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March 16, 2010, 11:07 pm4/28/2010


Last Edited: March 16, 2010, 11:10 pm

Entry #3

September 16, 2007, 2:55 pmAnother step towards the jackpot.

I posted a blog a few days ago, explaining that I repeatedly got the feeling that my Pick 5/Pick 6 system just can't get any better, and that it has reached it's peak, only to come across yet another algorithm that takes my system yet another huge step forward. I thought this deserved it's own blog entry because last night I was skimming through past results like I usually do when I try to find more algorithms to put into my program, and I saw 2 different set characteristics that I hadn't bothered to look at before because I thought they wouldn't be very effective when it came time to run my simulations. Boy was I wrong. Something told me to give it a try. So the first thing I do when I find something to test out, I get a piece of paper and collect the data from each past drawing. Last night I spent about 2 hours doing this. This morning I coded 2 different algorithms into my program, each based off 1 of the 2 set characteristics. I decided to temporarily remove all my other algorithms from the if statement, leaving just those 2, just see how strong these 2 algorithms were. The results were nothing short of shocking. The 2 algorithms I added were stronger than all my other algorithms combined, 5 TIMES OVER. I'm still in shock at this very moment. For anyone who wants to take their system to the extreme, I recommend picking up a computer programming book(I recommend C++) and start making your own algorithms. Going from paper to code can show much better results, but you MUST remember that you will need to start looking for things that aren't so obvious to the average person looking at a piece of paper with past results on them. You MUST be able to inspect the most extreme details of past results, and believe me, there are some very interesting details to look at.

Last Edited: September 16, 2007, 2:57 pm

Entry #2

September 11, 2007, 1:21 pmI feel a jackpot win coming.

It seems like every time I come up with an algorithm to add to my program that makes me think "Gee, it can't get any better than this.", I always end up finding another one and the thought keeps repeating itself. I have applied my system primarily on Pick 5 and Pick 6. Most of the algorithms I've come up with can be applied to both Pick 5 and Pick 6. Each program for the 2 games receives it's own copy of a newly created algorithm, with appropriate changes made to each game's copy. A few months ago, the simulations I was running for both games were showing "potential" odds of 90% or better. I am very excited to say now that the simulations are showing even better numbers. However, there are pitfalls when using a higher aggression of filtering. A higher aggression of filtering can also mean less hits on lower tier prizes other than the jackpot. For example, the prizes and odds for Hoosier Lotto is:

Pick 6 of 48
Match 6 OF 6 JACKPOT1:12,271,512
Match 5 OF 6Approximately $1,000 (Pari-Mutuel)1:48,696
Match 4 OF                  6Approximately                  $40 (Pari-Mutuel)1:950.18
Match 3 OF 6$31:53.45
Match 2 OF 6Free Quick Pick1:7.31

With mild aggression filtering, I can frequently get several 2 of 6's and 3 of 6's playing $10 on Hoosier Lotto, but since I'm going after the jackpot, I've decided to make the aggression high. When I say make the aggression high, I mean making the algorithms look for sets with more specific defined characteristics. This will in effect eliminate sets that could possibly win lower tier prizes, but at the same time increase the chance of choosing a set that could potentially be a jackpot winner. The main reason I'm excited more than ever is because the recently added algorithms has allowed me to lower the aggression on many of my other algorithms, but at the same time giving me "potential" odds that are still 90% or better. I feel as if a jackpot win is getting closer.Big Grin
Entry #1
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