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triple 8 in NY

looking for the triple 8, or the 223 in   NY as a straight 223 and 0223 good hunting and good luck.US Flag

Entry #581

New york

looking for a betty boop jacket in black without a hoodie,. need info as to where to purchase , if anyone has the info please inbox me thanks now still looking for the 986,987, and 923 in new york. and the 0923,1952, 6748 as a straight ?. good luck and good hunting.US Flag

Entry #580

last nights number N Y

that 047 should have brought the 968 or 986 straight , but the lottery people like to play games also. lets see if they give us the 986, 968, or the 131 as a straight tonight .

Entry #579

part has arrived .

These days one simple little transmitter, could run into some expensive pocket change ., Had to be programed and found that two locks were bad and had to be replaced, total cost for everything installed with parts and labor 698.00 with a 75.00 discount , now 623.00. for the grand total of 850.00 all for the clicker on the keyless lock my numbers for this month are 773, 698,623,850, maybe my bad luck will be your good luck.US Flag

Entry #577

Along long week on Vacation

looking for a transmitter part on my car waiting for the dang part and then they need to program the dang thing, What happened to the simple days? when parts were in stock and very low in price? in the mean time lets hit the 424 in NY and the 9486 for a straight  hit . that would be so nice then i can have my corona on ice with a lime.  so looking forward to that. like to see those numbers come today sometime.Lets rock those numbers NY.US Flag

Entry #575

lets get back to hitting in NY Again

has been a long time since i have wrote in to this blog , im looking forward to all my hits from the info on this site. has to be better than staying idle for so long lol. we are looking for that old favorite      131  it really has a good ring to it. so ill pop a cold one with lime and sit back and enjoy. the ac.Sad Cheers

Entry #573


when the president is in the newss 987,0987,986,0986,9876,8796 way to go to the money, for some chump change for the week.

Entry #572

the lottery winners

if all of us were winners we wouldnt be here looking for the ultimate win! since we all have common ground and all are looking for that life changing experience, So all in all we just keep keeping on making others rich.

Entry #571

the 986 must be a dead number in NY

looking for the 986 straight and combo , might see the 131 combo sooner also looking for a triple 888,999,444,984,994,944,844 looking at evenning draws in NY.No Pity!

Entry #568
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