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January 18, 2008, 8:42 amLet me Introduce myself

Well, I was born and raised in NYC. I'm Puertorican and have been playing numbers since I was over 18 years old. My mother use to play the illegal pick 3. I think I got the 'bug' to play because of her. Anyway, the ideal of winning big with only $1.00 is alluring to most of us. As I got older I started to play more in hope of hitting the Jackpot but to be quite honest, I never really dedicated myself totally to the goal of hitting the jackpot. Most people play the lottery with the "I hope" "If" attitude instead of "I will" attitude. I have been guilty of this myself. For a long,long,long time I've felt that one of my destiny is to hit a jackpot. It's a feeling I can't explain but those of you that have it know what I mean. It's not a feeling that's just passing but a deep,deep,deep thing inside you, that even you yourself can't explain. One of my destiny was realized 1 year 9 months ago. For a long time since I was in my late teens I felt a love for chinese characters and wanted to learn how to speak chinese. I felt it was my destiny. It's that thing you can't explain to just anybody because most people don't believe in that kind of stuff. My feeling was so strong that it took me a long,long, long time to achieve it. My family didn't understand why a Puertorican would be interested in learning chinese let alone go to China to study it. I decided to quit my job, borrow some money and come to Kunming, China. Well, 1 year and 9 months later. I went to school to study chinese (for 1 year) and I meet my new wife (we were married Sept. 28, 2007. I feel a peace inside me . It's as if a weight was lifted. On to the next destiny to be fulfill. I've always been living paycheck to paycheck. Working to pay the bills like most people in America. I was married before and that fail and been through my share of dissappoints. The other destiny  MUST be fulfill. The higher powers are preparing me. I'm playing the china lottery. Here they have three lottery games. The first one is a lotto five game. There's 22 numbers and you have to pick 5. This is an everyday game. The second game is a 30/7. You have to pick 7 numbers to get the jackpot.the last one is 33/16 . This is the game the student won and quit school(It's posted in LP). This is of course the hardest. I'm trying my strategy with the 22 and 30 game first. I will blog my progress and put up my ideas for those who care to look at or share.

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