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September 2, 2005, 1:45 pmHurricane Stuff

Human error is always a factor in crisis situations, good bad or indifferent sometimes our officials do the right or wrong thing with the best intentions. Playing the blame game does not help, nor change anything.

We have become so relient on the goverment to come in and save us. When we should be looking to ourselves to see what we can do, to help ourselves. The day they found my mothers body I was at work, they found her at 10:00am I didn't receive the call untill 6:00pm I asked my grandfather why.. What he had told me was this." You couldn't have done anything  or changed anything and you might as well get paid for the day." It was expected of me to help with the funeral arrangments, for a couple of days then return to work.. The same thing when I had my son who was in critical care for over a year I was expected not to feel sorry for myself but to work and go to the hospital everyday after work and not relie on welfare or the goverment to take care of me.  I was expected to step up and do what I had to do.. Two days after my son died I was expected to return to work, and I did..

My grandparents are two of the most giving people I know, but they have never allowed any of us to feel sorry for ourselves or expect someone to come in and take care of us. They live with the philosphy that bad things happen and when bad things happen you mourn the loss but move forward, you do what you have to do and go on.

The events that are happening are sad, and we do need to help. But I also think we should expect that those going through this need to help themselves. We are not helpless, and should not cry like an infants for help. Gather able bodies put them to work, helping and assisting trained personell.

The more able bodies that are organized and assisting the faster things will get done. Leadership doesn't always have to come from a uniform or the goverment.

I will say it again take care of the sick the old and the children first, everyone else can wait.  Help those who cannot help themselves..

Some might think I'm cold but I will not feel sorry for anyone who is able bodied and has not made any effort to help, and that is crying over what has happend. It is horrible what has happend, the people going through this will and are feeling the greif of what has happend. But pick up do what you have to do to get through it.


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