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September 10, 2016, 5:09 am#$$ in our pockets

For those of us that want the good life without wasting lots of money and time, here is the secret to playing any and all games. This is a simple "3" step program used in "pick#3 and pick#4 in a "7" day cycles!!!  Sow them in threes using these combinations 930-434-934-237-285-523-357-800-801-082-821-803-138-840-846-148-085-158-680-816-087-871-088-881-089-891-090-091-911-920-921-039-913-049-941-590-915-960-691-698-968-977-979-970-917-980-981-099-991-993-012-023-000-011-020-300-xx3 and xx8!!! Step#2 wait for the draws (days and nights) to end. Step#3 collect your harvests and enjoy them. There will be many!!!! The xx#'s are the money ball number series to play!!! Quick cash pattern is 12-55-64-23-50-02-52-03-13. Keno #4 thru#8 spots play the entire rows 6-8-9-0-1-2-3-4-5-7!!!

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November 18, 2014, 8:51 pmBe a Winner every draw, it is possible.

Lotto sequencing is a way to actually win at every draw, everytime, anywhere, sowing the seeds I have come up with in any lottery system Worldwide. It can make you a millionaire, thousandaire, or just a six figure winner weekly, monthly and yearly.  I invented it myself using the a simply system anyone can understand. Initial startup cost is $12.00 with a 1000% payout!!!  I will be publishing my book in the near future! It is definitely a life changer!!!

For a taste of the milk and honey play these numbers for 7days (012-123-234-345-546-567-657-768-789-089-981-019-119-009-219-206-848-230-989!!! Play each for 50 cents box minimum!

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