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June 3, 2010, 2:45 pmPut up or shut up

Prior to finding Lottery Post web site, I was locked in a box. I had been

playing Lottery games for years with limited success. You see I only had

a few options available. Purchase Gail Howard's method or a handful of

thrown together manuals on wining the Lottery. I searched and found

Lottery Post . My winning's increased within month's of Logging in.

Recently I noticed posters submitting their ideas or systems and getting

blasted . What I mean is people posting negative comments about

what they read on the thread. I know that once you put a theory out there

you are subject to critics, yet after doing this myself in the past I have my

regrets. You see, I came with only one method (looked in a box). After

reading thousands of post's I have gained so much formation, each

contribution is a plus in my book.  It's like a reciepe for choc chip cookies..

I have a reciepe that's good but someone may have one with an ingredient

that I lack. That person's  addition of choc extract just could make my cookies

fantastic!   So I take a pledge not to bash a person for submitting their ideas

(no matter how strange or silly) . Each tool,suggestion or idea makes me a

better player  in the game I love ....Pick 3..... I first came to this site and

posed a question to one of the Very Best Posters... Could I retire playing

the daily game only....I believe it is possible!!! SO this month I will put or

shut up. LOL.... I will use all the tools and only post 4 numbers for my

state's game. I will set my goal at 6 fiqures in wins for the month of

June 2010. I will determine what digit to place in front of 00,000. In the

coming days I will post that goal...cause you can have a great plan,yet

if it lacks vision , your chances of success are limited at best.  A member

pointed out that winning often is just as good or better then winning big

every once in a while. I smiled ..they had me pegged! After much thought

I will take the big win and play for winning often. Perhaps this won't get

read by many. Perhaps I will be the only one who retired playing the

Pick 3. The great thing about all of this is that all things are possible.

Sooooo the next time I see someone with a post that seems a little

wacky ...I will just smile and see if any information can help me reach

my goal.  How about $40,000 in wins this month ...Not enough to reitre

but a good start. hey let's break it down I have to win 4 times this month

and wager $20.00 each time I bet (500x 20=$10,000) . I will let you know.

In the meantime Win Big everyone. Coffee

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April 20, 2008, 7:02 pmHitting The Good Numbers

First blog entry. I am excited! I have reached my goal in daily game winnings June 16th 2008 7:58 pst. Many wins to all who play! May we continue to help each other win BigCoffee

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March 30, 2008, 6:05 pmdailiy game

Today's numbers wa daily game are 402,724,792,029,794,407,405,722,036,404,405 and 40 f.pair

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