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Wisconsin Lottery

Wisconsin woman receives probation for stealing and cashing $25,000 lottery ticket

May 28, 2020, 8:32 am ET

Former convenience store clerk gets a total of three years' probation for theft and fraud

By Kate Northrop

Jessica N. Surratt, 32, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin was sentenced on Tuesday to two years of probation after pleading guilty to fraud for cashing a winning ticket worth $25,000.

This is in addition to the one year of probation she was initially handed for the theft of tickets back in 2018.

On June 16, 2018,...

Indiana Lottery

Hoosier Lottery celebrates 30 years in operation

May 26, 2020, 2:51 pm ET

State lottery honors retired community heroes who volunteer amidst the COVID-19 crisis

By Kate Northrop

This year, the Hoosier Lottery continues its celebration of the 30th anniversary since its first ticket went on sale October 13, 1989.

The celebration will conclude at the Indiana State Fair this August, assuming there are no scheduling changes due to COVID-19.

In the time since that first ticket...

Nebraska Lottery

Nebraska woman carried $200K winning lottery ticket in purse for 2 weeks before claiming

May 25, 2020, 2:19 pm ET

A Nebraska woman carried around the scratch-off lottery ticket for quite a while before she realized she had a $200,000 winner.

Earlier this month, Pamela Beauchamp bought a $20 Ultimate Bonus Crossword scratch ticket from the Nebraska Lottery at a Kwik Stop in North Platte — about an hour's drive from her home in Lemoyne, a village on Lake McConaughy.

After Beauchamp scratched off the ticket, she thought she'd won something — like, maybe, $5,000.

"I kept it in a bag I carried around," Beauchamp told Nebraska Lottery officials when she claimed her prize Friday in Lincoln. "I carried it around for about two weeks."


New Zealand man who lost his job during lockdown wins $10 million Lotto jackpot

May 25, 2020, 9:32 am ET

Just weeks after losing his job, a Hamilton, New Zealand, man surprised his wife with a staggering $10.3 million (US$6.3 million) Lotto win.

Louisiana Lottery

Louisiana Lottery making changes to Lotto game in August

May 22, 2020, 11:42 am ET

For just the fourth time in the Louisiana Lottery's 28-year history, the state's flagship Lotto game is being changed in August.

Connecticut Lottery

$205K settlement reached, then rejected, in CT Lottery whistleblower case

May 22, 2020, 10:51 am ET

Old disputes die hard at the Connecticut Lottery Corp. Here is the story of one of them.

Indiana Lottery

Hoosier Lottery operator facing $3.6M fine for not meeting sales goal

May 22, 2020, 7:24 am ET

IGT Indiana, the private operator of the Hoosier Lottery, may be required to pay a $3.6 million fine to the state should it not meet its $300 million sales goal — a number that seems unobtainable at this point.

Pennsylvania Lottery

Pennsylvania woman wins $1 million from scratch-off ticket following husband's recent death

May 20, 2020, 9:47 am ET

After a Pennsylvania woman suffered the tragic loss of her husband, her life took another unexpected turn when she won $1 million from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

Mega Millions

Former NBA player credits homeless man's good will for $300,000 lottery prize

May 19, 2020, 1:12 pm ET

A homeless man refused to take $5 from a former NBA player and asked him instead to use the money to buy lottery tickets and said he would take $20 from the winnings. The homeless man was right.

North Carolina Lottery

N.C. man wins $10 million from scratch-off lottery ticket

May 18, 2020, 4:38 pm ET

A North Carolina man on his way home from work picked up a $30 scratch-off lottery ticket that turned him into a multi-millionaire.

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