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June 21, 2013, 9:29 pmM.O.M. Machine of Money Straight Pick 3 System

Hello all that come to read this. As you all know that have followed me on LP I have a new system..itt's been doign pretty well in the initinal testing phase to go live.

My thread haas been a blast doing ...Everyone is great!!!!! Thanks for all the awesome coments and help/suggestions.

There will be a list I will post soon it will be all States computerized. I need to keep them seperate. I use a different system with computerized play 3 and play 4...Still working on the play 4.

List will be up by morning for Saturday June 22 2013. The other list is air ball draws. 

The list of computeried states are based off of the Grade page that Todd created.

Please check there if your wondering what I'm talking about.

Tha's it for now...


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November 4, 2005, 6:13 amComputerized States I Track

Arizona 11:30 pm
California Mid-Day 4:00pm
California 9:30 pm
Deleware Mid-Day 1:25 pm
Deleware 7:00 pm
Idaho 9:45
Indiana Mid-Day 1:00
Indiana 9:30
Kansas 9:55
Louisiana 10:15
Minnesota 7:10
Missouri Mid-Day 1:40
Missouri 7:40
New Mexico 11:15
Pennsylvania Mid-Day 12:50
Washington 10:30
Wisconsin 7:00


Trying something new. I'm tracking only computerized states to see if there is any patterns.

I have noticed that not all states do both day & night computerized. It seems wied why a state would spend the money to upgrade there systems to a computer for one drawing but not the other. I'm only referring to pick3/4 games. As anyone would know a computer is only random to the point of the programmer that made it that way. So there is human flaw that can occur. Like when they do system updates and they crash. That can cause a loop hole of how the #'s are drawn.

A good example of this recently is Arizona. 500 came out 2 days in a row in the same sequence. This is a computerized drawing and shows how un random the system can be.  I know people are protesting against going computerized but, this may be the break that people need to find the flaw of the lottery that I belive they are holding secret. Regular ball machines have a bias we all know that from anything from the ball weight being off or the air not pushing as strong as the last drawing keeping certain balls from not coming up for a longer period of time till they are changed. I know the states say they change the balls and rotate the machine in most states on a daily basis but, another good example of this would be states that use the same machine for both day and night drawings. So seeing the same #'s come up twice in either the same order like Arizona or different order like 725 and 257 in NY the other night.

Has anyone else tried this?

I'm working on making a program that will track only computerized states and then another part of the program that only does regular machine drawings so I can compare if there is true randomness to each way it's done.

I'm a computer technician for over 14 years doing many things in the computer business and have seen a lot of different things out there that computers do that people don't always catch on to. Such as flaws. I'm not trying to cheat the lottery but, just find a way of my own to help win more.


Any help/information/suggestions would be great!!



Last Edited: November 4, 2005, 6:16 am

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October 2, 2005, 4:32 amPlay 4

Hello All,

This is my first post of many ahead of me. I have a long time question that I have done tons of searching on the net for. I'm hoping someone on lotterypost will have my answer.


Does anyone have a spreadsheet or some kind of format that list all 10,000 combinations for the play 4 lotto?

I know this sounds like a crazy thing but, I'm sure someone has done it.

Thanks to all


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