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November 18, 2015, 4:42 pmThese People Won a Charity Lottery, You Won't believe What Happens Next!

Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery? Of course you have, you’re human aren’t you!? It’s something that has crossed everyone’s mind at one time or another. Maybe you are someone who plays regularly or you pick up some scratch n’ win tickets when you fill up your gas tank on the weekend. If you don’t play, you can’t win. But there is another lottery world that often goes overlooked that pays big for ticket holders when their name is chosen. Charity lotteries are becoming more and more popular every year and some of their prizes are impressive, to say the least.

Charity lotteries are making millionaires out of ordinary people every day. If you think it can’t happen to you, think again. There are thousands of stories of people who went from rags to riches, winning not just one new home, but two, cars, money, the list goes on. This goes beyond traditional lottery ticket purchasing: some of the charity lotteries are raking in big money and the proceeds go to some really great causes. So you can win and they win. Imagine not only winning the prize of a lifetime, but knowing that your $2 ticket has helped change a hospital ward, or has helped purchase a new truck for the fire department. Charity lotteries are everywhere.

Buying a charity lottery ticket is often an act of spontaneity and you toss the ticket stub in your purse or wallet and forget about it until the phone call comes telling you that you’ve just won millions of dollars in prizes. Amazing right?

These prizes change lives. They give back in a big way to the community that is supporting the charity. The most popular type of charity lottery is the new home package. Countries all over the world are getting on board with building a new home and then raffling tickets off for the new home. Most come fully furnished, are accompanied by a new car, and some spending cash. Some even pay utilities for a certain period of time for the winner as well: live free for a year or more!

One winner in Australia played a charity lottery game for several years but it paid off in the end. He won over $2 millions dollars in prizes, including a new waterfront home, and $40,000 in gold! Another family purchased a $100 home package ticket, but they could barely afford the $100 for the ticket. They thought “who knows” and two days before Christmas, they received a phone call telling them they had won a brand new, three bedroom, three bathroom home!

Winners will often recount that they thought the phones calls were prank callers. And even after they verify the information with the caller, they are still in shock. Some charities send letters and one winner had to bring the letter to a friend to read it to her she was so nervous!

A woman, who spent most of her adult life helping people with special needs, was a regular contributor to the Mater Home Lottery – a charity that benefits the Mater Hospital in Australia – got the call she had won a waterfront home and her husband told her to hang up the phone! He thought it was a prank call too!

These charity lotteries are changing the lives of ticket winners but also those who benefit from the proceeds. Hospitals, churches, schools, unions, research organizations: they all help our community function and prosper. Supporting a charity lottery is a great way to increase your odds of winning because there are far less tickets sold in a private lottery than in the state lottery that you are probably familiar with. There is no cap on state lotteries, but some of these charity lotteries sell only 100 tickets. Imagine having a 1 in 100 chance of winning a new home, or cash, or gold!

So what happens after you win the lottery? What do you do? Most winners make a few phone calls or try to think of fun ways to tell their families: one young mother was driving her daughter to school when she kept driving past the school and drove right up to their new home! The daughter was shocked and imagine how fun it would be to find out you have a new house like that!

Sometimes decisions have to be made about what prizes you want! Not only can you win but when you do, you get to choose exactly what you want! Some offer homes and cars, but you have the option to take the cash value of the home instead. Some offer homes and cash and you can work out a plan to extend the cash payments over a period of time so that you maintain a constant income, instead of taking all of the winnings at once. Some organizations will pay for you to travel to your new home and let you stay in it for a while to decide if it’s right for you. Some will help you sell it if you don’t wish to live in the new home.

One woman, on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, bought a ticket for a home lottery to support a local hospital and she was astonished to find out she had won the home…and an apartment! Two homes! She had always wanted to live near the ocean and the apartment was beachside. She said she always knew that she would win, it was just a matter of time!

One man who was informed he won a major charity lottery prize had to decide between two homes: one was worth more than the other so the lesser valued home came with a bonus of $450,000 in gold – that’s a tough decision to make, for sure!

Everyday people buy tickets to support local charities never thinking it will amount to more than a good feeling of helping those who help others. But there is always a winner and the moral of the story is that the winner could be you! You can’t win if you don’t buy, or as one winner says: you have to be in it to win it! If $100 sounds lofty, try supporting a charity that offers a less expensive ticket price. The prizes are amazing even at $20 a ticket! Cash, cars, homes, trips!

If money is tight, try splitting the cost of the lottery ticket with a friend, co-worker or family member. Be sure to write down the names of the people you are splitting the cost of the ticket with and write out a plan for what you will do with the winnings if you win. Keep it legal and you won’t run into any trouble if you win and have to split the prize. If you know a charity lottery is coming up in your area, start putting away a few dollars a month to save for it, especially if the ticket is $100 or $200 – some are even more, and you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket. So start a change jar and throw your extra change into the jar until you have enough.

The next time you see someone selling tickets at your local grocer, or hear of a charity lottery on the radio, make the call, order the ticket and wait patiently. Even if you don’t win, you will be supporting valuable resources in your community by purchasing those tickets.

Some of the money raised from the sale of charity lottery tickets go toward purchasing new equipment for treatments at hospitals, books and computers at schools, conservation materials at museums, housing for the underprivileged, services and activities for the elderly, a hot meal for someone who might not otherwise have one, services for people with disabilities: your ticket does good in the world. And can do good for you too. You just need to play!

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