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thinreality's Blog

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July 26, 2006, 9:23 pmQuickly Picking a Dream

After the latest no-hitters (and no I'm not talking about tonight's baseball game), I've decided to just buy quick picks from here on out.  A fresh round of QP's each game.  I feel like the universe is just too random for me to ever hope to be able to accurately predict how those tricky numbers are going to line up.  It seems bad mojo to keep a QP in play beyond it's 'freshness' date (meaning the game for which it was originally chosen).

Sure, there are people who've won with numbers chosen on purpose.  But something tells me I won't ever be one of them.  Firstly, I don't really have any birthday dates to use.  Sure, I have family with birthdays, but most of them fall in the same week of the same month.  Weird, I know, and completely unusable for lottery purposes.  I don't have any lucky numbers (save the elusive ones that will win the jackpot) and I have no knack for randomizing numbers on command.  I once dreamed a three number combination, but I wasn't sure if it was the first three numbers or the last three and I when I played them, they never won.

QP's are my strategy from here on out. Whatever strategy you choose to use,  I wish you the best of luck.

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July 17, 2006, 5:47 amMissing cues

I had a good thing going in predictions.  My first two netted wins.  The third was a screw up.  I had posted my picks here on LP, but due to someone dropping the ball, my numbers didn't get played on Wednesday.  (Note to self: never send anyone else to play your numbers.) So I played them on Saturday instead and they netted a win, matching 3+0. 

The pb jackpot is up to $23 million. Okay, yeah, they say it's $100 million, but that's like saying I make 20k a year when I'm living off 14k after taxes.  I never count as income the amount taken in taxes.  It's playing pretend to believe the jackpot is $100 million if you can never GET $100 million.  And in this case you can't even get $45 million (the amount the pb folks have on hand to payout), because you lose nearly half of that in taxes.

So if someone wins the jackpot they can expect to receive $23 million. Doesn't sound as great as $100 million, but it would still solve all my problems.

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