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July 20, 2008, 5:41 amYou name it I'm sick of it

There has been reems of material written about global warming over the past few years but I do not see one thing that has been written about where the real heat is coming from.

It one wants to see the real story about global warming, one only has to follow the money that is being made trying to scare everyone into spending millions to combat an impossible situation.

Carbon offsets are the biggest joke of this new century.

Did you know, that the real heat producer is the earth itself. In any given moment the earth produces more that 31 terawatts of energy?

Did you know, as a comparison, that the United States produces about 0.3 terawatts of energy at any given moment?

Did you know that humans at rest produce 120 watts per hour and there are 6.68 billion of us on the planet?

Did you know that all the highways and bulidings on this planet reflect back tremendous amounts of heat?

Did you know that emerging countries produce much more heat than the U S ever thought about?  I am speaking about countries like China which do not care about global warming just moving quickly into the 21st century by whatever means are available.

If we are really serious about doing something about global warming lets plug all the volcanos, reduce the population by 1/2, stop all further expansion of emerging countries and turn off all the air conditioners and other heat producing devices in this country and limit the use of automobiles to 10 miles a day per person.

Obviously, all that would meet with a lot of screaming and yelling and serious resistance.

The game we are playing is once again feel good politics and the pursuit of power and wealth at the expense of the already taxed to death poor. 

No one has looked at anything other than their wallets.

By the way almost half of the heat produced by the earth comes from inside it.  What should we do plug all the holes in the planet and stop the heat from escaping. 

This effort to stop global warming is like disposing of one grain of sand on a beach.  It will do nothing to counteract the problem or save the planet.  However, it has the potential to make many more millionaires.

In conclusion, computers are huge heat producers with all kinds of them being used to propel the lottery.  Anyone for shutting them down to reduce heat to the planet?


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August 28, 2006, 6:21 pmWhat kind of success should I expect

Good day all:

 Today I became a member of lottery post.  I am very interested in this site because it seems to be the most comprehensive I have seen to date. 

 It is put together very well and so far I have enjoyed reading many of the blogs.  It appears that folks that use this site are very well versed in how best to play the lottery and are extremely smart.

Since I am a novice I would appreciate some feed back on some initial questions I have regarding the process.

If anyone cares to answer I wonder how much one should play per day to expect even a minimal amount of success?  Put another way how it the best way to manage your money and what is a reasonable stake to start with.

Do the various lotto games offer the player any change to really win consistantly or are we kidding ourselves into thinking we picked the correct number when all  our work only produced a random number that we picked by nothing more than blind luck?

Finally, can anyone define consistant winning?  Does it mean twice a week once a year and how successful should one expect to be?

I am only asking so I will have a grasp of what my expectations should be.




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