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A Blog is a web page that serves as a publicly-accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, Blogs often reflect the personality of the author (the "Blogger").

Only Lottery Post members can maintain Blog pages, although anyone can view the Blogs. Your Lottery Post membership level determines how many blog entries per day you can post, and only premium (Gold and Platinum) members can have premium blogs.

  • Standard (free) members can post 2 entries per day, and have standard blogs (same look & feel as the Lottery Post website).
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Blogs of Note

Lottery Post Blog
Blog of the Lottery Post Administor (Todd).
Technology Blog
Blog of technology-related articles, mainly of techniques and concepts used to construct the Lottery Post website.

Blogs with the Most Public Entries

Blog Public Entries
truesee's Blog (premium blog) 32,578
mjwinsmith's Blog (premium blog) 22,366
konane's Blog (premium blog) 8,104
MzDuffleBaglady's Blog 7,410
JAP69's Blog (premium blog) 5,209
JADELottery's Blog (premium blog) 4,944
weshar75's Blog 4,350
Lucky's Blog 3,932
NBey6's Blog 3,084
ochoop17's Blog 3,062

Blogs with the Most Views

Blog Views
truesee's Blog (premium blog) 54,508,625
mjwinsmith's Blog (premium blog) 28,387,750
Lucky's Blog 14,447,281
konane's Blog (premium blog) 11,731,665
JAP69's Blog (premium blog) 8,737,748
TanyaR's Blog 4,556,647
ochoop17's Blog 4,501,067
weshar75's Blog 4,382,327
MzDuffleBaglady's Blog 4,361,944
jarasan's Blog (premium blog) 4,214,320

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