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January 8, 2007, 7:51 pmMike

I have found Lotto Buster to be  superb. It is amazing how it does so many things and it was so low priced. I have used it since 2002. I am from Ohio and I put all of the evening pick-3 results in it. It went back to Dec. 1979. I found that the pick-3 results have been consistent throughout all those years. Lotto Buster tells me how many times a set of 3 has hit boxed and how it hit straight and even allows me to figure the days of the week that it hits most often. This is needed information if you are cutting the odds and determined to win. The wheels are great. I do a wheel for my split with other people on the big mega million. I can tell you with a wheel you do not win often, but when you do you win, you win all over your ticket. On the Ohio Super Lotto before it was terminated we won some money. We played a 28 line wheel, but the guys got cheap and only wanted to play 10 lines of it. The wheel hit solid. Out of the 10 lines we played we had one 5, and five 4's. All six was on the 18th line that we did not play. That is how a wheel works. Try and buy a lotto program that has wheels and you really pay. I have bought other programs that were the same price as Lotto Buster and they did not contain wheels and although they had some good features they were far behind Lotto Buster. I am very very happy with this program. I could write a lot more about it, but I am out of time.

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