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December 20, 2005, 9:24 amlooking for my old blogs

I wonder if yhis will connect me with my old blogs

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May 18, 2005, 8:18 amtest test

test test

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December 7, 2004, 3:43 pmpick 3 & 4 for month of december

Here are the Pick 3 & 4 numbers that I have been playing for the last 2 months on the predictions page...as you can see for the month of DEC.  I already have 25 hits to date;;;;(19 pic 3; 6 Pic 4):

Good luck to you if you use them.

  1. 216
  2. 228
  3. 941
  4. 413
  5. 122
  6. 222
  7. 455
  8. 372
  9. 132
  10. 815


  1. 9413
  2. 1222
  3. 2132
  4. 0815
  5. 0807
  6. 0127
  7. 1955
  8. 1958
  9. 1988
  10. 4649

I'm not at my home computer so I cant tell how each one did for the last 2 months yet!

Entry #15
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December 5, 2004, 11:08 amPick 3 & 4 Month to Month results

Same numbers picked each month... final results.  I'll do it again in dec. for consistency testing......November put me in the top 25 on the predictions page,  and my ROI (return on investment was a -48% vs. a -52% in october (i think)......

pick 3 = oct.-31 days 10 numbers all states = 74 hits (17 straight)  $9060

pick 3 = Nov.-30 days 10 numbers all states = 85 hits (19 straight) $9790

Pick 4 = oct.- 31 days 10 numbers all states = 25 hits (1 straight)  $5900

pick 4 = nov.- 30 days 10 numbers all states = 16 hits (2 staright) $7300

If your interested in the numbers I played they are in the predictions forum every day... feel free to use them....cause I don't .....I'll post how each number did month to month later this week.....TTFN

Entry #14
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November 25, 2004, 9:22 ampick 3 & pick 4 same number stats

pick 3 = oct.-31 days 10 numbers all states = 74 hits (17 straight)  $9060

pick 3 = Nov.-23 days 10 numbers all states = 68 hits (14 straight) $7280

Pick 4 = oct.- 31 days 10 numbers all states = 25 hits (1 straight)  $5900

pick 4 = nov.- 23 days 10 numbers all states = 15 hits (2 staright) $7200

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November 16, 2004, 11:30 amgag order

I have a self-imposed gag order.  I cannot discuss any further MM scenarios with myself....The people that work for the  MM black op's are on to me and anything I write in regards to parameters, patterns and scenarios, tend to disappear when I explain them to myself.....atleast that's the story I'm sticking to!!  as far as pick 3 & 4 go heres the latest:

pick 3 = oct.-31 days 10 numbers all states = 74 hits (17 straight)  $9060

pick 3 = Nov.-15 days 10 numbers all states = 42 hits (7 straight)  $4040

Pick 4 = oct.- 31 days 10 numbers all states = 25 hits (1 straight)  $5900

pick 4 = nov.- 15 days 10 numbers all states = 14 hits (1 staright)  $4600

keep in mind that i am still using the same numbers for both months!! so should I do this again in december to see if there is a consistant pattern?..


Last Edited: November 16, 2004, 11:37 am

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November 10, 2004, 3:09 pmnothing

As I had expected nothing for me on MM...I did however have 4 of the 5 common numbers on the 33 numbers I used....I checked the last 27 draws and found that if you use the last nine draws for numbers you got 2 of 5 8 times, 3 of 5 9 times, and 4 of 5 8 times... not once in the last 27 draws have all 5 numbers been in the last 9 draws.....so I broke down all 80 lines and have selected 10 lines where 3 of the 5 numbers came out in the last 9 draws....so this friday I will be using 35 numbers in hopes of pulling 5 of 5....if that happens then lady luck will have to take over and put them all on one line....the megaball will just have to be dumb luck....altrhough I'm kinda leaning for 21 as the MB

On pick 3 I had 4 hits for $700.00 One straight hit (222) .  this gives me a total of 24 hits (3 straight  hits) in 9 days

Pick 4 came up empty yesterday ...total hits= 7, all boxed......

Friday needs to start getting here alot faster than it has......

Entry #11
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November 9, 2004, 11:20 amNo Faith

I selected my mm numbers for today, but for some reason I have no faith that I will hit anything for this drawing.....I do suspect this might be a record breaking run for the jackpot,,,,,although I have been met with some resistance in this topic....

I had a pretty good pick 3 & pick 4 run yesterday....had 4 pick 3's for $490 and 1 pick 4 for $200....the number 941 which hit 13 times last month has now hit 5 times this month to take the pick 3 lead....pick four has a tie with 1955 & 2132 for 2 each...... 

I'm starting a new job next week....property management is now my game after spending so many years in the hospitality market....The transition should be easy....and hopefully I can grow into this field alot easier than where I was.....my first building is going to have 100 units...

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November 8, 2004, 9:52 amjust one of those prediction weeks!

Well, everything I had been trying in megamillions blew up in my face, Changed my play slightly and It took me in the wrong direction, however, in the last mm draw 4 of the 5 common numbers had appeared in the last 6 draws, the 5th number appeared 13 draws ago....well its always like this at the start of every month for me,  or it could be that the minute I talk about it to someone it all goes away,  anyway, Tuesday is right around the corner and a new set of numbers to explain to the world, why you new they were coming up, and why you didn't play them,,,and look how close i got to them....well its still kinda fun.  I would love to be the first LP winner in a huge jackpot win....I would were a LP T-shirt to the press conference...

anyway as far as pick 3 & 4 for november go I'm at 16 pick 3 hits with 1 straight and 6 pick 4 hits all boxed. I'm slightly ahead of october's hit pace, but the cash isnt there yet....

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November 4, 2004, 8:51 ampick 3 & 4 final results

I ran the same 10  pick 3 & 4 numbers on the predictions page for the whole month of october. The results were:

Pick 3- all states 10 sets of numbers hit 69 times with 17 straight hits

pick 4- all states 10 sers of numbers hit 25 times with only 1 straight hit

megamillions- 9 draws 3 hits $12 on 90 tickets.....

my ROI was only at about (-52%)  (spent $27,000+ to make about $13,000)

for comparison I'm doing the same thing in November with the same numbers.  So far on 3 days I have 8 pick 3 hits with 1 straight hit and 4 pick 4 hits with no straight hits. No hits on megamillions either after one draw....I really like the predictions page...it really let's you see the whole picture...some people just remember the victories of gambling...thats how to end up broke! 

P.S. had I done this in my home state only I would have pick 3 3 times and pick 4 once all boxed,,,

Last Edited: November 4, 2004, 8:55 am

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November 3, 2004, 12:30 pmWow,,,regular commercials!

Feel like I just walked out of a month long political movie,,,well all thats left is the fingerpointing and then its back to business as usual,  A fairly quite voting day, a few hicups here and there but nothing to create an uproar about.....on the other hand I could only manage 2 numbers on one line in megamillions...on the bright side of that I did have 4 of 5 common numbers on 32 numbers played, second week in a row, thats like winning the popular vote, without getting the prize, isn't it AL.  hopefully something good will happen to me before the years out.....the #3 megaball really made me mad...I knew it wouldn't  let # 52 stay as the hot megaball for long, but my lines told me not to play it.  Well all I can say is that on Friday my guess is that one or two of these tuesday numbers is going to come out again,,,(it happens about 3 times a month on average) That hasn't happened since Oct 26 when 43 hit for the 2nd draw in a row,,,(I'll be playing the number 3 on my megaball list)...#13 is keeping up with 3 & 52,  and watch out for 32 as a common number........good luck !!!

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November 1, 2004, 1:09 pmtook 3

I got 3 out of 5 on one line...10,18,41 all showed up again 26,31 were the new numbers.....I had 9,10,17,26,41 on one ticket. Its the first 3 bagger I've had since march.  So in the last 8 draws i've hit 3 times for $12...before that I had only hit twice in the last 20 draws for $5....is my luck returning or is it the new way i'm looking st numbers or just good October Karma....I tell ya, I felt good on friday,  upbeat, I was even giving Ken Jennings a run for his money on jeopardy....We both got the Final Question right also...it was a good night so didn't check the numbers until monday morning....so I guess I will continue with the new way until it goes flat.....this is starting to be almost fun again.....Oh by the way with the month end out of the 9 draws in October and the 45 possible common numbers... only 29 showed up.  That means only 64% of the numbers were possible showed up...the rest repeated..its time to keep hacking away at this....hope It becomes consistent...

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October 28, 2004, 11:25 am39 five times?

 my guess is that 8 or 39 are going to show there face before the month is done again....

That was my quote a few blogs down....now with one draw left in the month will it show up again...or will 8 show its face....Its been a pretty good month for repeating numbers...in 8 draws with the possibility of 40 common numbers, only 27 have shown, the rest have all repeated....which means that there is a 68% chance that out of the next 5 numbers 3 or 4 will come out of the 27 numbers that have alredy been drawn,,,,,this is not news as a lot of people have already stated the fact that you can pick your numbers within the last 9 draws......its just that I,m probably one of the few that have tracked this anomoly for the last couple of years and can verify this statement....It happens more often than not......now all I have to do is to figure a way to cut that parameter in half.....that will give me 14 to 15 numbers to choose from...a more playable expense than 27 numbers......have you come close yet?  I cant say that I have but I for the most part  I seem to be dancing all around this circle of numbers,,,,,Oh by the way the october 15th draw of this year match 4 from the dec 6,2002 draw....thats the 3rd time this year i've seen a match 4 from a previous draw....... I wonder what will come first me matching the numbers, or the same set of numbers from a previous draw showing up.....

Last Edited: October 28, 2004, 11:27 am

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October 26, 2004, 1:08 pmone more week!

one more week and no more political adds,  no more political messages,  no more political blogs, no more political signs, everything will flow through the news channel......cheers to the victor, and whose to blame for the loser....will it be a new plan, or will it be stay the course....there has been so much mudslinging that its almost impossible to wade through the manusha of fingerpointing allegations to get to the real subjects.....I swear I see Kerry's face on all of Bush's commercials and Bush's face on all of Kerry's commercials.....all I see is what the other guy didnt do........Its driving me crazy........Its going to be close, and it will probably boil down to who's going to make the last mistake before Tuesday.....There only interest right now is to point out your problems, making you afraid of it, and telling you whose to blame for it!!!!!!

 One more week!

Last Edited: October 26, 2004, 1:27 pm

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October 25, 2004, 11:14 amdoubled my success

yep I got 2 common numbers right in my quest for MM riches...This after I only had one right last Tuesday....my pick 3's & 4's did not fair well this weekend either...oh well.....Its just that for some reason every time I talk or think something is happening to the numbers, booom  they go in the opposite direction.  This fridays drawing contained 3 numbers that had been dormant for 31,44 & 69 drawings.  This after someone asked me if I played numbers that were due up....my response was that I really didnt.... (I gave up playing 2 as the megaball in january and it hasnt showed up since june of 2002)... I told this person that I felt stongly about repeating numbers within a 9 draw spread....I feel bad when I am asked for my opinion and the opposite happens.  So all I can say to people is that you might do better going in the opposite direction than I do....You have to believe in your numbers, cause they are just as good as any numbers that come up on any wheel or prediction,,,,,(I think I'll play 2 as the megaball,,,,ssshhhhh, dont tell anybody!
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