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Take5 NY
CONGRATS!!!! First 5 of 5 $64,972.50 1 Winning Counties: NASSAU (FP), Retailer Locations: HESS MART #32329 , 16 PINEHOLLOW RD , OYSTER BAY Second 4 of 5 $391.00 249 Third 3 of 5 $19.00 8386 Fourth 2 of 5 FREE PLAY * 87009
Today, 5:04 am - kapla - Pick 5 forum

CA Lottery - California Love - CA Lottery Scratchers
HI Rudeboy805, One of the reasons I don't understand why he would remove the lottery sales from his shop is because it's a great driver of traffic to your store, regardless if you have a liquor store, donut shop, coffee shop, etc. Especially when the jackpot gets really high like it is now with Mega Millions and Powerball. You already have workers there ringing people up, why not have them ring up another $5-20 in scratcher/lottery sales? I'd rather not say what my gross sales are, but su ...
Oct 28, 2014, 3:10 am - DGinElMonte - Instant ("Scratch-Off") Games forum

Poll: New National Game October 19th - Will You Play?
On the web code? It is likely an identifier for the retailer. I can't really disclose how the web code is generated but it consists of a number of elements including the retailer ID. I haven't personally gotten a chance to examine tickets to identify each element though.
Oct 25, 2014, 2:15 pm - LottoMetro - Lottery Discussion forum

CA Lottery - California Love - CA Lottery Scratchers
DGinElMonte, can you tell us how your gross annual lottery sales compare to winning tickets sold from your store? One of my local lottery retailers no longer sells lottery tickets. He said that even though he was doing 300K in annual lottery sales no one was winning so it wasn't worth it for him to continue.
Oct 24, 2014, 5:28 pm - Rudeboy805 - Instant ("Scratch-Off") Games forum

CA Lottery - California Love - CA Lottery Scratchers
Sorry for the confusion, I meant to say that the requirements to be considered a Lucky Retailer has been lowered this year. On the website there will be more retailers popping up as a Lucky Retailer. Prior to the change, a Lucky Retailer is a retailer that has sold at least 2 $1 million prizes in the form of draw games or scratchers. Now it is a retailer that sold at least 1 $100,000 prize or average $4000 a week in prizes or 400 winning tickets. http://www.calottery.com/lucky-retailers/lu ...
Oct 24, 2014, 2:47 am - CAScratcher20 - Instant ("Scratch-Off") Games forum

CA Lottery - California Love - CA Lottery Scratchers
It is a distinct honor to even be a retailer of the year regardless when it happened. People will flock over to lucky retailers such as Bluebird Liquor (since this year, they lowered the requirements) and play there. The profit margin must be decent. Thanks for all the heads up from what you see from the retailer side. For scratchers since the 2nd Chance or Replay system came out, I've always entered a ticket code on the system to verify every ticket. Although it is already smart to enter all ...
Oct 23, 2014, 5:53 pm - CAScratcher20 - Instant ("Scratch-Off") Games forum

CA Lottery - California Love - CA Lottery Scratchers
Egg on my face, it must have been 2007. I tried searching their Youtube account and it's not there. We put up a little poster in our shop to commemorate the occasion. We should be getting the new games anytime now, either today or tomorrow would be my best guess. Depends on whenever the UPS guy decides to show up and deliver it. As for mistakenly throwing away winning tickets. I always tell my players to check their tickets before tossing them. Even if you think it's a non-winner. I can't ...
Oct 23, 2014, 3:18 pm - DGinElMonte - Instant ("Scratch-Off") Games forum

CA Lottery - California Love - CA Lottery Scratchers
Full Disclosure - I'm a retailer
Oct 22, 2014, 5:55 am - DGinElMonte - Instant ("Scratch-Off") Games forum

CA Lottery - California Love - CA Lottery Scratchers
Hi CAScratcher20, With regards to not being able to order anymore $5 Million scratchers, that is not true. Only 10 of 14 top prizes have ben claimed thus far. When the final top prize is claimed for any given game, an order goes out to all retailers to pull all existing packs that they have and to not sell anymore. At which point, the retailers lottery rep will come by and pick up the packs. Now, do all retailers abide by this rule to pull them right when they get the order? Sadly the answ ...
Oct 22, 2014, 5:27 am - DGinElMonte - Instant ("Scratch-Off") Games forum

S.C. Lottery to honor 2 sets of Pick 3 numbers
If the 367 was the number drawn why do players have to mail it in? Why can't the retailers pay out for both numbers? IMO if the 367 was drawn, then that is the winning number regardless of what the auditor said. How do you certify the wrong number? The auditor screwed up plain and simple by certifying the wrong number. Why should the players be penalized by having to mail it in and wait for their winnings?
Oct 14, 2014, 7:27 pm - grwurston - Lottery News forum

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