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June 6, 2008, 4:46 pmI dunno why, but this amused me... Is that wrong?

It's mainly the story from the first link below followed by the second story from almost a year later about 50 (as of 1998) year old Mike Antonucci, a winner of a £2.8 million (roughly $5.6 million US) lottery jackpot. I was just going to copy and paste the stories in full but I think for space sake, this is probably a better idea.

First the "happy" story on how he married a 22 year old former glamor model and everything was great.

Here's a quote that amused me: "Before anyone else says it... I will," says Mike as he gives her handanother gentle squeeze. "She is no gold-digger. "Anyway," he laughs, "Idon't care if she is after me for my money."



Then a year later... Not so much. I'm sure you can guess how things turned out. It lasted a whole three months partially because he wasn't getting any. I guess he started caring when he wasn't getting anything out of it. >_>



I guess she didn't like being called a "gold digger" because then almost another year later she successfully sued a magazine that called her that.



And for closure, a story from last year about Mr. Antonucci going back to work. At least he seems to be doing alright, fine with where he is and not completely broke living on the streets or dead.




EDIT: Then I notice why I didn't see an option to edit this before, I was viewing it from the "view comments" section. Roll Eyes Now if only I could edit my comment..

Last Edited: June 7, 2008, 3:25 am

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