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September 8, 2005, 8:44 pmNumbers, numbers numbers

I'm feeling great today.  I had some cosmetic work done on the house today.  When I finish the house I think I might get some cosmetic work done on me....heheheheh. 

I finally got off a real nasty drug, prescribed by a doctor, effexor.  I can actually feel now!  I should have know better...my people believe in natural remedies... I think a large portion of today's prescription drugs only make the drug companies feel better,  they are not good for "we the people."  With those mind altering drugs in me, I can see numbers more clearly.

Numbers to watch now are 845, 110,223,332, 106,267 & 33X -89x.  They will be everywhere!  The numbers 110 and 267 like to hang around together for some reason.  Now if I can just put these bad actors in the right state at the right time...oh happy day!  I know I will get them together soon.  I know that 223/332 mirrors (778/887) like to show out too.

Oh well, I'm keping my eye on these bad actors for the entire month to see if I can catch a few of them and claim the reward money!              Later for now!

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September 2, 2005, 4:40 pmOur Families & Friends in Areas Affected by Katrina & Other Disasters

My motto is and has always been,  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  Now is a prime opportunity to reach out and touch someone - any way (big or small), we can help the victims affected by the Katrina and other disasters.  I offer prayers for all first, and any materiel support (money donations, my house, food, water, & shelter) to as many as I can reach.  We take soooooooo much for granted in our daily lives. We often complain about the lack of new shoes and forget about our neighbor who does not have feet to put old shoes on... (we can at least share socks to cover the neighbor’s stumps.) 


My heart goes out to all those lived in or who have family and/or friends in the areas Katrina visited.  I have some friends that lived in Biloxi, MS., and I am thankful that I can be here for them! 


We need a national prayer day for America!  Between the Wars and local disasters, America's only saving grace is to return to the basics our forefathers' claim to have built this county on - PRAYER, Belief in GOD & caring/respecting each other and our neighbors!    I pray that GOD has Mercy on all of us!



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September 2, 2005, 3:36 pmTime to DDDT ("Do 'Dis Darn Thing")

This is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  Today is the fisrt day of the rest of my fashion life.  I will "peddle panties" with great gusto!  My "panty pushing" took a back seat to my significant other, grandchildren and school for more than a  year.  The time to get to the business is now!  My first business priority is superior customer care; second, is building a super team, throughout Georgia and surrounding states, of individuals who will support superior customer care; and third, we as a team will bring/take some joy and fun into the homes/lives of others during these trying times.

Until the next tiime, we'll just DDDT.

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