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May 13, 2016, 1:05 amMaking money on scratch off tickets could be a myth!

I have 6 years of experience both selling and playing scratch offs in different states. Every state has different system and percentage in the amount they pay off on scratch offs. There is no general standing rule on this for all the states to be uniform. Similarly, the logic of winning in every 3 or 4 tickets or not winning any in a row for 6 or seven tickets happens very frequently. Both scenarios are true. But, there is no guarantee that there will be a winner after a set number of tickets. The odds that they mention on the reverse side of the ticket applies to that game as a whole, but not for that particular book. If the state decides to pay 70% of the sales, they will split it accordingly into biggest jackpots to regular winners without exceeding the 70% pay off they set to accomplish. However, they don't guarantee that they would give you back 70% of every book they sell or every game they had. Some books have higher prizes and some lower pay offs. The money they make by selling lower paying books will be adjusted towards their big winner tickets. There might be some games that the state promises to pay certain fixed % of every book in a particular game. That means if you buy a book worth $ 300/- that has a assurance of $180/- to pay you back the state still makes $120/- from every book they sell. This money they make will be given to the players in the form of other big winners as per the plan of that game. having clear knowledge that you will lose $ 120/- on each book people still buy the books anticipating the big winners. However, if you buy a book, there is assured pay of $180/- + you might hit a big winner may be a $500/- or more. It depends on your luck. For example, if the book has $180/- to pay out and few tickets were sold. You don't know how much was already went out in prizes from that specific book. If 10 tickets were sold out of 30 tickets and a pay out of $120/- has already been made, then the remaining 20 tickets can make only $60/- if you buy all the tickets spending $200/- where you lose $140/- unless that book has some special overall big winners. In such a situation, as discussed by our friends, you can't imagine every book to carry a big winner. But, you need to be prepared to lose, before investing on any book either you buy entire book or start some where in the middle or at the end. You should not believe the odds when buying the tickets in a row. Because the odds apply for the whole game and not for a book or order of tickets that become either winners or losers. If you take the above example where 20 tickets can only pay you the assured sum of $60/- ( assuming there is no big winner in that book), the sixty can come in any order. 6 x $10 winners, 4x $15 winners, 3x $20 winners, 2x $30 winners, one $50 and a $10. Here, based on what the game has in its design the winning tickets keep on changing. If there is a $50 and $10, there are only two winners out of 20 tickets. It is quite possible, based on the payout that the state decides to give out on a specific game and variations in distributing the overall prize among so many bundles and books they print. Usually, the states design few games that pay little more, and few little less to cover up the overall maintenance. There are few states that are worst in overall % payout and some good states that payout very well. Georgia is one such good state. As a whole, the current trend is that the overall payouts were decreasing year by year and people are expressing their dissatisfaction on the money they are winning through lottery compared to the olden days. I heard this from several of the regular players on several occasions. In summary, what I mean to say is that the story of 1 out of 4 tickets to be a winner as per the information provided on the reverse of the ticket will not hold true all the time. It might, some times and might not many times. The point of your winning or losing is not important for the state. The state all the time wants to make money and never donate money for free through lottery. There might be back to back winners and losers as well. The design of the winners and losers depends on the program that was given to the computer by adjusting and limiting the net pay out for sure as per the predetermined rules the state makes before announcing a game. Therefore, just don't blindly buy 4 tickets or 10 tickets in a row expecting definite number of winners in a set number of tickets. It is lottery. There is uncertainty and probability all the time that decides whether you win or lose. Unless you win a million on a tickets, the chances of making money on lottery are very slim. Hope this helps enthusiastic lotterians. Before, you spend on lottery, try to know how much is the pay out on each game and the top prizes that were remaining to increase your chances of winning.


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