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March 19, 2007, 11:45 amPowerball winning formula for St. Patrick's Day

The winning powerball numbers on St. Patricks day were 7 17 44 47 54 with a powerball of 3.  A _very_ interesting set of numbers to me.
Many times I come up with a simple formula for the winning powerball numbers "after" the drawing.  Wish I could see these things before the drawing.  This past Saturday's powerball drawing had a somewhat simple formula, but I'll admit it's a little bit of a stretch compared to some previous winning combinations.  A 5 number match is pretty easy here.  Here's the simple formula to match 5.  What we'll do is alternate between 'moving' to the next lucky number and 'adding' a lucky number to get to the next number.  When you think of St. Patricks day and a lucky number, of course you think of number 7.  So we'll start with that.  Now lets 'move' to the next number that has our lucky number 7 in it.  Well, that would be 17.  Interesting also that the drawing was on the 17th?!  So we have 7 and 17.  The next number in line containing our lucky number is 27.  But like I said, we are going to alternate between 'moving' to the next number and 'adding' a lucky number to get the next number.  So lets 'add' 27 to 17 and that gives us 44.  Ok now we have 3 numbers, 7 17 and 44.  Lets 'move' to the next number that has our lucky number in it, 47.  Well, now we've got 7 17 44 and 47.  And for our last number we will 'add' our lucky number 7 to 47 to give us 54.  Congratulations, you have just matched 5 numbers.  With powerplay, you'd have $600,000.  But of course, we all want the BIG jackpot.  Both the powerplay and powerball were 3 this time.  How does that fit into the formula?  Just look at the date of St. Patricks day and the powerball drawing....March 17th, or 3/17 - there's your 3!!


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