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January 25, 2008, 10:25 amHow to find the right plays..

  I start working on the winning numbers to play by using my system. I call it the "The blender" system.

  Takes about 2 hours to make it work.

  Works like this;

  Read every thing you can think of WinD has posted. I have copied many of them to a file.

  Look for Emily's pairs.

  Check paurths stuff.

  Dead Aim's post.

  Check all the people that only post the numbers in the forums.

  Always read the one's that get a lot of big "WTG, good job and keep it up, you are the best' 

  Find the long out due single digts by position and overall.

  Find the best numbers in the Lotto Bible.

  Don't forget about the due V-tracks.

 Check the star, moon, Sun signs and line up all the planets. And dream numbers are good to add the the blend.

 And, I have forgotten the name, but some one on here used to say "don't forget to flip those 6's and 9's.

  Use all of the 50 or so filters to narrow down the plays.

  Now I have 10 to 20 numbers that must hit  in the next two or three draws.

 Sooooo---what pops up for the next 3 draws?

 First draw; The exact same number that was drawn in the draw before (457 came back as 457) which had been filtered out as a repeat.

Next draw; 884-- a double that was drawn 4 four draws past.

Next draw; 888

  So after all of that I lost about $30 to $60 bucks.

  But look at the fun I had!

 And , oh yeah, don't forget to buy a few Qick Picks. You could get lucky!


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August 21, 2004, 7:47 pmThe right Choice

 A friend of mine walking down a path by the lake the other day was surprised to hear a voice call from the weeds "Hey Buddy ". He looked around and didn't see anyone. He took a step and a frog jumped from the weeds upon the path. He looked down and the Frog spoke," Mister if you pick me up and kiss me I will turn into a handsome young prince"

  He thought about it and reached down and picked up the frog and put it in his pocket. He walked on down the path a ways.

  The frog called out " Hey Buddy! Did you forget about the deal ?"

My friend said " No kiss, I had rather have a talking frog".



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