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My 3D picks for 8-2

Last nights number was 910. No winner for me.

Entry #130

My 3D for 8/1

Last night's 3D was 769. No winner for me. Front pair 65x and x57 are long overdue. XX7 is also way overdue.

Playing these for tonight:

Entry #129

My 3D picks for 7/31

Last night's number (7/30) was 804. Going with these for 7/31:

Entry #128

Why I stop posting .

China blocks certain sites or they throttle sites so that it's hard to connect. I get so frustrated that I stop posting. One day if I move back to the States, I will post everday.

Entry #126


Feeling a little burnt out. Think I'm gonna take a break.

Entry #125


That full moon is kicking ass with the 0,3,6,9!!!!!!Bang Head It's got me all confused!

I'm playing 3D:661,665,335,333(if not sold out)

I'm playing 3P: 499,990,999,666

I might need to take a break if my brain gets cluttered. I got to keep it within my budget. 

I don't want to spend all my winning too fast. Yes Nod

Entry #124


Came close with that 519 I played Bang Head

For 3D I'm playing: 666 (sumroot 18) 661(sumroot 13). These two sumroot are overdue so I'm giving them a try.

I'm not feeling it lately because of my near misses in the past 3-4 days.


For 3P I'm playing: 469,946,666,949. My brain is exhausted. Might play a little less or not at all for a day.

Entry #123


Playing these for 3D: 517,535 (sumroot 13)


I played 130 straight the day before for 3P.Bang Head

Playing these for 3P:223,666,999,996,991 ( I have a feeling that a triple is going fall next. Crazy) Don't know if any of the these triple will be sold out tomorrow.

Entry #122

3D-754/3P-301 (played it 130 str. so I didn't hit)

WTF!Bang Head Yesterday's 3D number (754) was the same as tonight's! I'm not playing any 3D numbers for tomorrow. That's messed up!

I'll be playing:

3P-430,133,410 (looking for sumroot '7') I play using positional strategy so I don't usually play box. 

The time will come when I have extra money to always play straight/box tickets.

Entry #121

3D-754/3P-066 2/15/19- No Hit


3D-067 (Sumroot 13 is overdue)

      445 (Sumroot 13 is overdue)



     130 ( Sumroot 4 is overdue)

Entry #120

3D-988/3P-048 No hit

I played 988 for the Pick 3 3P because sumroot 25 is way overdue not thinking to play it for the other Pick 3 lottery game (3D). I usually don't mixed them up. I see them as separate games with separate histories.

I'm looking to use 'sumroot' as a basis to get winning numbers. I'm not use to using this tool so I'll have to study the patterns.

I'm playing:

3D-067,069 (ft. rt. 6 plus sumroot of 13 & 15)

Here I'm looking for ft. rt. 4 (13x)


Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Entry #119

3D-756/3P-699 2/13/2019

Almost had it! Played the 799-3P. Oh well.

I'll be playing both Pick 3 lotteries since I have some cash to spare. Ha.Ha. (20 yuan budget).

My picks for 3D pick 3 are:

517,513,963,965,515,969 (looking for rt. 6 front pair)


My picks for 3P pick 3 are:

980, 988, 986, 983 (looking for rt. 8 front pair)

Entry #118
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