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September 20, 2007, 11:53 pmDirector

Hello Lottery Post Family,

    I'm new to the scene, but I feel the same discontent in the fact that Rebecca need's to get to steppin and return more of our money that she obviously in swindling amongst her friend's.

    I feel as gambler's if we're going to be screwed let us have a kiss first.  She's obviously not going to do anything but contuine to screw over our hard earned dollars.  Of course, we as gambler's realize that gambling is a form of entertainment.  So let us entertain ourselves and Rebecca PLEASE STEP DOWN!

    Rumor has it that you (Rebecca) had problem's with the Georgia lottery system.  Now you've moved down a state to Tennessee, we don't need you changing the rules of the games with your fixed computerized system.  The bingo balls were working just fine.  We realize they are probably loaded also but, at least we get to see what's going on with a live drawing.

  Lottery Post family we should demand that she (Rebecca) make's an apperance at an open forum , so that our voices and concern's can be heard.

  Talk to you later Lottery Post Family,

                                                      More Money Now$$$$$$$$$$


Last Edited: September 20, 2007, 11:57 pm

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