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mugglemin's Blog

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April 5, 2008, 3:11 pmoh yeah

I really like to play the lottery.  I just started playing the Oklahoma cash 5 earlier this week. I won $10. On Thursday I won a free ticket.

The cash 5 numbers that I play are 3-4-9-16-19. This stands for 3-16-1949 which is Victor Garber's birthday. He is my favorite actor.

I also play 2-4-5-28-30 which is the age of my neices, me and my brother. the 5 stands for my parents who are 51 and 53.

I also play several cash 5 quick picks.

I also play the Hot Lotto and the Powerball. We shall see what I win tonight if anything.

The Hot Lotto numbers that I pick are: 3-4-9-16-19 HB is 5. This stands for Victor Garber. He is my favorite actor. He is 59 years old which is why the hotball is 5.

I also do several Hot Lotto quick picks.

The powerball numbers are 3-5-16-19-49 PB is 9. This stands for Victor Garber.

I also play 4-28-30-51-53 PB is 2. This stands for my parents, me, my brother and my neices.

I also do several powerball quick picks.

I will post my winnings tonight! If I win anything...

Last Edited: April 5, 2008, 3:15 pm

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