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December 30, 2008, 9:25 pmIf You Choose You Lose

I am very angry and upset with the Tennessee Lottery. For the month of December odd numbers have not lead in the evening pick three but eight times. The average lottery player overlooks these things. However when you start to study the numbers you realize the game is unfair and the Tennessee Lottery becomes almost impossible to win. The payouts are decreasing daily and it is not because people are not playing, but the people governing the lottery are getting greedier. Who is policeing the lottery? More than likely the government and they are probably getting a few extra kickbacks. Bottom line is, "PAYOUT DOES NOT EQUAL WHAT PLAYERS PUT IN." Citizens of Tennessee are being deceived by the Tennessee Lottery and they say it is for education. I believe it is for the greedy C.E.O's like Rebecca Hargrove. If she wants bonuses for doing nothing AIG is hiring. Players need to know when they choose to play the Tennessee Lottery there is a big chance they are playing to lose.

Thought of the day: "Only the greedy get caught"

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April 14, 2008, 11:44 amManipulative And Deception

The state lotteries  are supposed to benefit the education of students. However who really benefits? I am a member of a local group the Tennessee Lottery Watch Dogs. At some point our group will hopefully prove that the government is manipulating and deceiving people through the state lottery. We will spend whatever amount of money that is necessary to prove our allegations. Can you imagine the government ripping off the American people and C.E.O.'s such as Rebecca Hargrove making over a quarter of a million dollars a year. If it is done in the name of education why is she earning so much, I wonder would she volunteer to do it or take a cut in pay. The school teachers are the ones who could use a salary increase. The drawings are unfair and the rules and regulations are not set to be fair for the players. You can believe that the manipulation and deception will be exposed.

Thought for the day: "Nothing goes over the devil's back that won't go under his stomach"

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