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August 12, 2009, 3:12 pmalright, sense we got more werido's showing up

sense people think their minds can create reality, i try my best to debunk it once again

how you may add,

by trying their claims at the heart


the root cease of these claiming to create reality, and have it work out


seems to be at thr very core, FEELINGS

if i feel its reality, it is then true


think of it like a video game, your pc or as we call it in the tech field, your Cilent, runs the game


will they are claiming that you Run the show, and Feelings is the 1010101010101 of this reality

change the 10101010 in the video game, and you change its reality


so, by feelings, we create our reality, just like the 1010101 in games, make up that world


so all i have to do, is have such a strong feeling,   and don't mistake this for visualization

if i see my self going up say  hill, by walking, thats worthless

but IF I FEEL my feet going up, and i feel my presence,  on the hill, and standing at the top, FEEL ITS REALITY, and even say add a feeling of a light wind crossing my head/hair, Now thats the core of createing reality,   visualization has nonething to do with it

being a total madman and feeling a whole diff reality is the key to all of it


if am feeling this reality, with such strong feelings, and its the #1 thing taking up my mind, no doubts what so ever, then i Force the 1010101001 of this reality so to speak, to be what i want them to be


i create reality

or at lest the core of what they claim WORKS


so the test, Simple, i win the powerball,   or should  i say, FEELING I WON already


i will lay on my bed, and feel as happy and ever thing i can think of i would feel ATFER I WON a pb


i make that dream, a reality, and feel in its presense, sense i got none thing better to do anyway,


i keep doing it to someone wins this jackpot,


if i win, then i research more, and do the test 1 more time on a major jackpot

, to make sure its some thing like  god playing a joke on me, saying how cute, he thinks he creates reality, i miss with him a little, this will be fun!


o, i guest i should remake, a other core belief is we are God, or just  I am, and i create reality, god does in feelings,  or he is feelings,  if i wanted love, their no better way then to FEEL beloved

hance love will come your way

its a other way of saying, FEELINGS are the best way to ask for things,


if god was to give me anything i wanted,such as the fav bible quote, of ask and it be given

if i asked for a pet sake, i would regert when i get biten

but if i ask in feelings,

such as how would i feel if i have SUCH  a kickass sake, hes so friendly and loves to hang around me

,  that kind of snake, righto  you got it


feelings is the perfect way to ask for stuff


if i want money, i just FEEL FITHY RICH,  even if you bitch slaped me with reality, i feel Rich, hance, this reality, will givein, it must, it runs off my spirit


thats a other thing, getting in to the spirit of things

is feeling once again


i cant know you, onless I AM YOU, same thing goes for states, if our feelings create reality

we have to know them by spirit, and that is BECOME THEM

to be rich, i must be rich in feelings,   if am to win the PB, i must be in the feelings i won it and have that happyness now


in true comman sense, its being a total madman

you create your own reality, and don't give a rats ass, anyone else view,  total crazy,



o and i may add, their a quote in the bible saying god will not be mocked

so if i feel the reality of it, and have it as my reality only, no doubts so forth

by hes own words, he will give it to me, sense he is NOT MOCKED, or my higher self is not mocked


so all i got to say is,

if i got a higher self, bring it, lets see f you wont be mocked

, cease am going to put you to the test reality, if am the cease of ever thing in my life,or my FEELINGS are the cease of life

your going to show your self, as  the cease's of reality

feelings wont be mocked, but i sure can TRY, believe it

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August 19, 2007, 4:06 pmhacking life

project hack life

to "force" life to do my bidding

hacking life, believe it


Last Edited: August 19, 2007, 4:23 pm

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