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MysteryMan424's Blog

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June 17, 2008, 8:59 pmVinnie Vella

Anyone read today's New York Post about Vinnie Vella bought a scratch off , got two sevens thought he won a million- turns out there was an error in the printing- one of the sevens was instead a seventeen. Says he's gonna protest the lottery. Ehy fuggeddabout- no ganolis tonite!

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June 16, 2008, 9:05 pmN.Y. Triple Watch

As of June 16 2008 a triple hasn't hit in N.Y. in 258 drawings. The longest it's ever gone was 220 drawings Also double 22's haven't hit in 290 drawings.

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May 25, 2008, 5:54 amTriple Follow Double

In New York the 3 digit game began 9/2/1980 the first time a TFD happened was on 5/26/1986 when 777 followed 277. The next one was on 4/12/1987 222 followed 022.The next one was 5/12/1989 000 followed 050. And the final TFD drawn with the old machines was 3/24/1992 555 followed 855. The remaining eight years of drawings with the old machines produce no TFD.Fast foward to October 2000 NY lottery introduces new drawing machines which are smaller and alter the biases that existed previously. So far the only TFD to occur happened on 5/6/2004 000 followed 300, estimated 2100 drawings with new equipment. Its been over 2800 drawings now, and it should happen soon. In NY a triple hasnt been drawn in 212 draws, Double two hasnt drawn in 244 drawings since 1/23 08. For the past few weeks the trip 3's 5's and 7's are selling out early midday and evening, and they are picking up on the double 2 angle. If one of the aforementioned digits double and you intend to play for a TFD It'll probably be sold out. Good Luck to all .  M.M.

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