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April 22, 2015, 2:50 pmArizona Lottery

After 3 yrs of compiling a written detail of Az pick3 I believe I have enough evidence to prove the system is cheating players. From how Az holds the drawings,delaying results,numbers which come out more than any other number combos. Numbers which have never come out to one number which has only come out once since the lottery has started. Winner list which keep winners under 100. Now my next move is more Az lottery players to join me and make a formal lawsuit.  I would like any information any one may have regarding Az lottery and I'm open to any ideals other players may have seen or experiance while playing here.

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August 20, 2013, 6:36 pmArizona Pick 3

So on Friday Arizona Lottery sent out a small release that their amazing computer was not allowing 8 or 9 to come out in the second or third spot in the pick3 game. June 10-2013 through August 3-2013. I placed an e-mail to them regarding this back in June and all I got was." You are more than welcome to visit and watch a live drawing." Really! Now only a small number of news outlets have run this story and they are willing to give you a full refund if you have your tickets from the effected dates. This is crap and a rip off! They also know about how some numbers come out more than others plus numbers which have not come out in 9yrs.......I've voiced my concerns to the Lottery Officials and got nothing but we are sorry...Really! Still unknown is who was the person that let us know of the rip off.

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December 2, 2011, 1:29 pmRandom,I think not!

First lets just get this fact out the way, I win and I sometimes go on a great roll. This is to say through my on research and playing that the computer generator for all states are rigged. Period! My state stops allowing you to pick 1hr before the drawing to what? Pick the least pick numbers. Just look at your states winning list of winners. Always fewer that 100 is the norm. My state picks the same numbers through the year and then goes on a double every other drawing for a month then sequences aka 123-456-ect you get my point. But no triples only twice or three times a year. Oh and 777 only once every 2-3 years! Last time was 2yrs 1 day ago! Upon contacting them they ignored me till I call my local news to look into my findings and guess what? I got invited to see a live drawing! Thats at 10pm really? If it is a truely random number maker why so many repeating numbers! Hell in my state alone some numbers come out 4-6 times a year while others never show up! Well let me go cash my winner from lastnight. Oh and that number just came out on Monday! Random! Nope! RIGGED!!!!!

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