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February 3, 2012, 10:18 pmKentucky Lottery College Funds

     Let's just talk about this for a moment.  Do you know that a student gets college money from the kentucky lottery according to how many years they have gone to high school in kentucky.  But........The money is ONLY good if the student goes to a college in Kentucky.

 I feel this is wrong in sooooooo many ways.Mad

 If a good kid earned their money by doing good all their academic careersBlue Angel, then they should be allowed to use said money at ANY college they decide to go to. Because  I don't know if you are aware of this, but Kentucky schools don't give big scholarship money to students like other states do. They do not reward a good student like they should.  Now if they did, it would be different.

But I still feel the money needs to go with the student no matter where they go for school.

How can we fix this Kentucky?

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December 17, 2008, 11:37 amThis is why I love the animations.

They let me say it in a better way.


I'm sure there are those feeling like this: 


But I feel more like this:   

  And have been doing plenty of this: 



and this:


I hope everyone is having a good time.    This is my favorite time of the year. 

So let me be the first to say...  merry christmas pic

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December 16, 2008, 2:32 pmKentucky pick 3

Kentucky pick 3 is rigged.


I know people usually say this when they are losing, and I can understand how some may say I am just being a sore loser.  But explain to me--Please!--how I can get the numbers right EVERYDAY on paper and NEVER with real cash! If it works everyday, it should work the day I decide to put my money on it, too!  And don't hand me that luck garbage !  No one here believes that or they wouldn't be here trying to figure out systems and such!

It is rigged.  And I shall never put my hard earned money on it again.  The rips! Hit With Stick I don't know where they come up with the winner's numbers (you know, the amount they say have won on that drawing?) when all I see are people losing money.  You know, they say one person can't do anything or make a difference, but the word of mouth is mightier than any sword or pen!  You just watch me!

Last Edited: December 16, 2008, 2:33 pm

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November 11, 2008, 10:44 amThank You To All Veterans

US FlagToday is Veterans' Day in the U.S.A. 

If no one has ever told you thank you for your service to our great country, allow me to be the first!

I know the Vietnam Veterans got a raw deal coming home into California back in the day.  My father was one of them.  Who never got a "thank you" for his service or honored in any  way until my church did a service dedicated to service members one year.  He wept.  So did I. 

It sent flames shooting from my eyes when I read that our soldiers were getting spit on again by Californians not that long ago when coming home from Iraq.  So if you ever hear me say I hate those hippies, that's why.

I am a veteran, so I know what it means to be one.  Whether you served in action on the war front or never so much as seen a simple riot.... I thank you for your time, sweat, dedication and honor. 


Last Edited: November 11, 2008, 10:45 am

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November 5, 2008, 8:45 amHistory was made last night...

There was not many a dry eye last night in the black community.  Rev Jesse Jackson touched my heart with his on the screen in my living room. 

I wasn't for Obama.  I made that very known.  I'm not a racist though.  I know how important it was to the black community to win a president election.  I just wish it was someone else.  I wish it had been Rev. Jesse Jackson instead.  I wish the guy that had won was someone that was anti-abortion, anti-gay marriages, served in the military at least some and christian.  That aside, I was very glad to witness history.  It said what I have been saying all along.  This race was not about the color of your skin.  Maybe now, we can all move past that stupid issue.  Maybe now, we don't have to listen to "is it a black thing?"  I always hated that question.  They use it for everything, no matter how dumb the issue.

McCain gave a beautiful speech that just made me even more proud that I supported him.  A true hero.   And a true gentlemen.  I'm sorry he didn't win.  But I know that who won was the one GOD had chosen to win.  GOD is always in control.  HE has a plan.  Apparently, Obama is part of it.  It doesn't make any less afraid of him and what he might do to our nation.  But it does make me feel better knowing it was meant to be. 

I know it was meant to be because the numbers don't lie. 

"Obama wins presidency"=215

"A good president" =152

"A good change"=80   (what happens when we do a 180?)

Obama's campaign was "change" which equals 38. 

"Winner" is 83.

When the numbers coincide., they often mean the same thing.  It was meant to be.

I am praying I was all wrong about Obama and that he will be a great president.  The numbers give me hope for that because I know they do not lie.

It was no accident he chose "change" as his campaign.  It was no accident that he was the one who won.  It had to be him.  I don't know why.  I just know it is the way things have to be.

I am truly sorry if I have said anything to offend anyone on here during this election.  But I do not apologize for my stand against the above mentioned issues.  Abortion is wrong.  Gay marriage is an abomination.  For my opposing those issues, I do not apologize.  Neither do I apologize for stating Obama to be anti-American.  I haven't seen any reason to believe he is for us other than his running for president.  But then, so would Osama bin laden if he thought he could win.  Even good plans have their villains.  Armageddon has two sides to it, everyone knows that.  That is also GOD's plan and I'm not about to argue with it.  I'm not equating this to that, it is just a good example that most are familiar with.  But reading some of the statements of others on here., they are obviously offended at something.  I hope it wasn't me.  If what I stand for offends you, on the other hand.  Well, you know where you can kiss it!!!!!

Last Edited: November 5, 2008, 8:52 am

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October 16, 2008, 7:28 amI dropped the ball again last night...

You know that feeling in the final moments of a football game when everything is tied up and all you have to do is catch the ball when it is thrown to you and run with it? 

The adrenaline.

The aspirations.

The people that depend on you.

The people cheering you on.

The game is on the line and it's all up to you to see it through.

Well, I dropped the ball.  I didn't just fumble it.  I never caught it to begin with.  Thud

Last night my dad's bday came out again.  I had a burning feeling to play his numbers because he has come to stay with me for a little while.  I did play his and my mothers' for mega millions the night before.  They are both March birthdays.  But I didn't play them for powerball....where it came out.  They were all my numbers.  All except the powerball itself.  13 is not a number I play as the powerball's red ball very often.  So I would not have won the jackpot (which has happened to me before with this very same birthday number set) but I would have hit the 5+0.  And who wouldn't want an extra $250,000 to play with ?  And kicker?  My dad joked that I didn't get his numbers.  He said, "well, you didn't pick up mine." when I told him where me and my hubby had been walking.   (He was joking.  He never plays the lottery.) 

Oh, well.  Someone much wiser than me once said, "I don't think you're making any progress if your enemy doesn't react." So, maybe I'm making progress somewhere I am just not aware of as yet.LOL

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August 17, 2008, 11:52 amNote to self: p3

looking for these to fall somewhere today:

568        214

556        557

023        198

745         357


But was too late to post them for today's md drawings.

Last Edited: August 17, 2008, 11:55 am

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April 15, 2008, 11:46 amthe lesson of the 153 great fishes...

It is interesting to me that I found this just today.  Only moments before this post.  I am very excited.  You see, the number 153 found me.  Not I it.  It chose me.  Not the other way around.  I was assigned this number.  It was given to me.  I simply identified with it and held onto it as a username. 

If you know me at all, you will understand why I am both fascinated and excited by this.

Taken in its entirety from this link:



Number in Scripture
Spiritual Significance of Numbers
Meaning of the Number ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY AND THREE (153)



This is a number which has taxed the ingenuity of some of the greatest of Bible students, and that from the earliest times. All have felt there must be something deeply significant and mysterious in this number, from the solemn way in which it is introduced in John 21:11,—"Simon Peter went up and drew the net to land full of great fishes, one hundred and fifty and three."

Other miracles are parables in their lessons, and Augustine* has pointed out the comparison and contrast between the two miraculous draughts of fishes, one at the beginning and the other at the end of Christ's ministry (after His resurrection). He and other Commentators see in this number some connection with the saved, as being definite and particular down even to the last one, making up not a large round number, but a smaller and odd number, 153. They saw in this a proof of the fact that the number of the elect is fixed and pre-ordained.**

* Tractates on the Gospel according to St. John, 122.

** So Trench, Notes on the Miracles, p. 194.

Jerome also sees there is some deeper meaning in the number, and says that there are 153 sorts of fish, i.e., all kinds of men enclosed in the Gospel net.

Other more surprising suggestions have been made, but they are all the outcome of fancy.

The utmost that can be said is that had it been the round number 150, there would have been an absence of all definiteness, but as it goes beyond and gives the three by which the 150 is exceeded, it does seem to convey the impression that we have here, if these fishes are a symbol of the saved, an illustration and confirmation of our Lord's words, recorded in the same Gospel, "of all that He [the Father] hath given Me I should lose nothing" (John 6:39), and "those that Thou gavest Me I have kept, and none of them is lost" (John 17:12).

When we come to the way in which the significance of this number has been estimated, we find a variety of modes. Augustine and Gregory the Great both start with the fact that 17 is the sum of 10 and 7. For the significance of the number 17. But they deal with the 17 in different ways.

Gregory simply multiplies 17 by 3 and again by 3 (i.e., 17x32), and thus arrives at 153.

Augustine, on the other hand, employs addition, and takes the sum of all the digits to and including 17 as amounting to exactly 153. He says,* "For if you add 2 to 1, you have 3, of course; if to these you add 3 and 4, the whole number makes 10; and then if you add all the numbers that follow up to 17, the whole amounts to the aforesaid number [153]; that is, if to 10, which you had reached by adding all together from 1 to 4, you add 5, you have 15; to these add 6, and the result is 21; then add 7, and you have 28; to this add 8, and 9, and 10, and you get 55; to this add 11, and 12, and 13, and you have 91; and to this again add 14, and 15, and 16, and it comes to 136; and then add to this the remaining number of which we have been speaking, namely 17, and it will make up the number of fishes."**

* Tractate on John, 122.

** We should express this, now, more scientifically, and say, 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 + 12 + 13 +14 + 15 + 16 + 17 = 153. And Gregory's we should express thus: (10 + 7) x (3 x 3) = 153.

Bishop Wordsworth arrives at his result in a different manner. He uses two numbers, and employs both multiplication and addition. First he takes the square of 12 (which he holds to be the Church number), and then he adds the square of 3 (the number of the Godhead), and points out that 122 + 32 = 153, or (12 x 12) + (3 x 3).

We might give yet another contribution to these various modes as the result of our investigations in numbers, and say that 153 = 9 x 17, and see in this number all judgment (9) exhausted for the people of God (17) in the person of their Surety.

All, however, agree in the great and blessed fact that "Salvation is of the Lord," Divine alike in its source, its agency, and its results.

The same Divine character is stamped upon this miracle and its lessons by the number of disciples who were present when it was wrought. There were seven. And the seven is divided into 3 and 4 as usual—3 being named, and 4 unnamed.

The one lesson that remains is true, namely, that the whole number of the redeemed are saved by the power of the Triune God.

We may condense all this by calling 153 simply,


The expression Myhl)h ynb (Beni Ha-Elohim), "Sons of God," occurs seven times!*

* One of them is slightly different, yh-l) ynb (Beni El-hai), "sons of the living God." Thus the human and divine element is seen in the six and seven (see note on 6 and 7).

Now the gematria of this expression is exactly 153. Thus:

b = 2
n = 50
y = 10
h = 5
) = 1
l = 30
h = 5
y = 10
M = 40

In Greek, the expression exhibits in another form the same phenomena, the gematria being 3213, or 3 x 7 x 153.

It is very remarkable, in connection with this, that in Job 2:1 we have "Beni-ha Elohim with Satan among them." The gematria of this phrase is 1989, and the two factors of this number are 153 and 13 (13x153=1989).

The word sunklhronomoi (sunkleeronomoi), "joint-heirs" (Rom 8:17), amounts to 1071, the factors of which are 153 and 7 (153x7=1071).

The expression suklhronomoi de Cristou (sunkleeronomoi de Christou), "joint heirs with Christ" (Rom 8:17), amounts to 2751. Now the factors of 153, as we have seen, are 9 and 17, and the number 2751 is three times the nine hundred, plus seventeen, viz., 3 x (900 + 17) = 2751.

The expression ktisiV qeou (ktisis Theou), "the creation of God," is 1224, or 8 x 153.

In the record of the miracle itself there are some remarkable phenomena:—

The word for "fishes" icqueV (ichthues), is by gematria 1224, or 8 x 153.

The words for "the net" are to diktuon, and by gematria this also amounts to 1224, or 8 x 153, for it is unbroken, and carries the precious freight from "the right side" of the ship safely to the shore, and "not one is lost."

Quite a new thought has recently been given by Lieut.-Col. F. Roberts, who finds that amongst the multitudes who received direct blessing from Christ there are recorded exactly 153 special individual cases! We append his list, with one or two alterations: and if any names appear to be missing, it will be found on examination that there is good reason for omitting them; e.g., Nathanael is the same as Bartholomew; while Matthias, and Barsabas (Acts 1:23), Joses, Barnabas (Acts 4:36), Stephen, though they with many others may have received blessing from Jesus Himself, and probably did, yet it is not so stated. Of course Zacharias, Elisabeth, John the Baptist, Joseph, Simeon, and Anna, are not included, as they were all in blessing before the birth of Jesus.

The following is the list:—

  1. The leper, Matt 8:2 (1)
  2. Centurion and servant, Matt 8:5 (2)
  3. Peter's wife's mother, Matt 8:14 (1)
  4. Two possessed with devils, Matt 8:18 (2)
  5. Palsied man and bearers [Mark 2:3], Matt 9:2 (5)
  6. Jairus and his daughter, Matt 9:18 (2)
  7. Woman with issue of blood, Matt 9:21 (1)
  8. Blind men, Matt 9:27 (2)
  9. Dumb man, Matt 9:32 (1)
  10. Eleven Apostles, Matt 10:2 (11)
  11. Man with withered hand, Matt 12:10 (1)
  12. Blind and dumb devil, Matt 12:22 (1)
  13. Brethren of the Lord [Acts 1:14] Matt 13:55 (4)
  14. Syrophoenician woman and daughter, Matt 15:22 (2)
  15. Lunatic child and father, Matt 17:14 (2)
  16. Blind men (leaving Jericho),* Matt 20:30 (2)
  17. Simon the leper, Matt 26:6 (1)
  18. Mary (sister of Lazarus. See Nos 32 and 47), Matt 26:7 (1)
  19. Centurion; Matt 27:54 (1)
  20. Salome (mother of Zebedee's children), Matt 27:56 (1)
  21. Mary (mother of James, and wife of Cleopas), Matt 27:56 (1)
  22. Mary Magdalene, Matt 27:56 (1)
  23. Joseph of Arimathaea, Matt 27:57 (1)
  24. Man with unclean spirit; Mark 1:23 (1)
  25. Man, deaf and dumb, Mark 7:32 (1)
  26. Blind man, Mark 8:22 (1)
  27. Son of the widow of Nain, Luke 7:12 (1)
  28. A woman, a sinner, Luke 7:37 (1)
  29. Joanna and Susanna, Luke 8:3 (2)
  30. A disciple—"follow Me", Luke 9:59 (1)
  31. The seventy disciples, Luke 10:1 (70)
  32. Martha, Luke 10:38 (1)
  33. Woman with infirmity, Luke 13:11 (1)
  34. Man with dropsy, Luke 14:2 (1)
  35. The ten lepers, Luke 17:12 (10)
  36. The blind man (approaching Jericho),** Luke 18:35 (1)
  37. Zaccheus, Luke 19:2 (1)
  38. Malchus [John 18:10], Luke 22:51 (1)
  39. Penitent thief, Luke 23:43 (1)
  40. The two disciples at Emmaus, Luke 24:13 (2)
  41. Nicodemus, John 3:1 (1)
  42. Woman of Samaria, John 4:4 (1)
  43. Nobleman and sick son, John 4:46 (2)
  44. Impotent man (Bethesda), John 5:1 (1)
  45. Woman taken in adultery, John 8:11 (1)
  46. Man born blind, John 9 (1)
  47. Lazarus, John 11 (1)
  48. Mary, mother of Jesus, John 19:25 (1) = (153)
* Bartimeus being one of them (Mark 10:46), these two being healed as Jesus left Jericho.

** The blind man (No. 36) was healed (Luke 18:35) "as He was come nigh unto Jericho," and therefore is additional to the two who were healed as He was leaving Jericho (No. 16). See Matt 20:30; Mark 10:46.

We give the above not as an alternative solution, but as an additional illustration, believing that all may be true; and at any rate, that all contribute to, and increase the cumulative evidence in support of the same great and blessed fact, that it is true of the Lord's people as it is of the stars, "He calleth them all by their names" (Psa 147:4). The book of Exodus is the book in which we first hear of redemption (Exo 15:14), and the Hebrew and divinely canonical name for this book is "THE NAMES," because His people are redeemed by name!

This is the lesson of the 153 great fishes.

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April 10, 2008, 8:45 pmKY pick 3

spy153 got ky's pick 3 today with 135!


Lol!  You're funny!LOL

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April 2, 2008, 11:25 amThanks for trying..

Thanks for trying to help... you know who you are !


Unfortunately, someone else caught it in my birth state.  But you knew that it was didn't you?LOL

Entry #86

February 13, 2008, 10:03 pmValentine's Day Wish?


Okay LP members, what is your deepest desire for Valentine's Day?


I'm always such a sucker for Valentine's Day.... Such a shameless romantic....

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February 9, 2008, 10:33 amtrouble posting today

I had a lot to say today on my results from last night on the prediction board, but I had a lot of trouble posting today for some reason.  I had some gorgeous picks on here too.  Oh, well.  Maybe tomorrow will be easier. 


I got 3 +0 on Mega Millions and some other great hits last night.  I haven't hit so well on Mega Millions since I began playing the game three years ago.  So I am very excited ! 

And, although I'm not having any luck with my pic postings today, doesn't mean I can't tell you what I wanted to show you. If the good LORD is willing, my dream home may not be so far away from my grasp after all.  I had a pic on here of a cottage inn that I would love to build next to the lake in my local area.  The structure and the landscaping is beautiful.  But building in my area is a nightmare.  The contractors here will do the opposite of what you ask them to do.  They often ask continuously for money way before the job is done, for their "extremely past due electric bill" or "non existant family member who is sick" and so forth.  One delay after another for stupid reasons.  Outrageous costs for simple items.  You get the point. 

So I'll have to hire someone to take care of the details and oversee the project while I kick back in the islands., if I can manage it.  Lol! LOL  I have my goals!

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February 8, 2008, 10:27 amCongrats and stats

Wow!  There were many on the prediction board that caught a quad for 5,000 dollars !  That's impressive money!  My congratulations to you all who caught it!

Myself, I have done good too.  No cigars yet, but I'm working on it.  But definitely a reason to cheer!



The next several draws in the jackpot games are going to very interesting to me, to say the least. 


spy153ArizonaPick 36-Way Box3-5-77-3-5



spy153ColoradoCash 53 of 502-09-15-28-3102-08-09-16-28



spy153ConnecticutPlay 33-Way Box2-9-99-9-2



spy153GeorgiaMidday 36-Way Box3-8-28-2-3



spy153IllinoisDaily 36-Way Box8-4-18-1-4



spy153IllinoisDaily 36-Way Box4-8-18-1-4



spy153IowaPick 36-Way Box4-8-18-1-4



spy153IowaPick 36-Way Box8-4-18-1-4



spy153KentuckyCashball2 + 008-14-16-31, Cash Ball: 1901-16-21-31, Cash Ball: 01



spy153KentuckyCashball2 + 003-07-16-31, Cash Ball: 0801-16-21-31, Cash Ball: 01



spy153MissouriMidday Pick 36-Way Box4-0-34-3-0



spy153New JerseyPick 33-Way Box2-5-55-5-2



spy153New JerseyPick 63 of 606-12-13-15-30-3808-13-15-29-37-38



spy153New JerseyPick 63 of 607-15-16-24-29-3808-13-15-29-37-38



spy153OhioMidday Pick 36-Way Box8-1-61-8-6



spy153OhioPick 36-Way Box5-4-64-6-5



spy153TexasPick 3 DayStraight + 6-Way Box5-4-65-4-6



 Those numbers that came out for the New Jersey Pick 6!  I believe I had those numbers posted in their entirety somewhere else!  That would have been the first jackpot hit on the prediction board history, I think. 

I want to thank those who have been so supportive of me.  Konane, Emilyg and Justx.  I love you guys. 

Last Edited: February 8, 2008, 10:36 am

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February 7, 2008, 7:32 amWeather Manipulation?

Weahter Manipulation

Did you know it is not a conspiracy theory?  Do you know it is possible to manipulate the weather drastically?

Read this article:



  Be sure to read about Project 2025



 Didn't think it possible?  Many people don't, regardless of the evidence given to them.  I realize it makes people mad to think we are guinea pigs....But don't be mad now.  We have been guinea pigs for centuries.  Now is the time to stop it.  Getting angry only eats you from the inside out.  Stopping it make you a hero for the people.  (Something we desperatley need these days.  Just look at the latest polls for the elections.  America is crying out for a hero of ANY kind., but few of us know what to do.)

If you are wondering what my point is or why I am bringing this up now... Well, think about what has happened in TN and the rest of the Mississippi Valley over the past few days and then you'll know.  Do I think it was weather manipulation or simple global warming?  Doesn't matter what I think


Other related articles:

"Owning weapons of mass destruction:  Owning the weather for military use" by Michal Chossudvosky



Do your own research.  A simple google on the subject of weather manipulation returns a massive 220,000 results.  That's a lot of folks with some compelling evidence that may shock you.

Last Edited: February 7, 2008, 7:33 am

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February 7, 2008, 7:08 amMy stats...

spy153ArizonaPick 36-Way Box7-9-09-0-7



spy153ConnecticutPlay 33-Way Box2-2-92-9-2



spy153FloridaCash 3Straight + 6-Way Box7-3-97-3-9



spy153IllinoisMidday 36-Way Box2-8-02-0-8



spy153IowaMidday 36-Way Box2-8-02-0-8



spy153KentuckyCashball2 + 006-08-25-28, Cash Ball: 2308-10-20-28, Cash Ball: 20



spy153KentuckyPick 3Straight + 6-Way Box8-1-68-1-6



spy153MichiganDaily 36-Way Box8-6-78-7-6



spy153MichiganFantasy 53 of 501-03-09-20-3301-11-20-24-33



spy153Multi-StateTri-State Megabucks3 of 602-10-15-21-23-2402-10-16-18-23-28



spy153NebraskaPick 36-Way Box1-5-31-3-5



spy153NebraskaPick 36-Way Box3-5-11-3-5



spy153New JerseyPick 36-Way Box2-6-06-2-0



spy153New MexicoPick 36-Way Box7-6-55-7-6



spy153New MexicoRoad Runner Cash3 of 503-07-08-16-3103-05-07-17-31



spy153OklahomaPick 33-Way Box9-6-96-9-9



spy153OregonMegabucks3 of 604-09-11-25-29-3303-04-06-29-33-39



spy153OregonMegabucks3 of 603-06-13-33-35-4703-04-06-29-33-39



spy153TennesseeLotto 53 of 501-14-18-27-3213-14-18-26-32



spy153WisconsinDaily Pick 36-Way Box3-9-00-9-3



I've been busy the past few days...so I will have to work alot today to update my stats and so forth.  I wish I could narrow down my predicitons a bit.  I'm working on it.  That is the purpose of these stats being posted here, so I can analyze them. 

My family is finally out playing tennis.  I've wanting something we could do as a family that would give us all a good amount of exercise.  Yes, I know it was cold outside yesterday.  But that really doesn't make a difference when you are playing a good game.  It actually slows down the process of building up a sweat, which is what I want.  More workout and less miserable.  It is typical to see teenagers playing basketball with their shirts off and dripping in sweat.  Now, I know we want the sweat because it actually produces a rosier outlook for the one doing it, but not in my case.  I believe I can get a good workout without sweating., and still reap the benefits.

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