Online JavaScript Compressor/Minifier


Compact your JavaScript code into the smallest size possible

This online JavaScript compression utility, provided as a free service by Lottery Post, greatly reduces the size of your JavaScript code. It strips out unnecessary characters and performs other various techniques that reduce the size of your code, while never changing the way it works. Lottery Post uses an internal version of this exact same tool to compress almost all JavaScript code it uses, so you can be sure it delivers safe results.

The tool is so simple to use:

  • Paste your code in the Input box and then click the Compress JavaScript button.
  • Uses a tool called NUglify, which is a fork of Microsoft Ajax Minifier — which was used to minify all of the JavaScript code in the pervious version of the Lottery Post website.  NUglify is an actively-developed project, which means this tool will receive updates and bug fixes periodically.
  • Don't forget to compress your CSS code too!


Paste JavaScript code into this space, and then click the Compress JavaScript button.