credit card info or anything like that. When I say that it means all you have to do is just play. how would one Collect their winnings
Today, 10:19 pm - helpmewin - Lottery Discussion forum

New York: 8/1 - 8/31/2014
Win 4 Evening Prediction (08/01/14): *6 and/or 4 8, 3 WILL draw *1st # 0-4 *4th # even
Today, 10:04 pm - Tatototman65 - Pick 4 forum