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chezel30's Blog

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June 24, 2007, 4:44 ami love this site

as you are aware i am new to this site but i am loveing it, its great i find i can have a say and get great informative info on what others have to say and share. it has a very friendly appeal it feels like everyone are great friends and we can talk about our common interest and goals esspecialy the lotto and our true feelings about it. i feel like i now belong to a friendly community. you guys are all great.Thumbs Up

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June 23, 2007, 6:55 amwhat ever happend to freedom of speach

Rant  what ever happend to freedom of speach it seems you cannot say anything even on the internet. sorry guys but i am annoyed i just went to another forum i became a member of last week and i have been banded for life i have no idea what i said that was wrong and it told me to read the rules so i endevoured to find them and could not i guess you need to be a member to read them.

any way what annoyed me was there was a question and i had a response to let this person know of a way he could achive the result he was looking for. i would write it here only maybe i would get bannded from here as well. anyone who reads my post or blogs if i write the wrong thing please let me know.  this is what i mean i cannot even use the internet for free speach this is getting ridiculous. this did upset me as all's i was trying to do was help my fellow man and i got banned from a site for doing so. i was only giving an answer he wrote the question and what bothers me is they are still sending there add's to my email. so what gives them the right to decide what is wrong or right.

i say bring back our freedom stop taking it from us, it's all control of the masses they don't like it if we have a voice, this is sad and makes for a sad and fearful world.

it stinksBang Head

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June 23, 2007, 4:01 amhappy happy happy

its a happy day today it is my boy's birthday, we had a small gathering of family and enjoyed the social chatter and the blowing out of the candles. i seemed to work harder today then i do normally but im on top of things everything has been done oh what a feeling. life is good and my boy loved his pressy so all in all what a great day.

now i just need to win the saturday lotto over here tonight and it will top the day of in every way possible. more soon, chow

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June 21, 2007, 8:08 amchezel30

well i just wanted to introduce myself and put down some of my belief's

i love people and my view of the world is people need to help people get ahead in this world because lets face it the way things are going is in the wrong direction. i believe employment yes will help you pay your bills and buy you some little luxiouries but most of us want more its ok to want more we are human and it is part of human nature and it is also the driving force behind who we truely are.

i know most people are always looking for some other ways to make extra cash and we start home base business's etc, however we need one that suites who we are my home base business is a lotto sydicate club that pay's me to play, i chose it because everyone already knows the product the governments in most countries advertise it, and i get the joy of showing and telling people how they can better there chances of winning its great. and people can sign up in over 150 countries. so my market is huge

i see network marketing as people helping people get ahead in life, i love to see people doing good in the world and i fully believe we all have it in us to make our futures brighter.

my pet annoyance is why do so many people think network marketing is pyramid selling they do actually teach network marketing at university. in my oppinion this is one of the best ways to finacial freedom there is. but i fully understand people have there belief's and thats fine because that is what makes us the beutiful people that we are.

i also have other intrest i do reiki which is hands on healing i can do distant healings as well my pride and joy is my children whom i love very much, and on that note i shall end my first ever blog hope i did it right.

love use all take care.

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