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16 Days Left

We'll post very little after that.

Keep in mind, the Holiday of Thunder is 2021-04-26 Monday.

This year, God Is One Of US and You'll only given one chance to choose the Right Path.


Entry #5,015

Every new day comes a new victroy.

The evil ones in retreat, hide in locked lairs; only to be found and buried where they hide.

Those emerged face the scales, weighed heavily on God's side.

They tremble before the New Reality they never thought possible.

Esoke Telleed Wounderod Plell Phen Indrumik Xtrosn, Goud.

Entry #5,014

A light seen to the end sos is the light in us all.

Hard fought is the battle against the mindless minions.

They too see the light in the darkest of days.

None too late is a time to rejoice, for there is a time for all time.

A Love that cannot be undermined, unworked, or undone; the divisions are dismantled.

Entry #5,013

To torque two nay too man.

A change politics and a change in policy unite many.

The evil that fears evil will know not what to do.

Turned on its head, the Old Underworld Chaos unable to overcome the New Humanity.

Their fate sealed by their own hand; it's a long story coming to a close and begins a New Novel.

Entry #5,012

En wave there is someone all powerful.

Writing the past, present and future he is the one.

On a canvase of the mind's eye is etched the soul of truth and justice.

Here in lay the view that no view can see without sight.

Everything to come is in his well mannered nature.

Entry #5,011

Posedt on A Chi the Downfall comes.

Here lay two ways that only one will win.

Com dissrupptt is in the the disstrruubbannce in the Quantified Force.

Rely too many in the technology that hides in Schrödinger's Cat.

A higgher view makes useless the Wave Equations and is the key to defeat.

Entry #5,010

One Gigaton

Entry #5,009
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