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April 26, 2012, 11:20 amThere is still hope

 After last summer and this past winter I thought we hit the tipping point in global warming. However, I am a lot more optimistic now as I expected temps in the 90's by now where I live. With the exception of 2 mini heat waves this spring, It's been relatively cool. This gives me hope. The naysayers will undoubdedly use this as "proof" that the earth isn't warming which is scary, and at this point they're grasping at straws. Any number of experiments can prove what the effects of increased carbon levels and decreased ice cap size can do. Either way this is still good news. Hopefully technology will catch up to the need for something as efficient and convenient as gas without the negative effects. It seems we just might have more time than I thought.

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April 25, 2012, 4:06 pmDont be afraid to check the trash for scratchies.

 People may give you funny looks, you might feel embarrassed and you most certainly will get something gross on your hands(so bring sanitizer) but the payoff could be huge. I became interested in this "hobby" I'll call it when I read a story about a guy finding a million dollar texas holdem ticket in the trash outside of a White hen pantry. I became further enamored with the idea when I realized there are many tickets which offer a 2nd chance drawing. Most people like myself at one time just discarded these tickets and I would venture to say over half of all 2nd chance eligible tickets are thrown in the trash. So 2 months ago I started checking the trash at all the local stores I played at. Next thing you know I'm finding winners almost everyday (usually the face value of the ticket) while piling up entries for 2nd chance drawings. Until the other day the biggest winner I had found was $30 and I had won 3 bruins prize packs for the $5 bruins 2nd chance. Then I found a $1000 winner the other day! I can only imagine the millions of dollars in winners being missed across Mass on a daily basis as I only frequent a handful of stores and have only done this for about 2months now.

 Some people may take exception to this practice as they look at it almost like stealing if you happen to find a winner they threw away but I look at it like this. If I miss one, I would much rather someone find it than it go back into state coffers. It isn't like they're giving anyone refunds. And with as much money as I'v dumped into the pot I deserve to find a winner now and then. I've paid my dues in THOUSANDS every year. Before that winner the most I had ever won off of a ticket I bought was $100. And I spend anywhere between $20-$100 a day on average.

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March 27, 2012, 4:52 pmI hate the media

If you haven't heard of the trayvon/mr. zimmerman story, you must be living under a rock but anywho, When it was first reported they posted a recent pic of Zimmerman and about a 4-5 year old pic of Trayvon, making him appear to be a little kid ( he was 17). Zimmerman says he shot the kid in self defense but the likes of Al sharpton and Jessie Jackson are going nuts calling it a hate crime. The media seemed to be slanted to this side of the story as well when all the evidence supports Zimmerman's story. The sad thing is the race card users will probably win as they always do and Zimmerman will end up doing time. Remember a black on white crime is just a crime but white on black is always a hate crime. What a joke.

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March 15, 2012, 6:22 pmno luck today

Saw my sons b-day come up and so i played it for 5 games.....nuthin

spent about $60 in scratchies.....nuthin

and you wonder why my avatar is schleprock

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March 15, 2012, 12:20 pmThe hypocrisy in Afghanistan

 So Karzai is outraged over the American soldiers rampage? No I won't try to defend the rampage but Where the <snip> is the outrage over the mass beheadings of innocent civilians and our soldiers?

 He now wants us to pull out, what so the place can again be taken over by the Taliban and turned into a giant terrorist training camp? Unfukkinbelievable. I say if we pull out then carpet bomb the whole f-ing s#ithole.

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