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June 7, 2008, 4:44 pmA brief history of my plays

Started about 20 years ago. Used a wheel for the Fl  6 play lotto.  A friend won $9M and told me what he did. Gee, it sounded simple. Well, I got hooked. I started buying $100 worth twice a week. For 6 months. Lost about 90% of buys.

Told myself I'm going for it. $100 wasn't enough. Don't fall over when I tell you this - I started buying 2000 tickets a week for maybe 19 weeks in a row. Used the wheel. Got maybe two 5's - dozens of 4's - too many 3's. One drawing I pulled $9K out of spending $2,000 - But was way in the hole. Decided to quit and the last day bought only 100 tickets. Had I bought TWO more, the winner on my printout sheet was tcket #102 - I would have won - $39M. I got really depressed for weeks. Tossed the wheel, tickets out, and said, never again.

A few years ago I started back, with the Fl Fantasy Five. Used 3 sources for wheeling, tips, guesses, math formulas - secrets never revealed before. Ad nauseum. Spent maybe $55K total in 2 years. Won 6 rollovers( four out of five) - a bunch of 4's - 3's and thousands of free tickets. Lost about $35K to date. Here's the punch line - since I had so many ticket patterns to play, I'd pull out at random, a hand full each time to play. I MISSED the 5 out of 5 - exactly 6 times. Because I used the wrong tickets. I hope some of you readers get lucky and get the FIVE. I have NO idea what system works the best.

Once in a while, someone I know will win the Fantasy. And it's always a QP !!!!!!!  I can't believe it.

So, I stopped playing Fantasy again. I did play scratch offs - a lot. The $20 and $30 ones.  Won 4 $500's - the rest, well, you know how it goes.

All I know is, for me, it didn't work. Will I play again? Not for a while.

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