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September 10, 2011, 12:57 amTonight's Draw

So I had 379, 136, and 356. It was 637. 

Man, I was close. If I'd had more time and the ability to get more combinations. We've been saving to move so I have basically no spare cash. But I've been tracking a couple of these, so now I kind of feel like I'm not sure what will come next now that these finally came through.

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September 8, 2011, 11:30 pmWe'll see.

I actually kind of picked out a Roadrunner set tonight. Didn't pay for it. We'll see what happens. I've so far been able to pick out a couple numbers that feel right, so I threw some together as a guess.

I kept with my 618. It's faith. 

I'm also doing:

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September 7, 2011, 11:44 pmWhirlwind

Today's been wildly nutty. One big whirlwind. My "partner" dropped by an initial investment so I can play the numbers I have. If there hasn't been divine intervention, I don't know what it's been today. 

168 350 453 235 236

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September 6, 2011, 10:48 pmGoing For Broke

That 618 thing... goodness. So, it still fits patterns. Then tonight, for some mysticism fun, I decided after picking out my 4 numbers to play tonight, to run them through a scrying crystal for images, then put the words from the images into the words to numbers. I know, I'm a crazy kooky person. Here's what I got for each.

618 - a snake's head, I entered "snake".
460 - a girl watching a movie, I entered "movie".
435 - a guy walking across a bridge, I entered "bridge".
461 - I have almost no clue. I couldn't make out the picture at all but I kind of saw a shape that looked like a horse, so I entered that, but I'm not sure if I should even bet on that number 'cause now it doesn't feel right.

After putting all of those numbers into the box, I told it to generate me a pick 3.

618. In that order, even.


It's too much of a coincidence to not be a message to use those numbers. I am weary about putting it in order and think I'll just box it to be safe, because having a repeating digit in the same place is pretty rare.

Anyway, those are the numbers I'm playing tonight. I'd play more, but as it is I'm giving myself an extra hour of work to do tomorrow to make up for this. 

Also, I looked at last night's Roadrunner Cash numbers. I haven't quite finished gathering data to even really analyze it yet, but while I was entering stuff in I noted a few numbers that "felt" due. I have no journal for that lottery yet, I just entered them in. 3 were right. So I think that's my sign to keep on with trying that one.

I have a friend who wants to go in on this with me. He's bringing me $20 tomorrow to spend on pick 3s for a few days to see how it goes. I'm the brains, he's the funding. That'll work. If I'm pitching half, I might say I want 3/4s of the winnings since he's giving none of the brains ;)

ETA: Think I'm replacing 461 with 305? Something with 3 and 0. 306 maybe. I'm going to go feel that one before sending dear husband to get my tickets Naughty

ETA again: 350. I'm sending him now, I dropped 461, when I was trying to tell him what to get for numbers I kept getting stuck on that. So it's just not right. I hope that was the right choice.

Last Edited: September 6, 2011, 11:06 pm

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September 6, 2011, 2:01 amMy first Pick 3 draw

Tonight's draw was 917. It was my first time trying a pick 3 and I managed to have 479 as one of mine, and 179 was in my original number pool that I narrowed down. 

My numbers:


I'm on my way... for a first time, not half bad. I'm not even tracking Vtracs and this was before I learned about neighboring pairs, which I'm in the middle of adding in to my tracking file. 

I'm tracking mirrors, sums, roots, commonality/due, even/odd and high/low orders, and Laverne Maloney's 3/4 skips system. After that, it's narrowing down based on what numbers are due, common, etc. and a little bit of gut, but God lights the way. The 479 was entirely a mystical draw. I wish I'd had it in a decent order, I'd have at least won $5.

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September 4, 2011, 12:29 amNot sure

I'm just starting, and kind of have no idea what I'm doing. I've found a lot to help me narrow down what things won't be somewhere, but we'll see what I find to help me pick things out from there.

With Powerball I have a couple of patterns I've found that are reliant for reference and elimination, that might give me one number here or there. Tonight I had one number picked out. That's crazy. As far as patterns, I was correct about a lot of my guesses, but didn't pick the right numbers. If I was doing a wheel I would have probably had 3. I had 3 patterns right out of 6. I guessed 3 groups would be omitted (but picked 20 instead of 40), guessed consecutive would show, guessed a 4 skip would appear, and guessed a same integer. I guess I should start just picking the numbers that fit for all of those patterns, since I'm broke anyway, while I learn more about how it all works. I narrowed it down to 4 groups this time, and though I got one right, that's too narrow. The one I got right was a little logic, a little gut. Looking back, I've no idea how I decided on it. I wrote it down, but it doesn't make sense. Water if God wills it, is the only explanation I have now.

For the Pick 3 tonight, I second-guessed myself, and the "well maybe" thoughts I ignored would have been right. To each thing I said "this is possible, too", I ignored it. All of those were what happened. In general, I think I'm at the point where if I were to spend $40 on tickets I'd win $300. That might be worth it. Again, not like I have $40, but maybe once I trust myself I'll have the money. Let that be a lesson to me.

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