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September 26, 2007, 9:06 pmRoadwrench



Had a few winners this past week One in the home state of Arizona and a few accurate picks in the tri state on the dates that were indicated (HOPE YOU GUYS TOOK THE PICKS TO THE MACHINE FOR PLAY) and cashed in. If not you can keep watching and checking the blog for state specific dates and picks.

We have a few states that we have hit pretty well in the past two weeks and I'm feeling bad about you east coast states mainly speaking of New Jersey & New York, so what I have done for the last 4 days is heavy analysis on those two and I'm going to list the best 10................. FOR THOSE STATES ONLY!

Now there are only 10 numbers and they are STRAIGHT selections so that's a $10.00 investment per day on a one dollar bet $5.00 if you're playing the .50 bet.

09/27/2007 thru 10/04/2007


746  400

446  396

319 486

110  660

590  366


506  885

511  713

137  792

202  101

492  149

My NATIONAL SELECTIONS will be listed on the predictions page and these numbers look good for ALL states that have pick 3 drawings. Be sure to play them even if it's a 50 cent straight bet!  That's $250.00 folks


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September 25, 2007, 2:02 pmRoadwrench

Well it seems that this current set of numbers has run it's course as the Moon is entering a new phase, but we did have some straight hits in the latter part of last week in the specified states PLUS a few others as well, including MY HOME STATE AZ.

I'm going to let this same set float here for another day or so as I do the number thing and watch the moon phase, to determine where we go from here.  As it appears here today I got some really HOT numbers coming up in the next few days that should GUARANTEE some straight bets in about 4 states. 

KEEP WATCHING FOR THOSE TO BE  ANNOUNCED within the next few days.                ONLY HERE ON THE BLOG !

Check in here daily  for the HOTTEST STATES to play the numbers.  My posted numbers are consistent for ALL states based on patterns and moon phase calculations, but there sometimes is an indicator from exact positioning and time of day that will PINPOINT WINNERS for specific states. I really don't know which those are until several minutes before midnight in the different time zones and I must wait for a whole day to pass before posting those states!  Sounds weird to some but check out last week, I hit it hard right on the head of the nail !  IT DOES WORK !

Watch for my new set of selected numbers coming Thursday Morning on the predictions page  (They are the consistants by calculation for every state) We do this once per week and GUARANTEE STRAIGHT HITS EACH AND EVERY WEEK for some states NOT ALL, but the numbers are good plays.  And we only post the top 15 to keep it affordable yet making you a profit.  $15.00 per day ALL STRAIGHT PICKS

GOOD LUCK in your selections regardless of where you choose to get them, but remember to come back here for GUARANTEED STATES & DATES

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September 22, 2007, 10:19 pmRoadwrench




(Tri-State, Connecticut)  I knew it was coming and I knew it was today as my previous blog clearly indicates. and to boot my Georgia selection was off on that last darn number or I'd a had a TriFecta!.    The moon is right and we're not changing a thing with theses selections until things get goofy.

I normally don't come on here on the weekends but just thought I pop in to see if any of you cashed in on my GUARANTEED'S.  So far nothing as far as good reports, but you're probably out celebrating the winnings. GOOD FOR YOU if you did it, and for those who didn't but now will don't forget......Save that BOX TICKET MONEY and play a straight one. ALL OF MY SELECTIONS are for STRAIGHT BETS. (but if you feel comfortable boxing then feel free. I try to keep it affordable by only posting my BEST 15 and therefore you're not spending a whole lot to make a hit.

Check back in on Monday night when I'll be updating the blog and looking for my winning followers.  We had a slow streak going there for a few days but if that didn't happen something would be wrong.  I use the MOON believe it or not (some say I'm crazy) but it works and yesterday blog entry and today's result board have to make ya think huh?

Get out and play those 15 numbers because they are BOILING HOT at this point in time and can shut down in a heartbeat !  Right now there great so get it while you can and come back and let everyone know who gave you the winning combos.

See you Monday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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September 22, 2007, 4:02 amRoadwrench


 Sorry for not being on the blog all week but I had and still have a lot of personal issues on my plate, but I wanted to stop by and update everyone on the numbers.

Tuff week here with the numbers.. I gotta revamp these baby's for the upcoming week. it seems that my various state picks are very close but always off by one number as was the case friday in many states! I did however HIT my home state Arizona (which by the way I concentrate the heaviest on) I had a STRAIGHT & BOX selected 236 and we cashed another ticket.


Saturdays numbers seem to be just about the same as fridays and I'm going to predict the same exact numbers to finish the week out. Lots were very close and they seem to be in the same pattern so we're keeping them unchanged until Monday. Funny thing is ALL THE STATES are really close so that's why I'm posting NATIONALS rather that state specific picks.


The feeling is of great confidence that we're going to hit a few STRAIGHT PICKS today and especially you players in the TRI STATES  (You are way OVERDUE) Don't be afraid to use my selections today, It's ONLY $15.00 because all my selections are STRAIGHT selections and you guys are DUE BIG TIME(Don't say I didn't tell you) when it comes up) !



 HOTTEST STATES are in Georgia, Connecticut and Arizona as of late.

See you all next week on the blog and don't forget to post up your success stories

Last Edited: September 22, 2007, 4:15 am

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September 16, 2007, 2:14 amRoadwrench



State specific pick 3 selections. Sundays picks are still the same numbers as this previous weeks picks but you states that have the Sunday drawing will have to wait till sunday night for your monday selections.

We're going to make some money now folks now that I finally got em up for each state

Being it's Sunday today and the work involved analysing all the states I had no time to post 3 specifics today, so what I'm offering up for today is the HOTTEST NUMBER from my analysis of all the states.

TODAY  09/16/2007 I want everyone to hit the number  1 0 7 (ALL STATES)

This number surpasses this weeks NATIONAL HOTTIE by far and wide margins !!!

This is:  ONE NUMBER THAT'S HOTTER THAN HOT.................  (Today it comes on very very strong)


GOOD LUCK FOLKS...................... and don't forget from here on the blog is to RANT or RAVE about your results using my selections !

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September 15, 2007, 4:12 amRoadwrench

Well the numbers have gone completely berzerk here at the end of the week.  We started off great for the Maryland gang but MAN has it gone south ever since. This weeks HOTTIE  (031) didn't make the grade but the trend still seems to be in it's favor to pop so I'm giving it a few more days on the list here.

Seems like 102 and 250 went wild this past week and fit the bill for inclusion in the pick 3 scheme of things not in those orders but the numbers are hot in the US at the present time

SATURDAY  09/15/2007

 I'm selecting TEXAS, OKLAHOMA, KENTUCKY, & SOUTH CAROLINA as the Pick 3 Hot Spots and the numbers to play there are as follows:

251, 128, 527, 423, 107, 992, 988, 302, 773, 859

THE NATIONWIDE HOTTIE REMAINS  031 .......................... (This one should be considered in all lottery drawings in the US & Canada)

Don't forget to check my selections on the PREDICTIONS PAGE starting Monday.  I will be posting the best 10 for each state instead of just selecting 3 or 4 on the blog here.  We'll utilize this space here for RANTS & RAVES on my selections and your results only.

 See you all again Saturday night with Sundays picks right here on Lotterypost

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September 14, 2007, 2:26 amRoadwrench


Well not much to speak of for yesterday's predictions, had two numbers in many many states and although my Kansas, Missouri and, Tennessee predictions didn't hit,  the rhythm is still intact, so we're not changing anything in the way were selecting the digits. 

Now on to that.......................... and by the way check out my stats for highest lifetime hits I'm now in the TOP 9 and plan on climbing as the weeks progress here on Lotterypost.com.  ALSO I will be posting STATE SPECIFIC picks come next week. I was unaware of the ability to do that when I began posting last week and my slots were filled because I selected the same numbers for every single state. You won't have to come here anymore for those because I will have those specific picks for you on the predictions page................. Where they belong really, but for now we'll work here  NO BIGGIE !

Friday I got some digits I feel real confident about in the following FOUR states.  I usually do three only, but I got a special request today from a follower in MASS so I took the time to see if I can't get him a winner since he's been runnin on empty for a while.  Best of luck to him and all you others in my selected states.........


Friday looks good in  TEXAS, INDIANA, IOWA, and MASS. and the following look good in each of those four states:

031  (still the national "HOTTIE")  but it's fading............. (Trends are changing and it may fizzle after today)










Ok friends, the work has been done for you and the digits are posted, check my stats and YOU decide if you wanna roll with them or go with you own.  Best of luck to all of you regardless of where you get your numbers ALL I ask is that you come back here and tell everyone about your WIN !!!!!!

NOW GO GET EM  and we'll see you tomorrow night arond midnight MST right here on LP.com

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September 13, 2007, 2:59 amRoadwrench


Well my good friendly followers from Maryland I hope you guys played my selections for your state today .  If you did you're $500.00 happier today !

Hope I did you well and you prospered.  Sorry to my Washington & North Carolina followers. We can't hit em all the time but usually ONE of my states hits a STRAIGHT BET so always keep that in mind when your state is specifically selected, and Hey......... it's only $10.00 to cover em all.....  Not bad odds if ya ask me !  and    We usually cap one anyways!


Today, NO MARYLAND picks except my national HOTTIE is looking good throughout the USA  that being  031  I would not be letting that one go for maybe a few more days.  It's a real hottie right now, .............. AND........ those triple deuces are another one way over due. If ya got the extra cash lay one down on those as well.  TODAY's selections are for MISSOURI / KANSAS / TENNESSEE  check those out for statistic reasons and especially if you live there for those selections !

No specials in your home state of Maryland today but my nationals are usually good to go off of if you're not sure what to go on. Go to my predictions and check them out as well.

See you all tomorrow night around midnight MST for the state specific specials  Check back then and GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!

Last Edited: September 13, 2007, 3:07 am

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