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July 20, 2006, 11:31 amWhen will Hezbullah Strike in The USA?

They will stike as soon as Iran has the nuclear weapons ready. They will start blowing stuff up malls, office buildings, trains and planes out of the skies to create panic. Then knowing how weak the American politicians are.....they will threaten to wipe Israel off the map with their nukes if the US does anything to Iran in response to their terrorism. They will play the blackmail game and the spineless America politicians will fall in line. The Americans will continue to bury their heads in the sand as they did when the Worl Trade Center was hit the first time.....they will bury their heads....as if doing so will solve the problems. But as was seen in 2001....this self denial only makes the problem worse......then our children are forced to deal with the mess we have left behind. It's like someone who runs their credit card bill to the max....the interests adds up and adds up.....and they all that debt is left for the children to pay off. That is exactly what these politicians are doing. For the sake of appeasement.....they are screwing with the future of their own children. Then when they are old and dying.....they begg forgivenesss for not having acted before....it is too late then.

This is the future that awaits America if it does not act now to cut this Iranian tree down before it goes nuclear.
Unlike other past nuclear powers....you had rational sane people who were also interested in their own survival....so mutually assurd destruction worked......with these crazy babaric fools still stuck in an ancient millenium..... they do not care about living or dying, as long as they cause mass casualties in the west. They crave the blood of the west...they crave to convert the entire world to Islam. They feed on the weakness they see in the eyes of the west.....and it is this very weakness of the western powers to act now, that will cause us unimaginable bloodshed in the near future.
The end of civilization as you know it today is on the horizon.....we are doomed to worldwide chaos, the world of MADMAX will become real, simply because we lack the vision and the sense to move against these religious fanatics.


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